Mgr. Václav Brož - Publications

Articles in journals with impact factor

2019 Does Monetary Policy Influence Banks' Risk Weights under the Internal Ratings-based Approach?, Economic Systems 43(2)

2019 What Drives the Distributional Dynamics of Client Interest Rates on Consumer Loans in the Czech Republic?, Czech Journal of Economics and Finance, 69, 3, 275-297

2018 Dynamics and factors of inflation convergence in the European Union,, Journal of International Money and Finance, 86, 93-111. paper available here PDF

Articles in refereed journals

2020 Are the Risk Weights of Banks in the Czech Republic Procyclical?, Forthcoming in Journal of Central Banking Theory and Practice

Chapter in book

2018 Consumer credit in the Czech republic: What does its current growth imply for financial stability?, CNB Financial Stability Report 2017/2018

2018 The effect of accommodative monetary policy on the risk weights applied by domestic banks, CNB Financial Stability Report 2017/2018

IES Working Papers

2019 Mortgage-Related Bank Penalties and Systemic Risk Among U.S. Banks, IES Working Papers 25/2019

2018 Does Monetary Policy Influence Banks' Perception of Risks?, IES Working Papers 03/2018

2017 Dynamics and Factors of Inflation Convergence in the European Union, IES Working Papers 24/2017


2018 What drives the distributional dynamics of client interest rates on consumer loans in the Czech Republic? A bank-level analysis, CNB Working Paper 06/2018

2017 Are the Risk Weights of Banks in the Czech Republic Procyclical? Evidence from Wavelet Analysis, CNB Working Paper 15/2017

2017 Does Monetary Policy Influence Banks’ Perception of Risks?, CNB Working Paper 9/2017

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