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(Submitted to GAUK in November 2016) Criminals on the Field: A Study of College Football

Principal investigator: PhDr. Radek Janhuba M.A., Ph.D.
Collaborators: Mgr. Kristýna Čechová
Description: The study will look at the policy change of increasing the number of officials from seven to eight in collegiate American football and its association with characteristics of committed fouls. Specifically, in the 2014 season, four of the ten conferences within the highest NCAA division used the system with eight officials in order to keep up with the tempo of the game which had gotten tremendously faster in the previous years. The results may be beneficial in terms of understanding what happened on the football field, as well as from the perspectives of economics, where it would present evidence on the theory of crime and punishment. The cornerstone of the theory is that while increasing the number of police (officials in the context of sports) leads to a higher probability of catching and punishing a crime (fouls in sports), criminals (fouling players) will incorporate this increase in police and correspondingly change their behavior by decreasing the number of committed crimes. This is known as the deterrence effect. While it has proven to be extremely difficult to estimate in real life applications, sports form a useful laboratory to analyze the phenomenon.
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End date: 2017




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