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Exchange Rate Convergence and Eurozone Entry: Selected Exchange Rate Issues in Candidate Countries

Author(s): prof. Roman Horváth Ph.D., Zdeněk Čech, Luboš Komárek
Type: Articles in journals with impact factor
Year: 2005
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Published in: Czech Journal of Economics and Finance, pp. 483-505
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Abstract: The article contains a general analysis of the exchange rate convergence process for the New Member and candidate countries of the EU. Following an introduction to the problem, the second part features a discussion of the exchange rate strategies applied during transition period. The emphasis is given to the hypothetical evaluation of the exchange rate criterion. There we review the exchange rate strategies of transition countries using similar analytical framework as in the case of the EU Member States, see Čech and Komárek (2002b), and discuss the selected strategies presented in the “Pre-accession Economic Programmes“ and Convergence programmes. In the light of the exchange rate experience of the EU countries, the next part summarises the main determinants of the exchange rate movement in transition countries. Finally we discussed the several factors, which will influence the ERM2 accession in the candidate countries.


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