Mgr. Jan Šíla MSc.


Position: Ph.D. Candidate
Field of interest: Financial Econometrics, Asset Pricing, Market Endogeneity
Membership: Finance and Capital Markets, PhD Candidates


Office: IES 602
Email: 61558906 [AT] fsv [DOT] cuni [DOT] cz
Personal web pages:
Available: upon request

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JEM207 - Data Processing in Python

PhD study

Tutor: prof. PhDr. Ladislav Krištoufek Ph.D.

Studying from: 2018
PhDr examination: 09/2022
Final exam: 09/2022
Dissertation Proposal defence:
Dissertation defence: 2024 (exp)

Current work:
For details see ISP below

Dissertation topic:
Modern portfolio and risk management methods

Disertation abstract:

Optional courses:
Teaching Assistantships:

JEM207 - Data Processing in Python SS 20, WS 21, SS 21, WS 22, SS 22, WS 23, SS 23
JEM062 - Introductory Econometrics WS 19, WS 20, WS 21, WS 22
JEB109 - Econometrics I SS 19, SS 20, SS 21, SS 22
JEM227 - Data Science with R I WS 21, WS 22
JEM220 - Data Science with R II SS 21, SS 22, SS 23
JEM233 - FinTech and Blockchain SS 22

PhD Courses:

JED413 Advanced Financial Econometrics II: 19/20 SS, 20/21 SS, 21/22 SS, 22/23 SS
JED412 Advanced Financial Econometrics I: 19/20 WS, 20/21 WS, 21/22 WS, 22/23 WS

JED415 Kvantitativní metody II: 18/19 SS
JED414 Kvantitativní metody I: 18/19 WS



2018+ Ph.D., Intitute of Economic Studies, Charles University, Prague; Economics
2014-2018: Mgr., Intitute of Economic Studies, Charles University, Prague; Economics
2015-2017: MSc., University of Leicester, United Kingdom; Financial Mathematics and Computation
2011-2014: Bc., Intitute of Economic Studies, Charles University, Prague; Economics

Job history

7/2018+: Tech Soul, Soulution Agency
11/2017 - 03/2020: Software developer, SmartEE s.r.o.
10/2016 - 11/2017: Data science freelancer

Research profiles
ORCID, RePEc, Publons with WoS RID

Extra activities


Prague Economic Papers (3)

Applied Financial Economics (1)

Economic Modelling (1)

2022+: GEOCEP project administrator
2020-2022: GEMCLIME project administrator

Awards and prizes

"The best courses taught at the IES" ocenění za JEM207 Data Processing in Python - SS 2020

Winner of Deloitte Applied Analytics Challenge - 2016, 2017
Best dissertation in MSc Financial Mathematics, Univesity of Leicester - 2016
KPMG International Case Competition (KICC) Czech Republic - 2015

Topics for supervision

Bachelor theses

General topics, preferably applied (you are more than welcome to specify the topic yourself):

Topics on Crypto(currency) markets
Topics on Efficient markets hypothesis
Topics on Market Endogeneity
Topics on Asset Pricing

Currently supervised theses:

  • The Implied order book: modelling liquidity to detect crashes - joint supervision with Michael Mark from EPFL
  • Connectedness between stocks of cryptocurrency-linked US companies and the cryptocurrency market.
  • Comparison of LSTM and random forest on forecasting small-cap stocks from different regions


  • DeFi: assessing adoption and most valuable metrics for the price discovery
  • Liquidations in the cryptocurrency market: market reactions and potential trading opportunities

I will be happy to supervise theses on financial econometrics and/or machine learning in finance.
Couple of personal rules:

  • Email me with details when you want to defend, when is the deadline for the proposal. Ideally, with a specified topic.

  • Pick at one or two very good papers as the backbone of the topic and make sure they are published in top journals! See ies journal ranking at the bottom of the page, and aim for journals at the top. It is ok if you don't understand the details; it is an exercise to understand the motivation and research context. Don't worry about the greek letters at all at this stage! It will pay off greatly during work, you can rely on the results and methodology.

  • If you like something, check related articles through Connected papers to dig deeper into the topic, or through Google Scholar by looking up your main article, click on number of citations and tick to search keywords in articles citing the main one. For example, get a methodological paper and see if it was used for your aimed dataset (crypto, commodities, countries, etc.)
  • Check writing tips by prof Cochrane for good academic text. This applies definitely to BSc and MSc theses as well!
  • We will have monthly status meetings - up to 30 minutes - online or in person once you start working on it. Ad hoc consults are of course, available!

  • Complete draft 1 month prior to submission

  • If you are searching for a crypto-related topic, check Understanding Cryptocurrencies article to get a quick overview of some topics and follow references within. There is a new journal Digital Finance with lots of crypto research.

Master theses

As a PhD candidate, I am primarily supervising Bachelor theses. You are encouraged to select your Master thesis supervisor from the current IES faculty. If you still want me to supervise your Master thesis, get in touch with me via email.

Supervised Bachelor theses

all/awarded: 4/0


ISP (2018)
ISP (2019)
Writing Tips for (not just Ph. D.) Students

June 2023


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