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The Development of the Exchange Rate in Slovakia, Change in October 1998

Author: Bc. Michal Lepej
Year: 2003 - summer
Leaders: PhDr. Michal Hlaváček Ph.D.
Work type: Bachelors
Language: Slovak
Pages: 59
Awards and prizes:
Abstract: This paper, according to its title, deals with the theory and practice
of exchange rate regimes. After an excursion to the de iure regime
classification by IMF and introduction to the relevant de facto actual
regime functioning analyses and different states practices, reader may
proceed to the hall of theoretical studies concerning this issue.
In the second, reality-oriented, part author describes and explains the
evolution of Slovak macroeconomic parameters and confirms it
theoretically. Using the exchange rate behavior models and sample of the
applied regimes he tries to prove some of the regimes partly
disadvantageous. All this mainly feeling the background of the ongoing
economic transformation of the Central Europe block.
The last part is devoted to the Czech republic and its exchange rate
practice throughout the last period of its short history. Pointed out
are the differences in Czech and Slovak approach and the variations in
the exchange rate regime reality caused by the evolution of the
economies and their foreign connections.


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