PhDr. Martina Mysíková Ph.D. - Conferences

international conference

2021 - 36th IARIW General Conference (IARIW)

2021 - 7th European User Conference for EU-Microdata (GESIS)

2019 - 6th European User Conference (GESIS)

2019 - Special IARIW-HSE Conference on Experiences and Challenges in Measuring Income and Wealth in Eastern Europe and CIS Countries (IARIW)

2018 - 35th IARIW General Conference (IARIW)

2017 - 5th European User Conference (GESIS)

2017 - 5th European User Conference (GESIS)

2017 - Slovak Economic Association Meeting Conference (SEAM)

2016 - 34th IARIW General Conference (IARIW)

2016 - Behavioural Insights in Research and Policy Making (SABE/IAREP)

2015 - 4th European User Conference (GESIS)

2015 - Psychology and Economics together for a better life (IAREP – SABE)

2015 - XXIV Meeting of the Economics of Education Association (AEDE)

2014 - XXIII Meeting of the Economics of Education Association (AEDE)

2013 - 3rd European User Conference for EU-LFS and EU-SILC (GESIS)

2013 - Public Happiness (HEIRS)

2012 - Cross-National Evidence from European Social Survey: Exploring Public Attitudes, Informing Public Policy in Europe (European University Cyprus)

2011 - 2nd European User Conference for EU-LFS and EU-SILC (GESIS)

2010 - 2010 International Conference on Comparative EU Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (Eurostat)

2009 - 12th International Scientific Conference: Applications of Mathematics and Statistics in Economy (AMSE)

2009 - The European User Conference for EU-LFS and EU-SILC (GESIS)

2007 - The European Survey Research Association 2007 Conference (ESRA)

2006 - Comparative EU-Statistics on Income and Living Conditions: Issues and Challenges (Eurostat)

national conference

2020 - Dopady pandemie na společnost – co říkají data (Evropská komise)

2017 - Česká sociologická spolecnost (ČSS)

2016 - 18. Slovenská štatistická konferencia (SŠDS)

2013 - Lidský kapitál a investice do vzdělání (VŠFS)

international workshop

2014 - 2014: Twenty-five Years After. What Has Happened to the Societies in Central and Southeast Europe since the Fall of the Iron Curtain? (University of Graz)

2014 - Trends and Challenges on Human Resource International Workshop (ISAG – European Business School)

2013 - 6th Geoffrey J.D. Hewings Regional Economics Workshop, Regional Strategies for Promoting Welfare, Wealth and Work in Europe (WIFO)

2010 - Workshop on Harmonisation of Social Survey Data for Cross-National Comparison (Institute of Socilogy, CAS)

national workshop

2018 - Aktuální výzvy III – Chudoba (Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci)

2013 - Předpoklady úspěchu v práci a v životě (NVF)

2006 - Surveys on employment, income and wages (VŠE)

internal workshop

2008 - 3rd IES Young Scholars Conference (IES FSV UK)

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