PhDr. Lucie Bryndová - Publications

Articles in journals with impact factor

2022 Governance of Academic Medical Centres in Changing Healthcare Systems: An International Comparison, Health Policy

2021 “Top-Three” health reforms in 31 high-income countries in 2018 and 2019: an expert informed overview, Health Policy

2021 A reversal of fortune: comparison of health system responses to COVID-19 in the Visegrad Group during the early phases of the pandemic, Health Policy

2021 Balancing financial incentives during COVID-19: a comparison of provider payment adjustments across 20 countries, Health Policy

2021 Concentrating stroke care provision in the Czech Republic: The establishment of Stroke Centres in 2011 has led to improved outcomes, Health Policy

2020 Hospital reforms in 11 Central and Eastern European countries between 2008 and 2019: a comparative analysis, Health Policy

2019 The 2018 risk-adjustment reform in the Czech Republic: Introducing Pharmacy-based Cost Groups and strengthening reinsurance, Health Policy

Articles in refereed journals

2020 Adjusting hospital inpatient payment systems for COVID-19, Eurohealth 2020; 26(2)

2009 Head2Head: Health Reform in the Czech Republic - should hospitals and health insurers be privatized?, Gesundheit! The Stockholm Network's Newsletter on Health and Welfare, Vol I: issue 4.

2009 Thomson S, Foubister T, Figueras J, Kutzin J, Permanand G, Bryndova L (2009): Addressing financial sustainability in health systems, Background policy document prepared for the Czech presidency of the European Union conference on the financial sustainability of health systems in Europe

2006 Predicting social health insurance financial balance to the year 2050, závěrečná zpráva projektu


2021 In the wake of the pandemic: Preparing for Long COVID, European Observatory Policy Brief, No. 39

2021 Intervention needed: the impact of future economic development and pandemic measures on social health insurance revenues and expenditures, IDEA studie 5/2021

2009 Czech Republic: Health system review 2009, Health Systems in Transition, World Health Organization on behalf of European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies

2009 Health System Financing in the EU: Current Practices and the Ageing Challenge, Ministerstvo zdravotnictví ČR

2008 D. Veřmiřovský, L. Antošová, M. Zámečník, M. Čebík, J. Slavíček: The Development of eServices in an Enlarged EU: eGovernment and eHealth in the Czech Republic, JRC Scientific and Technical Reports

Chapter in book

2021 The Czech Health Care System, Baltagi B H, Moscone F (eds): The Sustainability of Health Care Systems in Europe (Contributions to Economic Analysis, Vol. 295), Emerald Publishing, 2021

2018 Czech Republic (country fiche), Rechel, B., Richardson, E., McKee, M. (eds): The organization and delivery of vaccination services in the European Union

2010 Chapter 5, Reforms in the pooling of funds. , Kutzin J, Cashin Ch, Jakab M. (eds): Implementing health financing reform: Lessons from countries in transition


2021 Governance and organization of Academic Medical Centers - a comparative analysis of 11 countries , European Journal of Public Health

2006 Calls for healthcare changes all over the world, Medical Tribune, ročník 2, číslo 13, 18.4.2006

2006 How much does our "free-of-charge" healthcare cost, Český pacient, ročník 2006, číslo 4

2005 Czech Healthcare System Prospects, České zdravotnické fórum 1/2005, příloha časopisu Zdravotnictví a právo

2005 The Future of the Czech Healthcare System, Zpravodaj VZP ČR, ročník 14, číslo 6



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