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Rok: 2017

Effect of expectations on civil-war and its recurrence
Bc. Barbora Kořánová

How Smart will be Europe 2020? A Panel Data Analysis
Bc. Veronika Marková

Impact of Macroeconomic News on Financial Markets: Sector-based Analysis
Bc. Miloš Prágr

Impact of Terrorism on Stock Markets
Bc. Marek Koščo

Risk assessment of major shadow banking entities
Bc. Marcel Hrošovský

The impact of renewable resources on price volatility in the European power markets
Bc. Katarína Líšková
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The Impact of Switching Costs on the Customer Satisfaction-Loyalty Link: //Mobile Phone Service in the Czech Republic
Bc. Zuzana Jiráková

A Meta-Analysis of the Estimates of the Armington Elasticity
Bc. Josef Bajzík

Agent-Based Analysis of Market Potential for Electric Vehicles in the Czech Republic
Bc. Renáta Wojnarová

An alternative view on Czech banking sector´s riskiness
Bc. Jan Kubeš

An empirical approach to understanding Japan’s secular stagnation through Austrian business cycle theory
Bc. Daniel Kessl

An Empirical Investigation of Wage Discrimination in Professional Football
Bc. Jakub Blaha

Analysis of Czech P2P lending investors' behaviour drivers
Bc. Tereza Hudcová
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Analysis of nonprice competitiveness: Czech Republic
Bc. Vojtěch Petrů

Art as a Financial Investment: Estimation of Art Returns and Portfolio Diversification
Bc. Elizaveta Konstantinova

Assessment of cyber risk in the banking industry
Bc. Michal Spišiak

Business Model Analysis of the Czech Peer-to-Peer Insurance Carrier
Bc. Radka Doležalová

Can the stock markets predict changes in macroeconomic variables?
Bc. Marek Vařeka

Central bank independence and its international dimension
Bc. Vojtěch Mišák

Corporate Social Responsibility and Stock Market Performance: CSR Impact After the Financial Crisis and the Role of Primary CSR Activities
Bc. Aneta Pinteková

Country-by-Country Reporting Data and Profit Shifting of Banks
Bc. Anna Bartoňová

Czech and Chinese Trade Relationships: Evaluation and Impact
Bc. Miroslav Jakab

Dopad výsledků evropských zátěžových testů na tržní ohodnocení bank
Bc. Jiří Zelenka

Efektivita exportního financování ve světě
Bc. Kristýna Czakojová

Entropy as a Measure of Predictability in Financial Time Series
Bc. Vladimír Nahodil
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Euro and the Effect on Bilateral Trade: Gravity Model Analysis
Bc. Ondřej Gabaš

Evaluating the Effects of Quantitative Easing in the UK Using the Synthetic Control Method
Bc. Vojtěch Molnár
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Evaluation of the Office for Protection of Competition Decisions Regarding Abuse of Dominance with an Effects-Based Approach
Bc. Jiří Hruban

Event Study on Financial Announcements: New Evidence of Stock Sensitivity and Post-Earnings-Announcement Drift
Bc. Matěj Čonka

Examination of the impact of teacher's gender, age and experience on student achievement
Bc. Petra Aschermannová

Fairness and Emotions in the Ultimatum Game: Experimental Approach
Bc. Polina Fedosová

Game Theory Approach to Hostile Takeovers
Bc. Lukáš Tuček

Happiness and Income
Bc. Veronika Machová

How is the Swiss economy coping with the CHF appreciation after the SNB's exít?
Bc. Roman Borufka

Impact of Czech intraday market on the electricity prices
Bc. Samuel Béreš

Impact of the Oil Price Drop on the Czech Economy
Bc. Kristýna Kenšová

Least Absolute Deviations
Bc. Daniel Pacák

Least Absolute Shrinkage and Selection Operator Method
Bc. Jana Vorlíčková

Network Readiness and Internet Usage in the European Union
Bc. Jakub Nikodym

New new bottom billion: Poverty and regional differences in price levels around the world
Bc. Marek Šedivý

Occupational regulation and its influence on the labor market: evidence from reforms in the Czech Republic
Bc. Marie Ptáčníková

Oceňování finančních nástrojů (např. při různé likviditě trhu)
Bc. Jana Veselá

Outsourcing: Benefits and Costs for Businesses
Bc. Vladimír Stříteský

Pairs trading at CEE markets
Bc. Jakub Šedivý

Presidential rhetoric, sentiment and their relation to stock markets
Bc. Mária Partelová

Pros and Cons of Minimum Wage
Bc. Mikuláš Krupa

Revision of a Strategy In an Existing Entity
Bc. Anna Kortusová
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Risk in international trade
Bc. Michaela Svobodová

Scale of Market Movements for US stock market
Bc. Radim Kašpárek

Selected Aspects of Negative Interest Rates
Bc. Šimon Repko

Sentiment analysis of social media and its relation to stock market
Bc. Vladimír Zobal,

Short-term electricity price forecasting - evaluation of selected hybrid models
Bc. Štěpán Svoboda

Stock market prediction using Twitter
Bc. Jan Hynek

Strategies for Spread Trading using Futures Contracts
Bc. Oskar Gottlieb

The Chinese economy: growth, transition and production
Bc. Zbyněk Štursa

The cost of carry model in stock index futures: theory and reality
Bc. Marika Němcová

The economic development and international trade of North Korea using the factor analysis method
Bc. Ha Eun Kim

The Effectiveness of the Federal Reserve's Monetary Policy under the Zero Lower Bound
Bc. Lukáš Petrásek

The Key Determinants of Plane Ticket Price Dispersion
Bc. Radka Vlčková

The merit order effect of photovoltaic generation in Slovakia
Bc. Michaela Koščová

The Rise of Extreme Right: Evidence from the Slovak Parliamentary Election
Bc. Michal Kotrč
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US and Euro Area Monetary Policies – What Are the Interrelationships
Bc. Libor Ulrich

Using the log-periodic power-law model to detect bubbles in stock market
Bc. Samuel Maroš Kožuch

Vendor lock-in in IT procurement
Bc. Adam Duraj

Visualization of changes in correlations of stock returns during and after financial crisis
Bc. David Zbožínek

Vliv amnestie z roku 2013 na kriminalitu v České republice
Bc. Monika Besedová

Vliv komunikace ECB na vybrané trhy eurozóny
Bc. Veronika Luková

Volatility transmission between oil prices and European stock market
Bc. Lenka Nechvátalová

Životní cyklus a majetková chudoba
Bc. Petra Lancuchová,


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