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Rok: 2020

Evaluation of Contemporary art as an alternative investment
Bc. Alice Havlovicová

How did the main central banks react to the crisis? Evidence from the reaction functions
Bc. Barbara Livorová

The Belt and Road Initiative: Effects on eastern Europe and post-soviet republics gravity analysis
Bc. Jakub Reinštein

The Effect of Covid-19 on Economic Growth: Cross-Country Determinants
Bc. Matyáš Juřena

A Dynamic Approach to Fuel Hedging with Reference to the 2020 International Maritime Organization Regulations
Bc. Michal Zítek
Ocenění DOT Award za vynikající bakalářskou práci.

Analysis of clean waer supply in developing countries in the context of SDG framework
Bc. Patrik Kratochvíla

Analysis of investor´s portfolio diversification on the Czech peer-to-peer market
Bc. Martina Juračková

Analysis of Short-term Rental Market in Prague
Bc. Karolína Štollová

Analysis of the effects of EU membership on trade flows of member countries. Implications for new members and for attempts to leave the EU
Bc. Timur Barotov

Banks in Tax Havens: Evidence from the 2013-2019 Country-by-Country Reporting Data
Bc. Petr Moravec

Capturing the Effects of Renewable Resources on Electricity Prices: Evidence from the Czech Republic
Bc. Jan Zítek
Ocenění DOT Award za vynikající bakalářskou práci.

Characteristics of tax havens and their users
Bc. Veronika Sovičová

Conditional quantile models for asset returns
Bc. Štěpán Havel
Ocenění DOT Award za vynikající bakalářskou práci.

Connection between Fuel Prices and Demand for Electric and Hybrid Cars
Bc. Vojtěch Bystřický

Criminality Analysis in the Czech Republic using Self-Organizing Maps
Bc. Pavla Mikulíková

Demand for Non-Residential Parking in Prague
Bc. Matěj Šarboch

Depression in aging population: Social and economic determinants
Bc. Kristýna Šafářová

Determinants of demand for farm dairy products
Bc. Barbora Jakubová

Determinants of demand for farm dairy products
Bc. Barbora Jakubová

Determinants of divorce: Evidence from the Czech Republic
Bc. Natálie Kolářová

Determinants of Football Players’ Market Value in the Czech Football League
Bc. Jan Sinčák

Determinants of Induced Abortion in Selected European Countries
Bc. Tereza Michálková

Determinants of overall domestic performance of a motion picture
Bc. Martin Derco

Determinants of residential real estate prices in the Baltic States
Bc. Andrea Rákosníková

Do fringe benefits affect job satisfaction?
Bc. Veronika Plachá

Drivers of Success of Insolvency Proceedings in the Czech Republic
Bc. Anna Bezuchová

Dynamics of Bitcoin mining profitability and its break-even electricity costs
Bc. Markéta Pěnkavová

Economic incidence of corporate income tax
Bc. Václav Petrželka

Effects of LTV, DTI and DSTI ratios on retail mortgage market. Evidence from the Czech Republic
Bc. Anna Mičková

Effects of political connections on public procurement, evidence from Slovakia
Bc. Roman Ružica

Factors influencing the transport mode decision – case of the Czech Republic
Bc. Michaela Preclíková

Financial Markets Comovements in Northern Europe
Bc. Lukáš Tomek

Fundamental Analysis and Stock Return: The Case of Big Tech
Bc. Thai Nhat Phi Tran Nguyen

Fundraising and Investment in Private Equity in Europe
Bc. Ha Phuong Hoang

Gender Differences in Correlation between Social Relationships and Happiness: Cross-Country Analysis
Bc. Anastasia Pashkina

Gender Differences in Life Satisfaction
Bc. Anastasiia Tolnykina

Health, Happiness and Consumption of Sugary Goods
Bc. Klára Hanusová

How long does it take until the positive effects of structural reforms do materialize?
Bc. Jan Hanzal

How much do we pay for a real estate ownership? A simulation approach
Bc. Ivana Gallová

How team strategy in football influence players’ market value
Bc. Milan Knapp

Identifying driving factors of coffee prices
Bc. Karolína Gajdušková

Impact of Capital Structure and Its Changes on the Value of Companies Obtained Through the Discounted Cash Flow Formula
Bc. Jakub Chyba

Impact of Drought on Commodity Market Forecasting
Bc. Kristian Racocha

Impact of free customer credits on purchases: Case of a major discount portal
Bc. Theodor Petřík

Impact of increased temporal detail in long-term dynamic energy system model with an increasing share of volatile renewable energy sources
Bc. Josef Švec

Impact of smoke-free laws on hospitality businesses in the European perspective
Bc. Josef Simpartl

Impact of socio-demographic aspects on training and contest intensity among runners
Bc. Jan Klásek

Impact of the FTA between EU and South Korea on the Czech Republic
Bc. Karolína Maderová

Income inequality analysis in developing countries in the SDG Framework
Bc. Antonín Galle

Increasing Efficiency of Inpatient Care in the Czech Republic: ERAS Protocol Adherence in Colorectal Surgery
Bc. Barbora Hrušková

Inflation Targeting vs. Price-Level targeting and their impact on real business
Bc. Robert Vejdělek

Male Attitude and Family Planning Practices in Angola
Bc. Natálie Toulová

Monetary Policy Under Behavioral Expectations: An Empirical Validation of the Heuristic Switching Model
Bc. Sergey Bolshakov
Ocenění DOT Award za vynikající bakalářskou práci.

News and Stock Markets: Abnormal Returns on the US Market
Bc. Ondřej Rosický

Non-Performing Loans – Determinants, the Development over Time and the Impact on Banks and the Real Economy
Bc. Kateřina Kafková

Platová diskriminácia v najlepších európskych futbalových ligách
Bc. Patrícia Migová

Political connections and ruling in public procurement disputes: Are the decisions of the Czech Office for the Protection of Competition politically biased?
Bc. Marie Viktorinová

Political connections, public procurement and small-scale expenditures
Bc. Tomáš Vitvar

Price transmission among biofuels and related commodities
Bc. Peter Kravec

Risk management in commercial banks: housing mortgage loans after the subprime crisis
Bc. Jiayan Zhang

Sector ETF portfolio optimization using differential evolution
Bc. René Holešínský

Significance of different financial ratios in predicting stock returns: NYSE - cross-industry analysis
Bc. Matěj Coufal

Stock-Flow Consistent Macroeconomic Modelling
Bc. Alex Vinogradov
Pochvala ředitele IES FSV UK za vynikající bakalářskou práci.

Tax havens' financial secrecy and its development
Bc. Matej Machil

The Economics of Face Masks: application of VSL’s controversy and GDP’s critique on the case of the Czech face masks sewing initiative and its value estimation
Bc. Markéta Malá

The Gravity Model and Effects of Opening the Northern Sea Route: Industry Level Trade Analysis
Bc. Juyeong Jeong

The Impact of International Sanctions on The Economy of Iran
Bc. Tomáš Kraváček

The Prize Money Distribution in UEFA Champions League
Bc. Šimon Scharf

The Resolution Fund: Is behaviour of the contributing institutions affected by the applied methodology?
Bc. Daniel Hykl

The Risks of Job Automation in the Regions of the Czech Republic
Bc. Jan Suchánek

The Wage Curve and Regional Salary Differentials in the Czech Republic
Bc. Ivan Trubelík

Transport infrastructure and its impact on the economic growth in the EU
Bc. Adam Peterka

Video-Gaming and Adolescent Academic Performance
Bc. Valeriya Simachyova

Wage inequality among young college graduates: Can we find any evidence for reverse gender wage differential?
Bc. Samuel Vrbovský

Website Development as a Credence Good: A Field Experiment
Bc. Šimon Appelt
Ocenění DOT Award za vynikající bakalářskou práci.

Working in Prague but living in Central Bohemian Region, is it financially worth it?
Bc. Lukáš Bíro


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