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Year: 2022

A Panel Data Investigation of the Military Spending – Economic Growth Nexus in the EU
Bc. Krzysztof Jerzy Uchman

Assessing Sustainability of the PAYG Pension System in the Czech Republic and the Effect of Automatic Balance Mechanism
Bc. Lukáš Pokorný

Economic analysis of Czechoslovak New Wave in the Film industry in historical and political context of the 1960s
Bc. Vojtěch Sochor

Helicopter Money and the Propensity to Consume Transfers: The Case of Czech Republic
Bc. Jakub Doležal

The Potential Economic Benefits of Plant-Based Diet in Czechia
Bc. Vojtěch Růžek

Abnormal Stock Returns on the US Market during the COVID-19 Crisis
Bc. Tomáš Pivrnec

Airbnb analysis
Bc. Lenka Šáchová

Alleged Chinese Currency manipulation: the case of Yuan in relation to the USD from 2005 to 2020
Bc. Sander Belon

Analysis of consumers´ preferences for cars on Slovak market.
Bc. Michal Nedeľka

Analysis of Czech Trade Structure Using the Zipf’s Law
Bc. Rufat Asadli

Analysis of demand for on-trade and off-trade alcoholic beverages in the Czech Republic
Bc. Tereza Čiderová

Analysis of Exchange-Traded Funds Pricing Deviations and Tracking Errors: Evidence from U.S. Market
Bc. Martin Panáček

Analysis of Investments and Market Value of Football Clubs
Bc. Lukáš Podzemský

Analyzing the Effect of Google Searches on the Czech Real Estate Market
Bc. Tomáš Racocha

Are elderly internet users healthier?
Bc. Karolína Hozová

Blockchain-based DeFi lending: A challenge to traditional finance?
Bc. Ondřej Knížek

Consequences of Implementation of Video Assistant Referee in Fortuna Liga
Bc. Ondřej Habáň
Nomination Deloitte Outstanding Thesis Award.

Daňová progresivita príjmov verejného zdravotného poistenia v ČR
Bc. Jana Staňová

Decomposition of the gender wage gap before and after covid-19: did wage determinants across genders change?
Bc. Martina Bartóková

Determinants of Real Estate Prices in the United States
Bc. Michaela Hronová

Determinants of the average daily rate of Peer-to-peer accommodation in the Czech Republic
Bc. Pavel Řežábek

Economic Transformation and Inequality: Czech Republic, 1978-2016
Bc. Adam Bernard

Effect of Green New Deal on investment funds
Bc. Petr Prokš

ETFs: Analysis of Timing and Length of Investment
Bc. Martin Polanka

Exploring the Relationship between Customer Experience and Bank Profitability
Bc. Tereza Veselá

Global distribution of revenue loss from corporate tax avoidance
Bc. Marie Anna Richtárová

Gold, oil, and stocks as safe havens for Bitcoin
Bc. Martin Nedvěd

Herd Behaviour in Financial Markets: Evidence from the Technology Sector
Bc. Jaroslav Máca

High Frequency Price Index of Construction Materials
Bc. Josef Štefl

Home advantage in football during COVID-19 pandemic
Bc. Filip Šnejdr

Horizontal job-education mismatch in the Czech Republic
Bc. Jakub Veřtát

How Does Bitcoin React to Economic Uncertainty Volatility Shocks?
Bc. Jakub Láža

How effective are subsidies for electric vehicles? An evaluation of Czech policy
Bc. Jonáš Čekal

Impact of COVID-19 fiscal measures on Non-Performing Loans
Bc. Tomáš Bajcár

Impact of Digital Service Tax on tax revenues of EU member states
Bc. František Kosař

Impact of health expenditures on infant mortality in Africa
Bc. Vladimír Bajer

Incentives for Blood Donation in the Czech Republic: Case Study of Prague
Bc. Aneta Bošková

Independence and Transmission of Monetary Policy in Small Open Economies: The Case of Canada and the Czech Republic
Bc. Jan Budinský

Influence of COVID-19 pandemic on Czech floorball Superleague
Bc. Martin Obuškevič

International competition in aircraft market
Bc. Matej Dubinský

Living expenses in the Czech Republic and differences of inflation for different demographic groups
Bc. Štěpán Miškovský

Lockdown Policies and Firms' Investments in a Two-Period Macroeconomic Model
Bc. Tomáš Fencl

Macroeconomic Determinants of Crime: Evidence from Scandinavia
Bc. Michaela Hocková

Modelling ethanol production in simultaneous equations model of global food demand and supply
Bc. Miroslav Kozák

Momentum trading strategy performance before, during, and after the COVID-19 crisis
Bc. Dávid Řeřicha

MONETA Money Bank: A Failed Merger with AirBank Group and the Protection of the Dividend
Bc. Radim Hlavatý

New Evidence on Abnormal Stock Returns and Abnormal Trading Volume Associated with Inclusions in S&P 500 and FTSE 100
Bc. Jan Bartůněk

Non-bank financial intermediaries and their role in the financial market
Bc. Tereza Novotná

Order book microstructure and fair price estimation on betting exchanges
Bc. Josef Smutný

Perceiving Uncertainty on Financial Markets During the Covid-19 Pandemic
Bc. Matej Balažovič

Prospects of Monetary Integration in the ASEAN
Bc. Šimon Juhás

Should Central Banks Try to Make Profit on their FX Reserves?
Bc. Jakub Tabášek

Socioeconomic determinants of the availability of kindergartens in the Czech Republic
Bc. Zuzana Meteláková

Testing the Use of Choice Defaults to Stimulate Behavior of Dancers
Bc. Eva Skácelíková
Nomination Deloitte Outstanding Thesis Award.

The case of coal: A meta-analysis of demand and substitution
Bc. Lucia Sihelská
Nomination Deloitte Outstanding Thesis Award.

The Effect of Cultural and Natural Heritage on Tourism Attractiveness in Slovakia
Bc. Alexander Kling

The effect of weather on purchases on online fashion e-shop in the Czech Republic
Bc. Nikola Borýsková

The impact of COVID-19 on election outcomes: The case of the Czech Republic
Bc. Vojtěch Válek

The Impact of COVID-19 on Students’ Academic Performance: The Case of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University
Bc. Adam Bruzl

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and other factors on road traffic safety in the Czech Republic
Bc. Josefína Schusterová

The pay-off of increased physical activity in the Czech Republic: A cost-benefit analysis of offering people financial incentives to alter their exercise behavior
Bc. Valentin Schnabl

The relationship between populism and COVID-19 vaccination rates in the Czech Republic
Bc. Anna Bazaykina

The Relationship Between Renewable Energy Consumption and Economic Growth in Central and Eastern European (CEE) Countries
Bc. Amral Gayibov

The use of ad blocking tools in the Czech Republic and their economic implications
Bc. Samuel Havlíček

Transition to a low carbon transport system: including time as a decision factor in transport modal choice
Bc. Jan Mrkous

Transition to emission-free personal transportation in the Czech Republic
Bc. Daniel Kessler

Volatility smile of options
Bc. Dominik Plaček

Volatility transmission during the petroleum market shock
Bc. Matej Leško

Wage discrimination of the European players in the NHL
Bc. Jakub Pavlovský

Wage gap between NBA and WNBA
Bc. Magdaléna Báčová

Workforce Composition Effects on Covid-19 Spread: a SIR model and an Application to the Czech Regions
Bc. Oliver Škultéty

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