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GAUK 1320119: Mezinárodní hodnotové řetězce a technologická změna

Řešitel: Petr Pleticha
Popis: The world has experienced unprecedented economic integration accompanied by increasing research and development (R&D) expenditures in recent decades. Such development should spur a rise in productivity, yet that is not what had occurred. The aim of this project is thus twofold. Firstly, I will relate global value chain (GVC) integration to productivity and inspect heterogeneity of such relationship. I hypothesize that only some GVC partnerships yield significant gains in terms of value added growth. For instance, GVC integration of industries with distinct technological capabilities may lead to uneven distribution of the created value added where the technologically and economically more advanced partner reaps most of the benefits.

Secondly, I will inspect how R&D efforts influence the impact of GVC integration. It is likely that R&D affects the absorption capabilities of the economy and thus foster technology diffusion via GVC integration. It is possible that some sectors profit/suffer from the integration twice – through the power relation within the GVC and through mature/underdeveloped national innovation systems. With the insights on how R&D activities alter the impact of GVC integration, I aim to contribute to the empirical literature on GVC integration.
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Finance: Submitted in November 2018
Konec: 2021


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