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The portfolio structure of Czech households‘ savings in 1990 - 2003

Author: Bc.Zuzana Drlíková
Year: 2005 - summer
Leaders: prof. PhDr. Petr Teplý Ph.D.
Work type: Bachelors
Language: Czech
Pages: 93
Awards and prizes:
Abstract: The aim of this bachelor thesis is to analyse development in a portfolio structure of Czech households‘ savings, mainly after 1989. During 1990’s a market economy and competitive environment have been established in the Czech financial service industry and one can say that the Czech financial sector is stabilized today.
The economic, social and institucional development has influenced lives of Czech citizens very strongly since 1990 and also their decision making process how to allocate savings. The saving books are no more the synonym of the Czech households‘ savings and people are using alternative forms of savings in building societies, pension and investment funds, credit unions and life insurance. As a result, the structure of the portfolio of Czech households‘ savings are getting similar to the Western European savings structure.


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