doc. PhDr. Adam Geršl Ph.D.


Position: Associate Professor, Director of Master Studies
Field of interest: Financial Stability, International Finance, Political Economy, Foreign Direct Investment, Corporate Finance
Membership: Finance and Capital Markets, Internal


Office: 407
Email: adam [DOT] gersl [AT] fsv [DOT] cuni [DOT] cz
Phone: 222 112 313
Available: by appointment agreed on mail

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Course supervisor

JEM032 - Banking


JEM032 - Banking


Organisation Memberships

Czech Economic Society European Economic Association European Public Choice Society


1996-1999 Bachelor in economics, IES FSV UK
1999-2001 Master in economics, IES FSV UK
2002-2003 One-Year PhD Study at the University Freiburg
2001-2006 PhD Programme in Economics, IES FSV UK

Job history

6/2012++ Joint Vienna Institute - Senior Economist
10/2010-5/2012 Czech National Bank - Deputy Director of Financial Stability Department
1/2007-9/2010 Czech National Bank - Head of Financial Stability Unit
10-12/2006 European Central Bank - Expert in the EU Countries Division
2005+ Czech National Bank - Financial Stability Unit
2004-2005 European Central Bank - Expert in the Capital Markets and Financial Structure Division
2003-2004 Czech National Bank - Adviser to the Vice-Governor
2002-2003 Walter Eucken Institut, Freiburg - Visiting Fellow
2001-2002 Czech National Bank - Assistant to the Governor

Extra activities

2000-2008 Lectures on Constitutional Economics, New Institutional Trends, Philosophy and Economics, Academic Writing, International Macroeconomics, Economic Transition II, Portfolio Analysis and Risk Management, Theory of Rules and Transition Economies, Introduction to the theory of financial markets

Awards and prizes

2001 - Karel-Englis-Prize awarded by the Rector of the Charles University in Prague to the best absolvents in the social sciences
2007 - Frantisek Vencovsky Prize for Young Economists (VSFS Award)
2011 - Frantisek Vencovsky Prize for Young Economists (VSFS Award)

Topics for supervision

Bachelor theses

see topics for master theses

Master theses

Explaining credit developments in emerging markets
Sustainable credit levels in emerging markets
FX lending and credit cycle
Cross-border bank lending to emerging markets: do banks arbitrage away national prudential policies?
Has banking supervision and regulation become better after the global financial crisis?
Assessing the soundness of banking systems
Macroprudential policy, its instruments and their calibration
Communication of stress test results by central banks
Communication of macroprudential policy
Macroprudential policymaking: an institutional view
Optimal macroprudential policy in a currency union
Exploring the link between credit risk and loan-to-value/debt-service-to-income ratios
Early warning systems for emerging markets

Supervised Bachelor theses

all/awarded: 13/5
Awarded: Bc. Jakub Gleta, Bc. Jakub Nachtigal, Bc. Khafiz Khamet, Bc. Martin Tomis, Bc. Tibor Keše

Supervised Master Theses

all/awarded: 24/5
Awarded: Mgr. Jana Šimečková, Mgr. Jitka Lešanovská, Mgr. Kristýna Žáková, Mgr. Martina Jašová, Mgr. Peter Kukuk

Supervised Ph.D. Theses

number: 2
Jitka Lešanovská (30.5.2018), Martina Jašová (20.12.2017)

Current Ph.D. students

number: 2
Martina Jašová , Mgr. Josef Švéda




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