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Rok: 2016

Comparative Analysis of Determinants of Trade in Services: Cases of Ireland and United Kingdom
Bc. Ira Saktor

Competition and Corporate Governance: Effects on Financial Position and Profitability
Bc. Jan Kurzeja

Estimation and Application of the Tail Index
Bc. Markéta Pokorná

Estimation of the optimal length of maternity leave
Bc. Barbora Chochláčová

Forecasting Capability of the GDP Components: Granger Causality Approach
Bc. Jan Michalec

Fuel Demand Elasticity on Car Fuel Taxes
Bc. Dalibor Vágner

Impact of metro station proximity on apartment value in Prague
Bc. Jan Láznička

The role of bank management in the European banks' stability during the global financial crisis 2007-2008
Bc. Olena Melnychuk

Youth Unemployment: What Can the Flow Data Tell Us?
Bc. Lenka Šlegerová

(Ne)racionalita při sázení
Bc. Filip Hamáček

A Survey of Czech Economists: What Do They Think?
Bc. Jakub Sikora

Accuracy of Leading Economic Indicators
Bc. Michal Sabol

An Analysis of the Chinese Labor Market
Bc. Eunyoung Shin

Analysing Transition Process of Russia: Foreign Direct Investment Distribution across Regions
Bc. Elza Yusufova

Analysis of Price Determinants in the Art Market
Bc. Elena Mizeráková

Analýza bytového fondu v regionech ČR
Bc. Iva Bendžíková

Analýza dopadů možných změn parametrů českého důchodového systému na jeho saldo
Bc. Matěj Maivald

Bank´s Liquidity in Ukraine shortly before and during Political Instability of 2013-2015
Bc. Ganna Efros

Behavioral finance explaining excessive volatility of returns on financial instruments
Bc. Šárka Křížková

Building Societies in Low Interest Rate Environment
Bc. Petr Hanzlík

Can Club Model Explain the Rise of the Islamic State?
Bc. Kristýna Matoulková

Český systém povinného vzdělávání - analýza dat PISA
Bc. Barbora Žďárská

Český systém povinného vzdělávání v mezinárodním kontextu
Bc. Milan Kučera

Czech Commercial Banks´ Net Interest Margin Analysis with Regards to the Changes of Recent Years
Bc. Martin Brousil

Czech Cross-Border Insolvency Rules in Comparison with the UNCITRAL Model Law
Bc. Pavel Martiník

Czech Wealth Inequality
Bc. Kristýna Popelková

Determinanty výdajů na penzijní systémy v zemích EU
Bc. Tereza Pinkrová

Důsledky liberalizace trhu s elektrickou energií
Bc. Roman Kalabiška

Economic Analysis of Organizing Ice Hockey World Championship 2015 in Ostrava and Prague
Bc. Michaela Halásová

Effect of CNB's Monetary Intervention on Czech Exports to Germany
Bc. Tadeáš Krejčí

Empirická analýza českých think tanků a jejich role při utváření veřejné politiky
Bc. Martin Frič

Employment of mothers with young children in the Czech Republic
Bc. Theodor Šářec

Equilibrium in the jungle
Bc. Jiří Havlena

Estimating the Misalignment between the Locations of Profits and Economic Activities of EU’s Banks
Bc. Eliška Jelínková

Estimating the quadratic almost ideal demand system and the effects of population ageing in the Czech Republic
Bc. Michael Bílý

Evaluation of Effects of "Cash for Clunkers"-like programs on car markets and macroeconomic situation
Bc. Florian Fiebig

Gender board diversity and its impact on firm performance in the Czech Republic
Bc. David Černík

Growth opportunities and financing of renewable energy in Germany and Czech Republic
Bc. Sabyrzhan Tyuleubekov

Helicopter Drop of Money - Is It Feasible in Practice?
Bc. Nela Gábrišová

Heterogeneous Agent Model of Housing Market in Ireland
Bc. Jiří Teichman

Household Debt in the Czech Republic: Focus on Mortgage Amount Determinants
Bc. Patricie Mittigová

How discriminatory is the housing market in Slovakia: experimental investigation.
Bc. Kristína Sacherová

Impact of Population Policies on Economic Development
Bc. Shinya Kaneko

Influence of renewable energy sources on transmission networks in Central Europe
Bc. Jan Málek

Macroprudential regulation of the housing market
Bc. Michal Petrouš

Maternal Education and its Impact on Child Health Outcomes
Bc. Miriama Tóthová

Measuring and explaining the extent of occupational gender segregation
Bc. Tereza Ranošová

Millennium Development Goals: Comparison and Analysis of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia
Bc. Hayk Bunatyan

Momentum in Stock Returns: Analysis for European Countries
Bc. Kristýna Drmotová

Monetary policy approaches at the ZLB to solve post-crisis situation and their effectiveness
Bc. Magdalena Hummelová

National Power Grid in China: the reform of electricity industry
Bc. Ruyuan Liu

Negative Interest Rates - How Far Can They Go?
Bc. Jan Ján

Patent Trolls: Do Their Patents Differ?
Bc. Šimon Trlifaj

Porovnání vývoje kriminality v ČR s trendy v bohatých zemích
Bc. Petr Pokorný

Predicting Stock Market Volatility with Google Trends
Bc. Jan Pecháček

Předpovídání inflace pomocí Bayesovské vektorové autoregrese
Bc. Karel Chuchel

Price of Location: The Private versus Commercial Accommodation in Selected European Cities
Bc. Barbora Houfková

Private Equity Fund Performance The Comparison of Venture Capital Funds and Buyout Funds in Europe and the Determinants of their Returns
Bc. Richard Ballek

Quantifying the Effects of the CNB's Exchange Rate Commitment: A Synthetic Control Method Approach
Bc. Matěj Opatrný

Rakouská teorie hospodářských cyklů: //polemika s informačním paradigmatem Josepha Stiglitze
Bc. Martin Forejt

Regional Determinants of Housing Affordability in the Czech Republic
Bc. Peter Smolár

Returns to schooling in different industries: The case of the Czech Republic
Bc. Martin Havlín

Seasonal Effects on Stock Markets in Europe
Bc. Jaroslav Rosol

Spatial agent-based models of common pool resources
Bc. Dominik Vach

Spatial approaches to hedonic modelling of housing market: Prague case
Bc. Marek Lipán

Taxation in Financial Sector
Bc. Jan Hloušek

The asymmetric dominance effect: //Three-attribute phantom alternative at play
Bc. Petr Žofák

The banking crisis 1929 -1933
Bc. Petra Strnadová

The Effect of Globalization on the Income Inequality
Bc. Martin Stárek

The effect of introduction of Cloud Computing: The case of Venture Capital
Bc. Jan Šomvársky

The effect of lecture/seminar attendance on exam results
Bc. Romana Plachá

The Impact of Macroeconomic News on the Price of Financial Assets
Bc. Jakub Říha

The Salary Discrimination in NBA
Bc. Vojtěch Pacák

Thermal Insulation of Apartment Buildings: Decision-making Process and Effect on Energy Savings
Bc. Lucie Častorálová

Understanding systematic risk of assets at various quantiles of return distribution 
Bc. Tomáš Rusý

Variation of Relationship between Individual and Parental Education across OECD Countries
Bc. Michal Todt

Využití DHL indexu při analýze globalizace
Bc. Jakub Močička

Walras equilibria and emission allowances
Bc. Matěj Kouřílek

Willingness to contribute through crowdfunding in the Czech Republic
Bc. Rebecca Salome Vernerová

Willingness to pay for mobile internet in the Czech Republic
Bc. Kateřina Doskočilová


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