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26/09/2015 - JEB105 Statistics

On Tuesday September 29, 2015 the seminars of JEB105 Statistics are cancelled. Instead, two lectures will take place:  8am in room 314 and 11am in room 109.

Michal Cervinka

04/02/2015 - Introductory Statistics

New mandatory bachelor course Introductory Statistics (JEB132) indended already for first year students will open in the upcoming summer semester. This course has no prerequisity and will be a new prerequisite for a modified version of the course Statistics (JEB105). The course Topics in Statistics (JEB127) shall be cancelled and will not be taught anymore. Students who do not pass the course Statistics by winter semester 2014/15 (included) need to take both Introductory Statistics and Statistics. Students who already passed the exam of Statistics will not be allowed to register for Introductory Statistics.

25/03/2013 - Office hours cancelled

My office hours on March 26, 2013, are cancelled. Students may contact me via email.

Michal Cervinka

13/02/2012 - BEF meeting

We would like to invite all BEF students to an information meeting held on Thursday February 16 at 3pm in room 105.

Regards, Michal Cervinka and Tomas Cahlik

03/10/2011 - Statistics

The first excercise class of Boril Sopov (Tuesdays 8:00 in 206) will be held on Wednesday 5.10.2011 at 8:00 in 105.

25/02/2011 - International Conference on Operations Research Zurich 2011 (OR 2011)

One of the main conferences of Operations research community takes place in Zurich, Switzerland, August 30 - September 2, 2011. The conference streams include (among others) Continuous optimization and control (Dempe, Feichtinger, Klatte); Financial modeling, risk management, banking (Farkas, Mestel, Rösch);  Game theory, computational and experimental economics (Burkhardt, Kübler, Leopold-Wildburger); Stochastic programming, stochastic modeling and simulation (Frauendorfer, Pflug, Schultz) and Accounting and revenue management (Amen, Schaffhauser-Linzatti, Steinhardt). Deadline for abstract submission is April 30, 2011.

25/02/2011 - Summary of student evaluation of courses in winter semestr 2010/11

The summary is available on the web page of the faculty.

22/10/2010 - To students of Ekonometrie I

Regarding the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the faculty there will be no seminar classes of Ekonometrie I on October 27, 2010. These classes will be taught instead on Monday November 1, 2010 in room 016 either at 2pm or 3:30pm. Detailed information was sent to all students via SIS.

18/10/2010 - To students of Statistics

Please note that next week, the Monday lecture is rescheduled to Tuesday (26.10.) replacing the seminar class at 8am, room 109. The seminar class of Ondrej Strecker takes place instead on Monday (25.10.) 8am room 109. Thus, there will be two lectures on Tuesday 26.10. including midterm test during the second one from 11am.

22/09/2010 - Information on courses of Ekonometrie I, II and Statistics

  1. There has been changes in bachelor study programmes for this academic year concerning courses of statistics and econometrics.  Ekonometrie I (in winter term) and II (in summer) will be taught without any changes for students who passed courses Pravděpodobnost a Matematická Statistika I and II with prof. Víšek. However, starting this academic year courses Pravděpodobnost a Matematická Statistika I and II are completely replaced by course Statistics JEB105 (in winter term) held in English. In summer term the students can sign up for the new course Econometrics I by prof. Víšek and in winter term 2011/12 for its second part, Econometrics II by dr. Gebická. Courses Ekonometrie I and II will not be taught in academic year 2011/12 anymore.
  2. I ask (future) students of Statistics and Ekonometrie I to use only the function "Grupík/Grupíček" in student information system for signing up for the seminar classes. There are active upper limits on number of students for each class. Note that all requests for (ex)change between groups are solely in hands of students and will not be resolved by teachers.
  3. On September 29 the Wednesday class of Statistics (8 am room 105) is cancelled. First class of each seminar group will be held in the first full week of October.
  4. On September 29 all seminar classes of Ekonometrie I will be taught!

16/06/2010 - Full time Summer Internship at A.T. Kearney

Students of master programmes with excellent analytical and communication skills interested in 2+ months full time Summer Internship at A.T. Kearney should send their motivation letter along with a CV and a transcript of grades to Recruiting.prague@atkearney.com. See the information poster for more details.

17/05/2010 - Guest lecture of Roland Zsilinszky, MBA, senior project manager in Roland Berger, May 17, 2010

IES, Alumni IES and E-klub would like to invite you to a guest lecture on Restructuring of Roland Zsilinszky, MBA, senior project manager in Roland Berger and former top manager in multiple companies in Germany, Hungary and Slovakia. The lecture will be held on May 17, 2010 at 6:30 pm in room n. 314. The main topics of the lecture, based on Roland Berger surveys, are symptoms of crisis, reaction of top managers to the crisis and restructuring approach of Roland Berger. The lecture will be part of the Corporate Governance course, however, it is open also to both teachers and students not enrolled to the Corporate Governance course. We are looking forward to see you at the lecture and to an inspiring discussion with the lecturer.




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