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Decent Work and Economic Growth-Analysis of the Sustainable Development Goal 8

Author: Bc. Vendula Letovská
Year: 2021 - summer
Leaders: doc. Ing. Tomáš Cahlík CSc.
Work type: Bachelors
Language: English
Pages: 59
Awards and prizes:
Abstract: Sustainable Development Goals are focused on international cooperation in the field of
socioeconomic, political and environmental issues. This bachelor’s thesis deals with
Goal 8, which promotes achievement of sustainable economic growth, decent work and full
employment, and examines three indicators of the goal: annual growth of GDP per capita,
domestic material consumption and the rate of unemployment. Thesis is based on the panel data
analysis of 132 countries, which were obtained from the World Bank and Sustainable
Development Goals databases for selected variables as observed in the time period of 2000 –
2019. According to the regression results, variables education, inflation, adjusted net savings
and unemployment rate report significant effects on the annual growth of GDP per capita.
Similarly, unemployment rate is strongly affected by the level of obtained education and
inflation, as well as by the growth of population and GDP per capita. Inference of domestic
material consumption did not uncover any statistically significant variables. Evaluation of the
best-fitted forecast models does not predict a strong probability of actually fulfilling the goal or
at least its sub targets by the agreed deadline. Thus the Goal 8 proves to be difficult to achieve
only a few years after the introduction of SDGs. Due to the interdependence with other goals,
it is necessary for countries to make greater effort and strengthen their cooperation in order to
achieve all of the goals by 2030


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