Thesis and essay competitions

The Bolzano Prize

The Bolzano prize is a prestigious award of the Charles University in Prague. It is awarded to the students of Charles University for outstanding creative work in interdisciplinary research during their studies.This is an extraordinary appreciation for the individual students.

The proposal is usually submitted to the study department of the FSV. The Faculty nominates only a single proposal to the UK, thus the proposal submission needs to be consulted with the deputy head of the institute (Roman Horváth). Unambiguously, the priority is given to dissertations, then master thesis and bachelor thesis afterwards.

The deadline for submission of the proposals is September 15.

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The Karel Engliš Prize by the Charles University Rector

The prize is awarded to excellent students of the bachelor´s or master´s study program at the end of their studies for achievement in extraordinary scientific, sport or cultural results.

Nominations for the prize are given by the Deputy Director of the IES (Roman Horváth), which is usually for the best bachelor´s or master´s thesis defended in the June term. The deadline for submission of the proposals is mid-June after final master state examinations.

The Bachelor award has a value of 15.000,- CZK and the Master award has a value of 30.000,- CZK.

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The Special Award by the Charles University Rector

The prize is awarded to students during their studies for an act demonstrating extraordinary civil bravery or civil self-sacrifice, for achieving extraordinary scientific results during their studies, and, alternatively, for outstanding cultural or artistic activity or great sport results in international competitions.

The Prize, in the amount of 20.000,- CZK, is awarded occasionally. Proposal is submitted by the Dean of the faculty to the Rector on the meeting of the Scientific Council of FSV UK.

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The Josef Vavroušek Prize

  • the prize is awarded yearly for works concerning natural, cultural and society dependencies
  • the competition has 2 categories: student and scientific
  • applicants are usually students, doctoral students and young researchers from Charles University up to the age of 35 years
  • the deadline for submissions of the applications is:  June
  • the prize is co-funded by Josef and Petra Vavroušek scholarship (the total amount for 2018 is 75 000,- Kč)

Proposals are processed by Dr. Jiří Kameníček from IES. They are usually excellent bachelor or master thesis focused on environmental economics or a closely related field (economics of developing countries, economics of public sector).

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The Ministry of Education Award

The Prize is awarded to excellent students of the bachelor, master or doctoral study program for extraordinary study results and scientific, research, artistic or other creative activity. The Prize is usually a diploma, a gift or endowment in the value of 25.000,- CZK. Proposals are submitted by University rectors by August 31st  each year. Proposal for graduates can be submitted no later than one year from the end of their studies. Usually there are 5 prizes awarded each year.

IES recommends only excellent dissertation thesis or extraordinary master thesis (very rare). Ambitious, interested students should contact the deputy head of IES (Roman Horváth).

Proposals are sent by the faculty no later than May 30th.

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The Josefa Hlávka Prize

The Prize is designed for talented students of the bachelor, master or doctoral studies up to the age off 33, who demonstrate exceptional capabilities and creativity in the field.

The Prize, in the amount of 20.000,- CZK is awarded to each winner.

The proposal award should be sent to the Board rectors of Czech universities in Prague, one from each faculty and according to the agreed rules no more than one candidate. The Faculty send proposals to the Rector of Charles University by 30 May, the tdeadline for proposals to the Board is 31 July.

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The Young Economist Prize and The Karel Engliš Prize of the Czech Society of Economics

Both competitions are designated to the Czech citizens or students of the Czech Universities (bachelor, master or doctoral study) up to the age of 30 years. Each of the applicants is allowed to submit only one work no longer than 30 pages including abstract, keywords and JEL classification codes. It is also necessary to fill in the application form from

The usual deadline for submission of the applications is in October.

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The Czech Head Award

Prize for the best personalities in science and technology for its innovative approach, the most striking achievement, professional or scientific activities of Ph.D. students (DOCTORANDUS), bachelor's and master's students (Gaudeamus). The reward for the winner of DOCTORANDUS is CZK 100 000, of GAUDEAMUS is CZK 60 000.

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The Czech Econometric Competition

This competition is designated for students of the Czech Universities including doctoral students. It is possible to apply with bachelor or master thesis or its part, not possible to apply with all doctoral dissertation or thesis already been in competition before or more thesis of same author. The thesis should be maximum of 25 pages. It deals with the problem in theoretical economics, ie, mathematical economics, econometrics and mathematical modeling of economic phenomena of the world. 

The Deadline: April/May

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ČEZ Foundation Prize

Competition of research and technical projects for Univeristy fellows in energetics and electrotechnics. IES students are recommended to send their work to "Economics of engineering". The faculties of Higher Education Institutions held student scientific conferences or training department of the above fields to select their seminars and the best known works from each area. Topics may be your own, selected departments, and selected topics from published on

For further information see: 

IES FSV UK – ČSOB Award “Banking, trust and finance”

IES FSV UK and ČSOB organize a competition for the best bachelor or master thesis on "Banking, trust and finance". More information is available by clicking on the link above or at the website dedicated to the cooperation of IES and ČSOB

30th International Competition on Master's Degree Theses on Economics and Finance

We have received a palm of the Centre des Professions Financières. The palms are awarded to universities whose students succeeded in international competition of Master’s Theses on Economics and Finance that annually attracts about 200 theses worldwide. We rank equally with London Business School, Frankfurt University, Humboldt University, HEC Montreal, University of Mannheim and Toulouse Graduate School of Management.

The deadline is usually December.  All Master students who plan to graduate this year are encouraged to apply! 

New Economic Talent, CERGE-EI Competition for University Students

The Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education – Economics Institute (CERGE-EI) and the Nadace CERGE-EI foundation invite university students to submit their papers to the New Economic Talent competition. The competition is open to Bachelor's and Master's students in any field, who are interested in contemporary economic issues and wish to understand better the forces and processes that ‘shape the world’.

Deadline for submission: February/March  

Details here.


The Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University, the Faculty of Law of Masaryk University and the Jan Hus Education Foundation (hereinafter “Award announcers”) announce in cooperation with the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic, the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic, the Supreme Administrative Court of the Czech Republic, the Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Czech Republic and the Public Defender of Rights (hereinafter “cooperating institutions”) The Award IUS et SOCIETAS (hereinafter “Award”). Inspiring essays of sociologists,political scientists, jurists, philosophers, economists, and students of other majors are expected with great interest.

The essay must be delivered in electronic form to the address and at the same time in written form to the address: The Faculty of Law, Masaryk University, Office for Science, International and External Relations, Veveří 70, 611 80 Brno no later than

Deadline is May/June.

Další informace:

Dimitris N. CHORAFAS Foundation

The foundation comes with competition for best doctoral dissertation. 

International Student Competitions undergraduates in science research activities in the field of mathematics

by the Czech Mathematical Society of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists. The competition, which received international status, culminates final SVOČ student conferences in mathematics in the Czech Republic from 27 to 29 May 2014. It is also suitable for students of economics, see specific sections ( eg, S4). Deadline for applications is 26th April 2014. Details of the competition can be found here.

NBS Governor Award

The National bank of Slovakia (NBS) is lookig for entries for the NBS Governor Award.
The governor of the NBS will grant an award for outstanding dissertation or master thesis in economics.
We are looking for papers in the area of monetary economics, macroeconomics, financial economics or financial stability,
which have original scientific contribution and/or policy implications.
Eligible are students of any Slovak university, or Slovak nationals studying abroad. The governor may grant up to three awards with a reward of 1500, 1000 and 500 eur.

The thesis 2014 - Price CEPS

CEPS announces The Thesis of the Year - CEPS Award. The competition is aimed at promoting higher education , increasing the attractiveness of the energy and electricity sectors and to support promising students. Second competition category is focused on economics. The prize for the winner of each category is the 15.000, - CZK .

Laboratory EU

The mission of the project is to reward those students / graduates who are interested in European affairs and whose thesis will be entered into the competition for the best thesis and was placed among the top ten, by publishing syllabi of these works in the collection "Laboratory of the European Union: a collection of the best dissertations on the topic of EU“.

Those students / graduates whose work is placed on the 1st - 3rd place will receive an extra cash prize.

How to apply:

The competition is intended for students / graduates of a Master's degree program whose thesis in Czech / Slovak or English language deals with European affairs and addresses current topics of the European Union. This work must be defended in the manner customary at the university within the last year before the deadline of this competition.

More about the competition can be found here

The Ethics &Trust in Finance Prize

An essay competition the Ethics & Trust in Finance Prize promotes greater awareness of the importance of ethics in financial activities.

The competition invites young professionals and academics under 35 years of age to submit unpublished papers: • maximum of 5000 words • analytical or practical topics • rigorous argumentation • innovative approach • clear conclusions.

The competition is organized by a Swiss non-for-profit foundation Observatoire de la Finance.

For more information follow this link

IDEA competition

Competition for students and recent university graduates.

IDEA will support students' policy studies with financial, professional oversight and public dissemination. You can apply your already existing student work or other scientific research. The study should be based on quality and interesting data with an emphasis on public policies.

Apply at

Details here.



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