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Ekonomie a štěstí

Author(s): PhDr. Pavel Štika ,
Type: IES Occassional Papers
Year: 2008
Number: 2
Published in: IES Occassional Papers 2/2008
Publishing place: Prague
Keywords: happiness, Easterlin paradox, reciprocity, Anthonio Genovesi, history of economic thought
JEL codes: A11, B19, B59, D64
Suggested Citation: Štika, P. (2008). “ Ekonomie štěstí ” IES Occasional Paper 2/2008. IES FSV. Charles University.
Abstract: In this paper I am trying to provide the reader with a brief overview of contemporary discussion about recently frequently mentioned topic of economics and happiness. In the last few years the number of publications related to happiness from the economic perspective growth exponentially. As the importance of this topic seems to grow significantly, I modestly intend to provide Czech public with a very starting reference point for further research in this field.
In the first part I sum up the basic terms of subjective well-being and Easterlin paradox and give an overview of the most striking empirical observations. The second part shortly describes approach to the happiness problem of selected key historical personalities, namely Aristotle, Smith and Genovesi. In the third part I outline present key challenge for the economic theory – tackling with the reciprocity phenomenon.
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