ACCA Exemption Accreditation

We have been awarded Accreditation by ACCA upon completion of any of the following programs:

  • Bc Ekonomie a finance
  • BA Economics and Finance (BEF)
  • Mgr Ekonomie a finance
  • MA Economics and Finance (MEF)

See Exemption Accreditation Certificate.

Graduates of these programs will be eligible for exemption of Papers F1 – F3.

This new accreditation is valid for graduates from 1/1/2017. From 2012 the IES was a holder of the accreditation for Czech Bachelor and Master program. Charles University is the third overall ACCA accredited university in the Czech Republic. In the past, the University of Economics and New York University Prague were certified with the ACCA accreditation.

The aim of the accreditations is to help students of the selected institutions the access to the internationally recognized qualification of professional ACCA accountants. The Association carefully examines the course syllabus and study programs. The reconciliation of the programs with ACCA syllabus is often difficult and time-consuming project.

For more information contact the Czech ACCA office

ACCA Accelerate programme

Institute of Economic Studies together with ACCA (The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is launching a special program ACCA Accelerate for students of Master in Economics and Finance. From now on you can combine your Master in Economics and Finance with international ACCA qualification and kick off your successful career.

What will you get

  • Exemptions F1-F3 free of charge (save up to 13 000 CZK)
  • Annual fees free of charge
  • Broad understanding of business finance
  • Fastest way to ACCA qualification
  • Clear advantage for your career

What you need to do

  • Be a student of the master programme in Economics and Finance
  • Register during your university studies - registration fee GBP 79

How to register:

  • Fill in the Accelerate Eligibility Letter 
  • Upload the Accelerate Eligibility Letter (signed and stamped by the OZS) to ACCA systém
  • ACCA Accelerate On-line Registration Guide here.
  • With any question contact Mr. David Kopecký at


David Kopecký, 

ACCA je účetní kvalifikace, jejíž sylabus byl uznán Organizací spojených národů jako základ pro globální kvalifikaci účetních. Profesní kvalifikace ACCA je založena na Mezinárodních standardech účetního výkaznictví a na Mezinárodních auditorských standardech.






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