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Rok: 2020

Determinants of Non-Performing Loans in Eurozone and Non-Eurozone Countries
Mgr. Alisa Rruga

Impact of investors' mood on European stock markets
Mgr. Jaroslav Rosol

The Effects of Different Malaria Prevention Measures: Panel Data Analysis
Bc. Adéla Pavelková

A Meta-Analytic Approach to Gender Pay Gap: A Case of Discrimination?
Mgr. Elizaveta Konstantinova

A simulation based analysis of price elasticity of demand
Bc. Michal Kubišta

Academic Quality or Distance?: Effects of global ranking and geographical distance on academic mobility utilizing gravity and radiation models
Mgr. Šimon Repko

Analysis of the EU - South Korea FTA and its effects on their mutual trade using the gravity model
Mgr. Katarína Vinšová

Anonymous Companies and Public Procurement: Evidence from the Czech Republic
Mgr. Miroslav Jakab

Asset Prices, Network Connectedness, and Risk Premium
Bc. Vendula Procházková

Board Diversity and Firm Performance: Evidence from the Czech Republic
Mgr. Eva Parlásková

Cross-border public procurement
Mgr. Tomáš Ducháček

Cyber risk modelling using copulas
Mgr. Michal Spišiak

Do Central Bank FX Reserves Matter for Inflation?
Mgr. Martin Keblúšek

Do markets believe in austerity? Did they ever believe?
Josef Švéda

Does economic uncertainty spill across countries?
Mgr. Norbert Skákala
Ocenění DOT Award za vynikající diplomovou práci.

Does Language Drive the Crowd? Case of Czech Reward-Based Crowdfunding
Bc. Tereza Hudcová

Earnings Management under Financial Distress Conditions, the Effect of Tax Considerations
Bc. Andrey Britskiy

Economic impact of protectionist measures
Jinliang Wang

Evolution of housing prices and its determinants in CEE
Bc. Jakub Šedivý

Exchange Rate Volatility Effect on Trade Balance in Czech Republic
Mgr. Anastasiia Naletova

Financing Climate Action: The Pricing of Green Bonds and Its Determinants
Mgr. Anna Kortusová
Ocenění DOT Award za vynikající diplomovou práci.

Fiscal policy in real-time: Role of growth surprises
Mgr. Vendula Kulichová

Hedging with interest rate derivatives: Estimation of hedge ratio & hedging effectiveness
Mgr. Marika Ruberry

Impact of Public Health-care Expenditure on economic growth
Mgr. Vijayshekhar Nerva

Improvement of risk adjustment for health insurance companies in the Czech Republic - compensation of costs of patients with renal failure
Mgr. Magdalena Škodová

Is Revenue Management to Meet Earnings Benchmarks Informative?
Mgr. Jan Habětínek

Macroeconomic Uncertainty: An Exogenous Risk in Reinsurance Pricing
Mgr. Zuzana Stehlíková

Marginal Effect of R&D Expenditures on Value of Technology Companies
Mgr. Lukáš Tuček,

Migration and Development: A Meta-Analysis
Mgr. Miroslava Maria Palecek Rodriguez, B.Sc.

Modeling of football matches results and efficient-market hypothesis in sports betting
Mgr. Michael Augustin

Multi-horizon equity returns predictability via machine learning
Mgr. Lenka Nechvátalová

Natural gas in the EU: An empirical study of price determinants in the age of blooming shale gas and LNG exports
Mgr. Zankoo Abbaspour

Performance Ranking of Czech Credit Scoring Models
Mgr. Peter Smolár

Predicting purchasing intent on ecommerce websites
Mgr. Marek Vařeka

Predicting stock market crises using investor sentiment indicators
Mgr. Kateřina Havelková
Ocenění DOT Award za vynikající diplomovou práci.

Price Elasticity of Alcohol Demand: A Meta-Analysis
Mgr. Anita Boško

Price Level Targeting with Imperfect Rationality: A Heuristic Approach
Mgr. Vojtěch Molnár

Public investments and election cycle - microeconomic analysis
Mgr. Adam Duraj

Real estate price modelling with a focus on location attributes
Mgr. Ondřej Charvát

Risks to Financial Stability in the Low Interest Rate Environment and its Housing Market Implications: CE Region Study
Mgr. Elvira Meti

Stock Market Prediction: A Multiclass Classification on Emotions and Sentiment Analysis for Tweets and News Headlines
Mgr. Dejan Lazeski, B.Sc.

The Effect of Exogenous Revenue Shocks on Local Public Spending: The Case of Czech Municipalites
Mgr. Andrea Hrtková

The Effect of M&A on Competitors‘ Performance in China and the US
Mgr. Renáta Wojnarová
Ocenění DOT Award za vynikající diplomovou práci.

The Effects of Electronic Records of Sales: A Synthetic Control Method Analysis
Mgr. Monika Besedová

The future of credit scoring modelling using advanced techniques
Mgr. Jolana Čermáková

The Impact of Economic Development on Asset Poverty: Evidence from Slovakia
Mgr. Petra Lancuchová

The impact of macroeconomic factors on exchange rate volatility in the Czech Republic
Ariola Shahinaj

The Impact of Structural Funds and Cohesion Fund on Convergence: The Case of Slovak Districts
Mgr. Michal Kotrč

The Impact of the EU-South Korea Free Trade Agreement on EU's Exports
Mgr. Kristýna Czakojová

The Stagnation of Productivity in the Czech Republic: Does the Country Suffer from Baumol’s Cost Disease?
Mgr. Jakub Blaha

Volatility and Skewness Spillover Effects: Multiresolution Analysis
Mgr. Ing. Lukáš Frýd

What explains different duration of the Great Recession across countries?
Mgr. Vojtěch Petrů

What is My Car Worth? Hedonic Price Analysis of the German Used Car Market
Mgr. Radka Doležalová

Working capital management in retail
Mgr. Michael Dibon


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