Mgr. Pavel Ryska MPhil - Publications

Articles in journals with impact factor

2018 Deflation across Sectors: Results for the Czech Republic, E+M Economics and Management

2017 Deflation and Economic Growth: The Great Depression as the Great Outlier, Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics

Articles in refereed journals

2012 Efficiency Wages and Involuntary Unemployment Revisited, The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics


2013 Corruption: Economics vs. myths, Institut Václava Klause

IES Working Papers

2014 Deflation and Economic Growth in Long-Term Perspective, IES Working Papers 18/2014

2011 Efficiency Wages in Heterogenous Labour Markets, IES Working Papers 28/2011

Article in collection

2016 Do the Interventions by CNB Repeat the Errors of Fed and Other Central Banks?, Sborník ČBA - Měnová politika po finanční krizi

2016 The Abolition of Cash, Sborník IVK - Mladí ekonomové (o) Václavu Klausovi

2015 The Current Monetary Policy of CNB is the Risk, not Deflation, Institut Václava Klause

2009 Money and Business Cycles: Lessons Not Taken from the Great Depression, VŠB TÚ


2015 All that You Wanted to Know about Deflation but Were Afraid to Ask, Bankovnictví 5/2015

2015 Review - F. Schneider and C. Williams: "Shadow Economy", Newsletter IVK 5/2015

2013 The state behaves as in socialism, Ekonom 26-27/2013

2012 How to Get Rid of Corruption, Revue Politika 5/2012

2012 Myths about the Czech privatization, Euro 39/2012

2011 Corruption: Appeals to Morals Will Not Help, Euro 50/2011




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