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27/01/2023 - IES students meet McKinsey

It is our great pleasure to invite you to a traditional dinner organized by McKinsey & Company!

The dinner is intended exclusively for selected students from the Institute of Economic Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, who are considering a career in management consulting. The purpose of the event is to present what McKinsey & Company does, explain why becoming a consultant with McKinsey may be an attractive career option, share our own experience and insights. Equally importantly, we want to get to know you and have a pleasant and fun conversation over excellent food.

Apply by February 10th to meet IES alumni, our current consultants.


14/01/2023 - Updated internship offers

The list of internship possibilities for our students was updated. Please see the details here.

06/12/2022 - Interview with the Alumnus Jakub Čížek

An interview with the IES Alumnus Jakub Čížek was about his studies at Cambridge University, private equity and his work at Oriens. For more details click here.

07/11/2022 - Sustainability at McKinsey - meet McKinsey at the IES

Why is it important and what are we doing?

Led by Viktor Hanzlik and Pavel Hlousek

November 10

From 5 p.m., room 314

20/10/2022 - ERASMUS+ PRACTICAL PLACEMENTS for the academic year 2022/2023

 Practical placements provide students with another opportunity to travel abroad within Erasmus+ programme.

Please see the details here.

11/10/2022 - Interview with the Alumna Alexandra Katinová

An interview with the IES Alumna Alexandra Katinova about her studies at the University of St. Gallen, her work in Switzerland and how she lives there. For more details click here.


07/10/2022 - McKinsey breakfast with IES students

It is our great pleasure to invite you to a breakfast organized by McKinsey & Company!
The breakfast is intended exclusively for selected students from the Institute of Economic Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, who are considering a career in management consulting.

The purpose of the event is to present what McKinsey & Company does, explain why becoming a consultant with McKinsey may be an attractive career option, share our own experience and insights. Equally importantly, we want to get to know you and have a pleasant and fun conversation over excellent food.
Breakfast will be hosted by IES alumni, our current consultants.

Please apply here.

05/10/2022 - TODAY: Are you interested in ECB Traineeship? Join our webex meeting!

 The ECB DG-Statistics Traineeships

Working for Europe - making a difference

The European Central Bank Directorate General Statistics (DG/S) is organising a presentation about the trainee program followed by a Q&A session. Traineeships at the ECB in general are a great way to learn how an EU Institution works. The DG/S traineeship is a unique opportunity to put into practice knowledge and skills acquired during studies. It gives you practical experience, guidance & mentoring, a monthly grant, travel costs, an insurance, an accommodation, and an annual leave entitlement. The program is targeted to students, including PhD students, or recent graduates who should:

be at least 18 years old;
be a national of a Member State of the EU or of an acceding country;
have completed at least a first cycle qualification (bachelor’s degree);
be fluent in English and in another official language of the EU.

The webex meeting can be joined here. 

On Wed Oct 5 at 6 pm.


02/08/2022 - Interviews with Alumni: Adam Rückl

The interview with our alumnus Adam Rückl is about his work experience at Škoda Auto, where he is now a technical project manager. In the autumn, he will also start a completely new experience, namely a few months of parental leave. The interview and Adam's profile can be found here.

28/07/2022 - Interviews with Alumni: Benedikt Kotmel

With our alumnus Benedikt Kotmel we discussed how he became a data platform manager, about the journey from the IES to working with data, his commitment to innovation and smart solutions, and what the company Operátor ICT is doing.

The interview can be found here.

15/07/2022 - Interviews with Alumni: Katarína Líšková

In the latest alumni interview, Katarína Líšková talks about her work in London, her studies in Cambridge and what one has to go through to get hired by J.P. Morgan. The interview and Katarina's profile can be found here.


15/07/2022 - Traineeship at OECD

The ideal candidate is a student with a clear affinity with data and statistical evidence in a final stage of his/her Bachelor’s degree studies in a relevant field, including economics, econometrics, statistics orsimilar. Fluency in English is required with working level in French considered an advantage. Proficiency with MS Suite (MS Excel in particular) is required. Experience from multi-cultural settings will be  an advantage. Importantly, only students officially enrolled in a study programme of an officially accredited university are eligible for OECD traineeships.

Please see the details here.  Deadline is on the 22th of July 2022.


25/06/2022 - Interview with our Alumnus Pavel Jančovič

We bring you an interview with our graduate Pavel Jančovič, who works at the Czech News Center. He experienced a number of different internships and in the interview with him we discussed what a transformation manager actually does, or which internship influenced him the most in his career. The interview with Pavel can be found here.

11/06/2022 - McKinsey is hiring graduates

We are currently looking for 2022 graduates to join us as executive assistants. This dynamic role is a perfect fit for candidates who enjoy juggling multiple tasks, have excellent communication skills and would like to have the opportunity to build a robust network of contacts at our firm. Applications can be submitted directly on McKinsey's careers site.

07/04/2022 - McKinsey Virtual Open House

The 2nd edition of our Virtual Open House starts, where students will get the opportunity to learn more about McKinsey, our various business functions, and understand career options beyond consulting.

At this event, functional representatives, leaders, and recruiting colleagues from various locations globally will speak about roles in Visual Graphics & Media, People Operations, Global Administration, and Global Helpdesk (GHD). If students are unsure what career paths they may be interested in pursuing, this is a great opportunity for them to learn about the various opportunities at McKinsey. And if they do know the role in which they are interested, it’s a chance to hear about a day-in-the-life of our colleagues and what to expect during the interview process.

We look forward to hosting students in our Virtual Open House and inviting them to explore the various career opportunities they can pursue at McKinsey.


Event details

Option 1
Date: Thursday, April 28th, 2022
Time: 11:00 PM - 12:30 PM CET
Click here to register

Option 2
Date: Monday, May 9th, 2022
Time: 20:30 - 22:00 CET
Click here to register

24/03/2022 - Deloitte Event - a day as a consultant

Are you interested in consulting and want to experience what a day in the life as a consultant is actually like? So join the Experience Day to meet the Deloitte Smart Planning team. We have prepared an event where we can enjoy one afternoon (6th April) together the experienced consultants. You can try what it's like to work on project using modern technologies about analyzing processes and propose recommendations for our client. After the end of the formal part, you will have a brewery on the terrace overlooking Prague and with the company of our great colleagues. (What about the views? You definitely want it). The capacity of the event is limited, so do not hesitate and sign up!

17/03/2022 - Alumnus of the Month was Mikayel Harutyunyan

The alumnus of the month who talked to us about how he likes marketing and is currently working in Silicon Valley is Mikayel Harutyunyan. In this interesting interview, you can read about what inspired him, the internships he had during his studies, and how difficult it was for him to start at the IES. You can find the interview here.



06/03/2022 - Job offer for students at McKinsey

Opportunities for students in Prague. Collaborative teams where your voice counts. Opportunities to make meaningful impact. Challenges to stretch your abilities. A diverse and inclusive culture. Freedom to navigate your own path to success. Explore the offer here. 

13/02/2022 - Alumnus of the Month is Karel Pfeffer

This year's first Alumnus of the Month is Karel Pfeffer. Karel works as a data engineer at Red Bull and in his spare time, he enjoys sports. You can read about how he manages to combine sports with his career and how he got his ideal job in our interview with him: here





06/02/2022 - JEM156 Industrial Organization: a new Bachelor-level course

Why will an airline cancel my return flight if I don't take the first of the booked flights? Why is it better for IBM to produce a professional printer, make it less effective at extra cost, and sell it as a home printer? Under what conditions is it rational to sell below input cost?
What do (or do not) the companies Facebook (Meta) and ČEZ have in common? Why are corporate mergers paradoxical?
Is advertising socially beneficial? Do GAFAM pose a problem for competition?

From taxis to accommodation to advertising, digital technology is changing how industries operate. Network economies, online platforms, zero pricing, big data, cloud computing and other new developments are disrupting markets, creating new sources of market power and transforming market structure. 
The Industrial Organization undergraduate course will explore how markets and economic sectors operate that are not well described by either the perfect competition model or the monopoly model. That is, how the vast majority of industries work. It will greatly expand students' collection of models that they can apply to economic events and complement them with empirical observations from the modern research in IO area. The objective is to provide students with an understanding of key IO concepts and models. (If all goes well, reading the Economist magazine will never be the same.)

Matěj Bajgar graduated from the IES with a Bachelor's Degree in 2009. He earned his Master's and later a PhD degree at the University of Oxford. During his Master's studies, he focused on developing economics, and in his doctoral thesis he examined the impact of globalization on the performance of companies in emerging economies. While studying at Oxford, he also spent three months as a visiting scholar at Stanford University  and gained work experience as an intern at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development or as a consultant for the World Bank. He has worked for example in Lesotho,Tunisia, Ghana, and South Africa.

After finishing his PhD Matěj had lived in Paris for five years, working as an Economist at the OECD. For the OECD, he had analysed global trends in industry concentration and business dynamics, and also examined the impact of public funds spent by governments to support research and development in private enterprises.

After eleven years spent abroad, Matěj decided to come back to Prague. On foot. He is now a postdoc at IES, teaching the bachelor's course Industrial Organization. In addition, he continues to work for the OECD and is a researcher at the IDEA think-tank at CERGE-EI, where he studies the impact of public support on science and research in the Czech Republic. 

04/02/2022 - Dinner with McKinsey & Company

It is our great pleasure to invite you to a traditional dinner organized by McKinsey & Company!
The dinner is intended exclusively for selected students from the Institute of Economic Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, who are considering a career in management consulting. Apply by February 10 to meet IES alumni, our current consultants.

Please see the details here.


20/12/2021 - Alumnus of November - Tomáš Paul

In November, Tomáš Paul was the Alumnus of the Month. Tomáš is an analyst in a bank, but in a few weeks he will be attending the Olympic Games in Beijing. You can read about how he got into a non-traditional sport called curling and how a sporting career can be combined with the job at a bank in our interview here.





12/12/2021 - EY is supporting our Econometrics and Data Science courses

We are happy to announce that Ernst and Young, s.r.o. (EY) is our newest sponsor. The company will support courses Econometrics I and Data Science with R II both financially and by providing interesting data for the course. The support puts EY alongside our existing partner Deloitte, with whom we have a long-standing relationship in the field of valuation, and our sponsors such as McKinsey and Patria Finance.

"We are delighted that companies are helping us to support specific courses. It allows the lecturers to prepare our students with high-quality courses that have the ambition to be on par with courses at high-profile Western universities," explains Martin Gregor, Director of the Institute.

EY has been operating in the Czech Republic since 1991. They currently have over 1,100 employees working in offices in Prague, Brno and Ostrava. They provide services to almost two thousand Czech and international clients. They work for twenty companies in the Czech top 30 and for the six largest banks in the country. EY in the Czech Republic is part of the EMEIA region, which was created within the firm's structure in 2008 and includes 87 offices in Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa. They are also a member of the CESA region, which was created as part of the corporate structure in 2018 and comprises 31 countries in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe and Central Asia. Close collaboration between domestic experts and experts in other countries in the region and around the world creates international teams with exceptional expertise.

19/11/2021 - Alumnus of the Month in October was Goran Serdarević

In October, Goran Serdarevic was chosen as the Alumnus of the Month. Goran works at Frontier Economics. You can read about his experience working for a foreign company and meanwhile living in Prague, why he likes the Balkans and how the IES has influenced his entire life in the interview with him here.





04/11/2021 - Solve It 2021

 Solve It is a two-round case study competition that provides students and young professionals with consulting experience through helping a real organization solve its current strategic and operational challenges. If you’re keen on applying your skills where they matter and broadening your horizons, Solve It is for you! We welcome all Czech / Slovak speaking applicants irrespective of their education or experience—whatever your background, you will bring a different perspective to the study and give your skills a relevant boost. This year, Solve It will be held in a hybrid format. The first round will be held online and the final round will take place in person1 (with an option to join online for teams unable to join us in person) so you can expect an abundance of networking opportunities.

Register here.

26/10/2021 - McKinsey careers beyond consulting

 At McKinsey, we look for exceptional people with a variety of backgrounds from colleges and universities around the world and we hope your students will start their career journeys with us.

Session 1 at 11:00

Session 2 at 20:30 

Event details

Date: Tuesday, November 9th, 2021

Time: 11:00 - 12:00 or 20:30 - 21:30 


Who is McKinsey?

Careers beyond consulting: Joining McKinsey Global Services' teams

Find your fit: An introduction to our business functions

Questions for Colleagues: Ask us anything from culture to the recruiting process


Current students & recent graduates exploring opportunities in:

   - Bengaluru, India

   - Chennai, India

   - Manila, Philippines

   - Phoenix, Arizona

   - Poznan, Poland

   - Prague, Czech Republic

   - San Jose, Costa Rica

   - Tampa, Florida


14/10/2021 - Alumnus of September: Tomáš Matyska

In September, we chose Tomáš Matyska as the Alumnus of the Month. We talked with him about his life in Belgium, where he works at KBC and focuses on data analysis. You can read about his career development and what to do if somebody wants to work in this field in our interview with Tomáš here.





05/10/2021 - Solve It 2021

Come and help McKinsey Prague Solve It! The legendary case competition is back and this time, we teamed up with a Czech social enterprise which helps thousands of people in developing countries to see better. Interested to find out more?, form a team by November 7 and apply!

13/09/2021 - Alumnus of the Month in August was Patrik Bauer

Who is the last Alumnus of the Month this summer? Patrik Bauer. An enthusiastic traveller and now a gardener, he has been working at T-Mobile since this year, where he is in charge of "transformation". You can read what it is about and about his long career in the energy industry in our interview here.


30/08/2021 - Alumnus of the Month Jan Hájek

In the summer, one of the Alumnus of the Month was Jan Hájek. Jan works at the European Central Bank, where he analyses capital adequacy and credit risk in the Banking Supervision Department. You can read not only about his career at the ECB, but also at the CNB, or about life in Germany in our interview with Jan - here.





27/08/2021 - Charles University Environment Center offers a job

Charles University Environment Center is searching for two persons to enrich its economic analytical team:

Job description: application and development of our in-house tools and models, namely the energy system PE model TIMES-CZ and computable general equilibrium model for economic analysis of the impacts.

Economic analyst: Economic modelling of impacts (CGE model)
Energy analyst: Energy system modelling (TIMES model)

The Center closely collaborates with the IES.

14/07/2021 - Alumnus of the Month was Jan Polách

The latest Alumnus of the Month was Jan Polách. In June we talked to him about his studies and life in the UK, what quant manager means and how he handles lockdown abroad. Jan's profile and interview with him can be found here.




08/06/2021 - Alumnus of May - Jan Šomvársky

Jan Šomvársky was Alumnus of the Month in May. Jan studied Innovation Management at the Rotterdam School of Management and then founded the start-up Vitadio. An interview with Jan you can read about innovations and Vitadio, and everything can be found together with Jan's profile here.









06/05/2021 - Alumna of the Month in April was Tereza Michálková

In April, we chose Tereza Michálková as our Graduate of the Month. After her bachelor's degree, Tereza went to the University of Amsterdam, where she is now studying econometrics and marketing and already has a lot of work experience at her age. In our interview we talked to Tereza about how she got a job in the Netherlands, her future plans, or her study "experiences". The interview and Tereza's profile can be found here.



06/04/2021 - Alumnus of March Daniel Vach

In March, we interviewed Daniel Vach, who is a co-founder of SENS. In the interview, you will learn how the idea of starting a business with crickets was actually born, how such a business is maintained during a pandemic, and what "Dan's five goals" mean. You can find Dan's profile and interview here.


18/03/2021 - CFA Institute Ethics Learning Lab

The CFA Institute Ethics Learning Lab, home of our popular Ethical Decision-Making Program, has been expanded and transitioned into a paid subscription-based, engaging, and interactive Professional Learning community.

The Learning Lab will now offer your students the opportunity to engage with CFA Institute members and candidates as well as financial industry professionals in a continually growing library of resources and a collaborative community — all focused on promoting ethics and professionalism across the industry. And in addition to the existing programs, the community will launch with four new programs that teach the CFA Institute Standards of Professional Conduct and are designed to be fun and interactive.CFA institute are giving the students free 3-month subscriptions to the new community. Please use discount code - for a code, please write to Eliška Krohová

10/03/2021 - Alumnus of the Month - Jakub Čermák

Jakub Čermák is the second Alumnus of the Month this year. Jakub graduated from St. Gallen University and now works at Perella Weinberg Partners in the UK. In the interview with Jakub, you will read about life in London, or simply about how to get "from Prague to London via Switzerland…" Jakub's profile and the whole interview can be found here.





03/03/2021 - Economics of European integration

PhD position in Economics, specializing in Economics of European integration

The LEM (UMR 9221), a research unit of the Université de Lille invites applications for a 3-years, fully funded PhD position in Economics with the emphasis on the economics of European integration starting in September 2021.

23/02/2021 - ACCA offer

ACCA offer for students from accredited Universities! Boost your career with a finance qualification from ACCA. Register now and benefit from UP TO 50% discount from your student registration and annual subscription fee.

Discount code: BUL and more info will be provided by email:

15/02/2021 - The first Alumna of the month in 2021 - Hana Bečičková

This year we choose Hana Bečičková as the first Alumna of the month. Since December 2020, Hana works at the European Investment Bank in Luxembourg, where she focuses on loan pricing and product development especially for developing countries. She has experience studying at various universities around the world and has spent recent years as a digital nomad on a trip around the world. You can find the interview with Hanka and her profile here.




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