† prof. Ing. Michal Mejstřík CSc.


Position: Professor, Chairman of Advisory Board
Field of interest: Banking, Corporate Finance, Financial Markets
Membership: Former pedagogues


Office: 511
Email: michal [DOT] mejstrik [AT] fsv [DOT] cuni [DOT] cz
Phone: +420 222 112 326
Available: Wednesday 4.00 -7 p.m.room No.511 then 314 , please advice in advance by mail

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Organisation Memberships

member of the Czech Society for Economics member of SUERF member of WIIW


1970-75 Ing. (MA), econometrics, Economic University of Prague
1978-1982 CSc., project assessment, Institute of Economics, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences
1990-91 visiting felow, London School of Economics, T.G.Masaryk scholarship
1991 associate professor of economics, Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University, Prague
1997 professor of economics, Charles University, Prague

Job history

1976-83 seminars of theory of probability and statistics, Economic University Prague
1986-90 course of Evolutionary Economics (Schumpeter) in Graduation School of Institute of Econ.CSAV
1990-91 course of Economics along Samuelson for teachers and students VŠE Praha
1991-93 scientific secretary and later executive director CERGE UK
1993-2010 elected and reappointed chairman of Institute of Economic Studies, Charles University FSV, Prague
1991+ consultancy and financial advisory to the international organizations (World Bank IBRD, USAID, European Commisssion), governments and corporations as a person or through EEIP,a.s.
2002-2007 deputy chairman of supervisory board of Zapadoceska plynarenska,a.s., member of the supervisory boards of Vychodoceska plynarenska a.s. and Severomoravka plynarenska a.s.
1990+ courses of economics, corporate finance, financial markets, banking, corporate governance within FSV Charles University in Prague
2009-2011 chairman of Supervisory Board of CSA
2011-6/2014 chairman of Supervisory Board Czech Aeroholding,a.s.
2013-6/2014 member of Supervisory Board of CEZ,a.s.
2016+ honorary consul of Republic of (South) Korea

Extra activities

1990-93 member of Board of International J.Schumpeter Association
1990-92 scientific secretary of Czechoslovak Economic Association
1991+ founding member of Czech Association for European Studies (1992-3 vicechairman)
1993+ member of scientific council of Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University
1997+ member of Société Universitaire Européenne de Recherches Financieres (SUERF)
2000-6 guarantor of Master and PhD. studies in Economics
2003-2011 guarantor of Master and PhD. studies in Economics and Finance in English
2003-9 member of grant agency GAČR subcommitte 402-economics
2005-7 member of Board of VŠEM
2006-7 member of the Scientific Council of the Minister of Foreign Affairs
2007-9 member of the Government Council for Information Society
2009-14 member of National Economic Council of Government (NERV)
2008+ chairman of Financial Academy Zlata koruna
2011+ chairman, vicw-chairman of International Chamber of Commerce Czech Republic (ICC-CR), then member of Executive Committee, also member of ICC World Council
2011-6/2015 chairman of Regulatory Impact Assessment Board (RIAB) of Czech Government legislative council
2008+ Head of Advisory Board, Czech Journal of Economics and Finance
2017+ guarantor of Master studies in Economics and Finance in Czech

Awards and prizes

1990 T. G. Masaryk Fellowship at London School of Economics and Political Studies

„Top 5“ ranking among Czech economists based upon citation scoring (1994–2003) published by The Czech Journal of Economics and Finance 2005, str.539

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2009 Charles University Rector Prize for the best texbook - Basic Principles of Banking (jointly with M.Pečená and P.Teplý)

2015 Charles University Jaroslav Jirsa Prize for the best textbook issued by Karolinum Press Theory and practice of Banking (jointly with M.Pečená and P.Teplý)

Topics for supervision

Supervised Bachelor theses

all/awarded: 13/3
Awarded: Bc. Katarína Marková, Bc. Lucia Kališová, Bc. Matěj Turek

Supervised Master Theses

all/awarded: 69/30
Awarded: Mgr. Anna Dvořáková, Mgr. David Zlámal, Mgr. Eva Karamanová, Mgr. Hana Bartůňková, Mgr. Jan Chmelík, Mgr. Jana Fabiánová, Mgr. Josef Vajsejtl, Mgr. Katarína Marková, Mgr. Kateřina Holická, Mgr. Luboš Berka, Mgr. Lucie Illová, Mgr. Magdalena Středová, Mgr. Marek Kapička, Mgr. Marie Kubešová, Mgr. Markéta Hlůžková, Mgr. Markéta Mühlhoferová, Mgr. Markéta Šlaisová, Mgr. Martin Kubíček, Mgr. Michal Palata, Mgr. Monika Antonová, Mgr. Petr Brynda, Mgr. Petr Teplý, Mgr. Petra Sedláková, Mgr. Pokutová Soňa, Mgr. Rostislav Mayer, Mgr. Tomáš Honěk, Mgr. Tomáš Roubal, Mgr. Zuzana Drlíková, Mgr. Zuzana Tothová, Mgr.Tomáš Jaroš

Supervised Ph.D. Theses

number: 5
Goran Serdarević (5.4.2017), Ing. Anton Marcinčin, PhD., Mgr. Anna Dvořáková, PhD., Mgr. Jana Fajtová, Ph.D., Mgr. Patrik Bauer, Ph.D.


061009 RCDS presentation
061011 CEE countries overview
091119 Energy Security CR
110414 Energy security
AirIndustry regulation
European banking lecture 28-1-05
lecture for Fund of American Studies
RAnking of economists by citation rating
slides CDS October 2009


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