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GAČR 13-01930S Robust methods for nonstandard situations, their diagnostics and implementations

SVV 260 233 - Intensification of Doctoral Research in Economics and Finance: Heterogeneity in Alternative Approaches to Economic Modeling

SVV 260 463 - Heterogeneity in Economics and Finance: Strengthening of Doctoral Studies by Securing Excellent pre-gradual Students

No active

Equvariance and studentization in regression models (participating) (1996-1998)

201/94/0322 Empirically optimized selection of a procedure for identification of regression model (1994-1996)

255/2000/A EK/FSV Robust identification of regression model with the high subsample stability of estimator (2000-2002)

275408 Diagnostic methods of regression analysis for models of intensity of rendom processes (participating) (1994-1995)

402/00/0482 Concurence and concurence ability of the Czech industries (participating) (2000-2002)

402/03/0084The least weighted squares - asymptotics, diagnostics, sensitivity studies and implementation

402/06/0408 Robustification of generalized moment method

402/09/0557 Robustifikace vybraných ekonometrických metod, hl. řešitel: Prof. RNDr. Jan Ámos Víšek CSc.

402/97/0770 Combining the forecasts by means of decomposition and composition(1997-1999)

Heterogeneity in Economics and Finance - Intesification of Doctoral Research

P96-6086-R Foreigher direct investment into the Czech Republic (participating) (1996-1998)

Sensitivity analysis of the identification of regression model (1998-2000)

SVV 260 113 - Strengthening Doctoral Research in Economics and Finance

SVV 267 504: Intensification of Doctoral Research in Economics and Finance: Extending Alternative Approaches to Economic Models

Theory of selecting a robust procedure for finite samples of contaminated data (1991-1993)


No active

Determining Factors of the Czech Balance Trade: Structural Issues in Trade and Growth

IES Research Framework Institutional task (2005-2011) Integration of the Czech economy into European union and its development


Česká Spořitelna


Patria Finance