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Economic Aspects of Remittances and Migration: Case Study of Ukraine and the Czech Republic

Autor: Mgr. Weyskrabová Blanka
Rok: 2013 - zimní
Typ práce: Rigorózní
Jazyk: Anglicky
Stránky: 92
Abstrakt: This thesis is driven by two main objectives. The first one is to provide a general overview of migration in economic theory with a specific focus on remittances and their aspects and impacts. We found that there is no clear consensus about effects of migration and remittances on source and target countries and thus further research is justified. The second aim of the thesis is to analyse migration and remittances between Ukraine and the Czech Republic using primary data from survey questionnaires collected by the Ukrainian Migration Project (UMP). According to our findings, remittances are determined mostly by demographic characteristics and levels of income on both the sending and receiving side, implying their altruistic origin. More importantly, it was not confirmed that remittances are channelled primarily into consumption. On the other hand, remittances do not influence productive spending of households either. These findings contribute to the overall discussion in the area of remittances and may suggest some policy implications.
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