prof. RNDr. Jiří Hlaváček CSc. - Publications

Articles in journals with impact factor

2011 Economic Criterion in Non-profit Economic Surrounding, Politická ekonomie

2008 Corporate social responsibility (CSR) : only a proclamation or economic necessity?, Politická ekonomie

2008 Tuitions or subsidies? : simulations with models of the university system, Politická ekonomie

2007 The deposit guarantee-scheme in the Czech Republic : history, status quo and comparison with the European system, Politická ekonomike

2004 Ekonomic Irrationality of the Donator Arising from his Low Confidence in Donation Recipient, Finance a úvěr

2004 St. Petersburg paradox and the cardinal utility function, Politická ekonomie

2002 Comparative Study of Exiting and Surviving Firms in the Czech Economy in the Late 1990s, Finance a úvěr

2002 Comparative Study of Exiting and Surviving Firms in the Czech Economy in the Late 1990s, Finance a úvěr

2002 Producer’s Optimum Under Unremitting Increase of Returns to Scale., Politická ekonomie

Articles in refereed journals

2011 Generalized Coase Theorem, Prague Economic Papers

2008 'Moral hazard' and 'adverse selection' in the context of maximisation of economic survival, PSVS-EC-024

2007 Czech, POlitická ekonomie

2007 Demand function for insurance: comparison of maximization of Pareto probability of survival with von Neumann´s theory EUT theory EUT and with prospect theory of Kahnemana and Tversky, AUCO - Czech Economic Review

2007 To two excepted legal measures concerning the mortgages in the CR: (1) the abolishment of tax exemption for mortgage certificates, (2) the introducing of a legal right to mortgage early repayment., Statistika

2006 Principal - Agent Problem in the Context of the Economic Survival, Acta Economica Pragensia

2006 Principal-agent Problem in the Context of the Economic Survival, Acta Oeconomica Pragensia 2006/3

2005 Cruel altruism, Prague Economic Papers

2004 Economic donator´s irrationality caused by a distrust to recipient, Finance a úvěr

2002 Firm´s optimum when returns to scale are continually increasig, Politická ekonomie

2001 Models of Economically Rational Donator, Prague economic papers

2000 Generalized model of the firm´s behaviour in market economy, Politická ekonomie

1996 Is it necessary to abandon economic paradigm when analysing nonstandard economic phenomena?, Časopis pro sociologii

1996 Privatization Process in Czechoslovakia in the Beginning of 90 's., AUCO

1996 Transformation of the Centrally Planned Economy to the Market Economy in Czechoslovakia and in the CR, AUCO

1995 Model of Producer in the Climate with low Solvency of Agents., Politická ekonomie


2011 Generalized microeconomics , Karolinum

2010 Generalized microeconomics, Karolinum

2006 Multiagent Approaches in Economics, Karolinum

1999 Microeconomics of the Shared Benefit. (Awarded Rector`s Prize for the Best Scientific Publication in 1999)., Karolinum

1990 Czechoslovakia on the Cross-Road, Archy, Nakl. lidových novin

1990 Possibilities and Limits for Objectivization of Information in Plan Bargaining., Academia

Chapter in book

2013 Iracional egoism, rational altruism, Univerzita Karlova


2006 Multiagent model of university system with optimizing agents, Karolinum

2004 Models of Economically Rational Donators : Altruism can be cruel, Matfyzpress

1997 The Initial Economic Environment for Privatization, Kluwer Academic Publishers

IES Working Papers

2008 Microeconomic models of externality market, generalized Coase theorem ,

2008 Microeconomic models of externality market, generalized Coase theorem , IES Working Papers 29/2008

2006 Credit Insurance: EU context, IES WP 2006/26

2006 Demand for Insurance: Comparison of von Neumann-Morgenstern's and Kahneman-Tverovsky's Approaches, WP IES FSV UK

2006 Moral hazard and adverse selection when survival probability is maximized, IES WP 2006/22

2005 Supply of university education, IES WP 2005/90

2004 Models of Economically Rational Donators: altruism can be cruel, IES WP 2004/63

2003 To Microeconomic Climate in the Czech Republic in Beginning of Century: Cartel of fuel sellers? (Case study), IES WP 2003/39

2002 Economic ratiionality of the donator and his trust to recipient, IES WP 2002/18

2002 The St. Petersburg Paradox and Cardinal Utility Function, IES WP 2002/23

2001 Economic rationality of the "hard" altruism, FSV UK, IES

2001 Economically rational altruism, IES WP 2001/14

2001 Producer's Optimum under Conditions of Unremitting Increase of Returns to Scale, IES WP 2001/5

2001 Redistribution: an exhibition of human preferences and social needs, IES WP 2001/16

2001 Was the process of the elimination of firms in the Czech republic in latest 90th a sanative procedure?, IES WP 2001/12

1994 Wage Trap Model - Producer Behaviour in Economies with heterogeneous Labor Force, Working paper Series,, CERGE

IES Occassional Papers

2007 Under what conditions is the social responsible behavior profitable for the firm?, IES Occasional Papers

Article in collection

2000 Economic racionality when agents feel a co-existence with community In: "Czech society in beginn of third millenium", FSV UK

1999 Models of forms behavior in nonstandard cinditionsIn: The Czech society on beginn of the third millenium", Sborník konference "Česká společnost na prahu 3. tisíciletí"


1991 Samuleson - Nordhouse, Ekonomics (science editor of translation), nakl. Svoboda


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