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402/03/1389 GA CR (2003-2005): Real Economic Convergence - Theoretical Aspects of Integration Processes and their Implications in Economic Policy

Principal investigator: doc. Ing. Tomáš Cahlík CSc.
Collaborators: PhDr. Michal Hlaváček Ph.D.
Description: Real Economic Convergence is of enormous interest for developing and transfoming economies in their effort to catch-up developed economies. Mainstream theories of economic growth, stressing the importance of scientific progress in the development of new technologies suit well for developed economies, but for the catching-up economies, theories based on technology borrowing and adaptation seem to be more suitable. Technology borrowing depends enormously on institutions, so the creation (or adaptation) of institutions is a necessary condition for catch-up.
Many teoretical advantages have been made in the institutional theory in the last decades, many have been applied in development and transformation policies. Verbal institutional theory underlying these policies is sometimes accompanied by mathematical models with interesting features from out-of-the-mainstreem economic theories.
Proposed project would like to elaborate more deeply the connections between new institutional theory and adequate models of economic growth. Implications for economic policy in developing and transforming economies are going to be looked for. Problems of convergence of real income and prices in the European integration process will be in the focus of research in this project.
Work in grant: Všechny práce tématicky odpovídající popisu projektu
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Finance: Czech Science Foundation (GA ČR)
End date: 12/2005

Cahlík, T.-Marková,J.: The Economy of the Czech Republic in the new frame of the EU

Cahlík, T.-Marková,J.: The Economy of the Czech Republic in the new frame of the EU

Convergence of the Consumption Structure in the Czech Republic towards EU

Hlaváček,M. a Geršl,A. a Cahlík,T. a Berlemann,M.: Predikce využívající experimentální trhy. Politická ekonomie, 2003, Vol. LI, No. 6 (2003), p. 838-850

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