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Poverty in the Czech Republic and World-wide: Theory and Practice

Author: Mgr. Pavel Körner
Year: 2001 - summer
Leaders: † prof. Ing. Karel Kouba DrSc.
Work type: Economic Theory
Language: Czech
Pages: 92
Awards and prizes: Josef Vavroušek Award
Abstract: After the introduction in Chapter 1, which opens the study, follows Chapter 2, which is the general methodological guide to the problems of poverty. Beside the three basic philosophical approaches to the social welfare function (Benthamian, Rawlsian and Sen's) is devoted attention to the measurement of inequality, welfare and poverty. Key indexes and obstacles connected with their definition, measurement and interpretation are mentioned.
The Chapter 3 deals with approaches of international organizations in the sphere of fighting poverty. A shift in understanding of concepts of welfare and poverty, a shift in poverty-reduction policies, an effort of creating new indexes, which are able to compare in space and time more dimensions of welfare than the easiest measure GDPPPP/CAP, a shift from money concept of welfare and enforcement of subjective poverty concept is shown on three most important organizations UNDP, UNESCO and World bank. The Chapter minutely deals with the move in World bank's approach and its new policy strategy. It concludes with presentation of praise and critics of existing situation and expectations in these policies.
The Chapter 4 generally deals with poverty in the Czech republic and its comparison to European and especially Visegrad region. It adopts three kinds of separation and in this intention performs the analyses of poverty. It shows the character of poverty in centrally planed economy and pictures the determinants´ shift raised by economic transformation. Beside the objective poverty the emphasizes is laid on the subjective one as well. A part of this Chapter is a discussion with methodological conception of poverty in the Czech republic. To this follows a comparison of poverty rate, poverty gap, inequality measures, individual relative poverty risks and successfulness of income transfers in Visegrad countries region.
The Chapter 5 is a conclusion. It summarizes key pieces of knowledge of individual chapters.
Downloadable: Diploma Thesis - Koerner


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