The Year After

What happens to our students after graduation? In this section, we ask a few alumni about their career steps in the first year after their graduation.

September 2020 (cohort of September 2019)

Tadeáš Krejčí has been working as an analyst in the Asset & Liability Management team at Moneta since mid-2019. In this role, he assesses the risks associated with the bank's interest rate and liquidity position, which are closed by Treasury transactions in the event of an excess of risk appetite. During his undergraduate studies, Tadeáš spent one semester at Munich LMU and two years later a semester at Vienna WU. Prior to the latter of the two trips, he worked as a market risk management analyst at his current employer while studying. Currently, Tadeáš is working on completing his qualifications with the CFA exams. The remaining time mostly ends up in jazz piano.

Since graduating from IES, Vojtěch Mišák worked until June 2020 at the startup EquiRadar, where he focused on predicting the sport performance of park horses. Unfortunately, the coronal crisis dealt this business a severe blow from which the company has not recovered. Since October 2020 Vojtěch has been studying at IES as a PhD student and working as a junior researcher. As he was studying at the same time at the IES and at the law school, his dissertation concerns the economic analysis of crime. He has also completed a semester study visit in Coimbra, Portugal and an internship at the European Parliament in 2018.


Patricia Pavlíková currently works at Quintet Private Bankers in Luxembourg, where she joined the graduate programme in autumn 2019. She started working in Luxembourg after completing the winter semester in Strasbourg as part of the CSF double degree programme. During the summer semester, she got an internship at BIL Bank Luxembourg and since she liked it, she decided to stay. Before that, she gained work experience in Prague as a consultant-analyst at Roedl and Partner NG or junior accountant at Edwards Lifesciences. 

June 2020 (cohort of June 2019)


Roman Kalabiška works a year after graduating from the IES as an analyst at the National Budget Council, where he is responsible for fiscal analysis of pension and health care systems and studies of municipal budgets. He also continues with his doctoral studies at IES, leading, among other things, seminars on bachelor's macroeconomics. Immediately after completing his master's degree, he joined ČSOB as a financial analyst in controling, where he was in charge of data preparation for the reports. During his studies at the IES, he spent two semesters abroad, one in Sweden and the other in New Zealand. During his studies, he also worked at APS in accounting, tutored mathematics and also worked as a "buddy" at the International Club UK. In his free time, Roman enjoys family, travel and reading.


 Martin Kopeček works a year after graduating from the IES as an advisor to the Deputy in the Financial Management and Audit Section at the Ministry of Finance. He has been working at the ministry for six years. Prior to that, he worked as a data management Analyst at ČSOB. Martin has won a number of awards for his work with data: 2nd place eGovernment THE BEST 2017 and Otakar Motejl Fund Award for CityVizor, Open in the Open/Closed competition for long-term contribution to open data and 1st place in the European Sharing and Reuse Awards 2017 for Supervisor application. In his free time, he also enjoys time with his group of Scouts, is a member of a rock band and enjoys cycling.

Thibault Parreau currently works as a Business Development Manager at Auto1 Group in Berlin Germany. He started here in October 2019. Before that he managed to pass a traineeship at Comtravo as a Business Development Intern also in Berlin. He was a student of a Master’s double-degree program in corporate strategy and finance with Sciences Po Strasbourg and Charles University in Prague and he finished his Bachelor in French Anger. During his studies at the IES Thibault worked also as a Market Analyst Intern at SAP Concur or Project Financial Analyst at Accenture. In Angers, he also passed an internship in corporate finance at Banque Populaire Atlantique. In his free time Thibault enjoys reading about new technologies, likes cycling and running, cooking and learning new languages (currently he studies German).

February 2020 (cohort of February 2019)

Lucie Častorálová works one year after finishing her master's degree at the IES at EY, as a senior consultant. She works at EY for almost four years, and she focuses mainly on energy. First she joined the company as an intern, later became consultant, now she is senior consultant. She also gained experience in other consulting companies, such as Accenture as an assistant. She also worked as an intern at Cross Masters. Even before studying at the IES, she helped with accounting at Compre. She also passed studies with the Erasmus program in Luxembourg, but also spent a semester at McGill University in Monteral, Canada. In her free time, Lucie enjoys sports and traveling.



One year after completing her master's degree, Emma Haas works at ČSOB in the credit risk modeling department. She started to work at ČSOB in the last year of her master's degree. Emma also continues her doctoral studies at the IES, where she specializes on Financial Economics and Applied Econometrics and works as an assistant professor of Financial Markets lectures. In her free time, she enjoys sports and family.


Thanh-Tu Nguyen is currently the Senior Valuer at Cushman & Wakefield Czech Republic. She has been working there for more than 5 years starting from an entry-level position. She finished her Master’s at IES with a second degree from partner university Sciences Po in Strasbourg thanks to the „double degree“ program. Her valedictorian speech encouraged fellow graduates to “use your power for good” by speaking out for better environmental protection (against the overuse of plastic) and for gender equality (against the pay gap). Previously she graduated from Czech University of Life Sciences with a Rector’s Award as the highest-ranking student. Throughout her studies, she gained work experience not only at C&W but also by being a sales executive at Southwestern Advantage in the U.S., by tutoring students, by joining several tech start-ups, by working for a Vietnamese bank planning to enter the Czech market, etc. She has received a number of scholarships and awards during her studies.
Since 2018 she teaches Real Estate Valuation at European Center for Career Education. She joins the public speaking club Good Morning Toastmasters Prague in 2019. Her free time is devoted to her workplace’s environmental initiative, to AVSE Global’s advisory projects (Association of Vietnamese Scientists and Experts, based in Paris), and to charity fund "Only rice is not enough" fighting against malnutrition of children in Vietnam’s mountainous areas. When she has some time off she likes meeting friends and inspiring people, practicing aikido, sightseeing, and trying more ways to achieve zero-waste lifestyle.



 One year after graduating from the IES, Martin Stárek works as a data analyst at the media company GroupM. He focuses on optimizing online advertising campaigns. Both of his theses, bachelor's and master's, were generally about improving methodologies for working with data, and he continues to do so in this work. He was offered the position after spending a year as a Research Specialist at GroupM's subsidiary, Mindshare. Among other things, he developed tools for the automatic processing of marketing data. He joined Mindshare immediately after finishing his master's thesis as the first full-time position. In his free time, he travels and learns new technologies.

September 2019 (cohort of September 2018)

Šárka Křížková joined Deloitte Advisory as an Intern in Consulting at the last year at the IES, and she started in the Finance Transformation team. After finishing her studies, she continued with the same team as Consultant (Business Analyst) and that has not changed her position since then. Prior to that, she worked for more than a year as a collection inspector at VZP, and she got this job after the period at a trainee position. In addition, Šárka attended University of Politecnica delle Marche for a semester during her master’s studies in Italy, and she spent another semester in Italy at the University of Padua during her bachelo's degree. In addition, Šárka managed to work as a volunteer in a group helping people with autism, or as a “buddy” at the International Club of Charles University.


Marek Lipán works as a Data Scientist at DataSentics one year after graduating from the IES. There he focuses mainly on computer vision and deep learning projects. He has been focusing on these areas already during his studies. He received Deloitte Outstanding Thesis Award for his master thesis Artificial Prediction Markets, Forecast Combinations and Classical Time Series. He has worked for almost three years as a Credit risk analyst at Komerční banka during his studies. Prior to his studies at the IES, he spent a year at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University, studying general mathematics. Marek likes to spend his free time in the company of his friends by for example sports and playing board games.

After her graduation, Daniela Moisei started an internship at the European Commission. During 5 months, she assisted the team responsible for finance, budget and controls within DG SANTE (Health and Food Safety) in the internal control process. As a result of this experience, she got the opportunity to continue working as Internal Audit Assistant in the same team. At the moment, she is responsible for the design, coordination and reporting on the internal control action plan in DG SANTE, and for the cooperation with the Court of Auditors. She is also involved in the ex-post control missions, checking the good implementation of the Health and Food safety programs in the EU Member States. Daniela started her working experience already during her studies, at ADP in Prague as a payroll and tax associate, and in 2017, she passed another internship at the Council of Europe, in the Treasury and Revenue section. Before her studies at the IES, she gained another Masters from the Academy of Economic Studies in Moldova. Daniela worked at this time as a trainee in the Department of Foreign Exchange Operations and External Relations at the National Bank of Moldova. Besides that, she was also a radio presenter for more than 4 years at Radio Moldova. In her free time, Daniela likes travelling, reading, swimming and dancing.


Borche Rolevski moved to the USA before he finished his Master studies at the IES and while working on his thesis he was employed by a Fintech company Broadrige in Boston. He has worked there since December 2017 as a Senior Business Analyst. As part of the Capital Markets team Borche works on a software implementation projects for global financial institutions where the knowledge gained during the studies at IES is greatly utilized. While studying in Prague, he also gained experience at DXC Technology (formerly known as CSC), as Inter-company accountant. Before the MEF studies at the IES, Borche obtained his Bachelor at the Faculty of Economics – Skopje, University Ss. Cyril and Methodius. Borche loves skiing, enjoys running and sometimes practice yoga.


One year after graduating from the IES, Michal Topinka worked as a portfolio manager at TRZ Funds in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He started to work at this position after a trainee position in the same company, where he began immediately after graduating. Along with the IES, he completed a one-year master's degree at the University of Amsterdam. Prior to that, he worked as a data analyst at the BNP Paribas office in Prague, or he did an internship at Microsoft. During his master’s studies he spent one semester as an exchange student at Peking University HSBC Business School and with the Erasmus program one semester at Université Paris-Dauphine. In his free time, Michal enjoys sports, reading and travelling.

June 2019 (cohort of June 2018)

One year after finishing his studies at the IES Pavel Fišer works at MSD. He joined the company during his studies, initially working as an Intern – at first as a reporting support in Project Management, later as a Data Scientist. After his graduation he was hired for full time position as a Data Scientist. He is currently co-operating with American team focusing on Modeling and Simulation in vaccine development process. He is developing method for more accurate estimation of vaccine efficacy which contributes to faster and more effective vaccine development which eventually speed up the drug delivery to the market. In addition, Pavel in cooperation with Jožo Baruník wrote the publication "Co-jumping of treasury yield curve rates" this year. In his free time Pavel enjoys climbing, squash, mountain biking and travelling.


Gladiola Gjuzi currently works as a Portfolio Manager Junior at Asset Management Department in J&T Banka. During her studies she have been pursuing a few internships e.g. at BKT - Banka Kombetare Tregtare in Albania, at Bank Asya, in Turkey and from her point of view the most valuable one, in Central Bank of Albania at Internal Audit Department. Then when coming to her Czech studies she started to work firstly as a General Ledger Accountant and then as a Pricing Analyst in DXC Technology in Prague. In her free time she volunteers for CFA Czech Republic Society.After her graduation she decided to continue living and working in Prague. Before the IES, Gladiola attended Epoka University in Albania, where she gained her Bachelor degree. In her free time she enjoys hiking in nature, reading, dancing and spending time with family and friends.

Petr Hanzlík studies his PhD at the IES and students can meet him as a teaching assistant of Financial Economics, Banking or Banking and Financial Regulation. He also works at ČSOB in the Group Controlling and Investor Relations department, where he is responsible for preparing quarterly presentation of the bank's financial results, prepares parts of yearly reports, and is responsible for completing and publishing information according to the directives. He has been working in this position since August 2018. Before that, he worked for a year as a part-time employee in the Retail Controlling department, where he worked in the Group Client project in the field of retail client portfolio reporting. In his free time, Petr likes to relax on walks in the countryside, or at least through the parks of Prague, and he also enjoys learning and developing his knowledge and skills in banking, or enjoys precious moments with his four nephews.

Robert Kaplan has been working since the beginning of 2019 as a Senior Consultant in the London-Prague based team of EY, which specializes in corporate financial restructuring. He seeks heavily indebted European companies with a debt in the amount of at least hundred million euros and tries to find a solution for them in the form of a long-term sustainable capital structure, which he then negotiates and implements. Prior to this position he spent two and a half years in the Business Recovery team of PwC, working on well-known operational restructurings and insolvencies in the Czech Republic. While studying, he did a one year internship at Wood & Company as an equity analyst. During his master's degree Robert spent one semester at Higher School of Economics in Moscow and one at Panthéon-Sorbonne in Paris. In the meantime, he has passed two CFA exams. Robert does not have much spare time, but when he does, he is doing sports or participates in military training of Czech Army Active Reserves of the 43rd Airborne Battalion during his annual leave three to four weeks a year.

February 2019 (cohort of February 2018)

Amálka Počarovská currently works as an Advisor to the Deputy Minister for Finance and Audit at the Ministry of Finance. She has worked at the Ministry for the five years and until February worked in Brussels in the European Commission, where she was nominated by the Ministry within the framework of the National Experts in Professional Training program. She focused on public procurement and the indication of fraud and corruption. She previously worked at the Department of Central Harmonisation Unit at the Ministry. After her graduation, she started to actively participate in civil society of Prague 1, where she co-founded the Prague Independent Candidates Association Praha 1 Sobě and was responsible for the election campaign. They were successful in autumn communal elections in Prague 1 and Amálka became the Representative in November 2018. She was appointed chairman of the Finance Committee, which opposes the municipal budget of nearly a billion. In her free time she is keen into the local politics, likes organising parties and cooking.

Lenka Röhryová is co-founder of a digital health startup Vitadio, which digitize therapeutic care for diabetes patients. In Germany, they have recently been accepted as one of the 5 European companies for the softlanding in the German market. Lenka had previously worked at Mylan and Abbott as an analyst and spent about one year at each position while studying. Previously, she also taught mathematics and English while studying. In addition to her Master at the IES, Lenka studied at Rotterdam School of Management, where she also reached Master's degree. In her free time, Lenka likes climbing, hiking and playing piano.


Jan Šíla is working at a machine learning startup SmartEE where he is developing a computer vision application called Searpent, which identifies frauds in the car insurance industry. At the same time, he is working at another startup called Soulution. He is the Lead developer, and a Co-founder, of this software boutique. Under the supervision of Ladislav Krištoufek, he is also studying PhD at the IES. During his previous studies he was a freelancer, working on several projects together with He also worked for a year as a junior financial analyst at Roklen Fin. In addition to a master's degree from the IES, he gained a master's degree from financial mathematics from Leicester University. He also tutored mathematics during his studies there. Honza likes to play ice hockey or follow Ido Portal Method exercises under Petr Ruzicka.


Jaromír Šimáně currently works at KBC Bank in Brussels in the Treasury Department. He is responsible for the valuation of loans and borrowings, the financial risks of the bank; and when the position is not perfect, he buys the necessary financial instruments. Before that Jaromír worked at ČSOB on a similar position. During his studies he spent a semester at Umeå University and taught statistics for sociologists at the Institute of Sociological Studies at Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University. In addition to working at KBC Bank, he occasionally teaches ALM management in Antwerp and Hasselt. Jaromír continues his education preparing for CFA exams. In his spare time, he enjoys mountain biking, hiking and other outdoor activities.



A year after graduating from the IES, Josef Záhlava is working as a Scoring and Risk Management Analyst at Moneta. He is responsible for all lifetime phases of scoring models. Besides that, he participates in development of other risk management models. At the same time he lectures at the FSS subjects such as Introductory Statistics and Introduction to Logic and Mathematics. He has started working at both positions during his studies at the IES. Josef previously worked as a Data Scientist at ČSOB. He also passed an internship in Česká spořitelna and worked as a Data Analyst at MSD and During his master's studies he spent a semester at the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain. In his free time Josef plays the piano and he likes sports, especially football.


September 2018 (cohort of September 2017)

Arun Derunduli comes from India and graduated from Bachelor's Degree at Amity University. Then he decided to get Master's degree in the Czech Republic. Currently, Arun continues his studies at IES in PhD programme while working. During his studies, he has gained work experience as a volunteer at Make a Difference and as a Summer Intern at Hyderabad at the Center for Economic and Sociological Studies. In January 2018, he began his working career at SAP as a Finance Operation Associate. He is joining Moody's as an Associate Economist in February.



Dominika Kolcunová works one year after finishing her studies at the IES at the CNB as a Junior Research Specialist, where she focuses on applied research in the financial stability. At the same time, she continues her PhD studies under the supervision of doc. Tomáš Havránek, where she focuses on meta-analysis and also teaches Macroeconomics and Advanced Data Analysis in MS Excel at the Bachelor's degree. She presented her research at conferences in Melbourne, Barcelona and Rome. During her studies, Dominika spent a semester in Spain at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. She started with her work experience as a trainee at Controlling department at Raiffeisenbank. Her diploma thesis was awarded with the Karel Englis Prize by the Czech Economic Society for the best paper related to Czech economic policy. In her free time, she likes hiking in mountains, traveling and dancing.


Tomáš Juchelka graduated from the IES in September 2017, but started his first work experience at high school. Starting with Komercni banka's investment banking internships, through analyst work at company VICF, he continued into the fines of the launch of Roklen, where he participated in the foundation and development of the equity-crowdfunding platform In the last year of his Master's degree he founded Bohemian Technologies, which is engaged in the development and implementation of technology solutions to financial institutions. The main products of Bohemian Technologies include, for example, RoboAdvisory, a technology platform that algorithms automate asset management for retail investors. With this technology, banks can offer discrete asset management, which was previously only available to affluent clients, to a wide range of clients with very low minimum investment. In his spare time Tomáš does the sports, reads and rides his motorbike.



June 2018 (cohort of June 2017)

Václav Brož is currently working at Czech National Bank. He started to work there already in the last semester of his Master's on a junior position of a Researcher in the Financial Stability Section. Recently he became an Analyst and focuses on macro prudential policy. Václav also studies his first year of doctoral studies at the IES and he teaches macroeconomics and financial markets here. Since 2016 he has been a Research Assistant to Professor Evžen Kočenda. In addition to the IES, Václav passed a semester at the University of Amsterdam and also worked at the state Export Guarantee and Insurance Corporation EGAP. As a student he volunteered at a consultancy position at 180 Degrees Consulting. Václav also won the first place in the Bachelor Thesis category of the Energy Economics Contest 2015. In his spare time, he likes cycling and jogging, following films and music trends, or is interested in current political and social events.


Edita Ďurovčíková joined KPMG a few months after finishing her IES studies. She works there at the position of a Business Analyst in Risk Consulting. Prior to that, she gained experience, for example, as a Junior Financial Analyst at Raiffeisenbank or as a research assistant for PhD students at the IES. She was also a member of a student project team at Rolland and Berger Strategy Consultants. Moreover, Edita passed a study stay in Belgium at the Ichec Brussels Management School. In her spare time, Edita likes to sing, she has even attended a popular singing course at the Prague Conservatoire. She also likes German and Spanish language and traveling.


Aleksa Radosavčević comes from Serbia and he started his studies at the IES after graduating at the Faculty of Economics, University of Kragujevac. During and after his graduation at the IES, Aleksa spent over two years working for a Swiss based fintech start-up Fundbase. His position was Hedge Fund Quant Analyst, while his main task was navigating development of AI guided portfolio construction and risk management tools, by implementing large portion of his MA thesis research. A year after finishing his studies at the IES, Aleksa was hired by London based start-up - causaLens for the position Quantitative Researcher, where he started to work this June. He aims to help the company to build an automated machine learning tool for time series predictions, while he will focus on client models development. In 2011 Aleksa spent one year in Ljubljana, Slovenia where he was part of the Erasmus exchange program. Aleksa uses his free time for visiting family and friends, doing sports and having fun.


Petr Kupka currently works as an Assistant in the audit department at the PricewaterhouseCoopers AG in canton Zug, Switzerland. He started on this position in October 2017. Before that,he had worked for six months as an audit trainee at PwC Deutschland in Munich. In Munich, he has also passed a three-month internship in Strategic Controlling department at Westwing Home & Living. At PwC he also worked in the Czech Republic, as a trainee also focused on audit issues. During his bachelor studies at the IES, Petr began to gain experience as a trainee at Makro Cash & Carry CR. During his masters he moved to Netherland, where he spent one semester under the Erasmus program at the University of Amsterdam. Among Peter's achievements is the final round in KPMG International Case Competition Czech Republic. In his free time Peter plays football, does mountain biking or improves German with his friends while enjoying a glass of beer.


Tomáš Václavíček currently works in Brussels as a Financial Economist at DG FISMA at European Commission. He focuses on the analysis of economic data for impact assessment of proposals within the Capital Markets Union project. Before that he worked as a Business Analyst at McKinsey or as an Intern at Strategic Department of CSOB. He joined the European Commission thanks to passing the Blue Book traineeship in DG FISMA at EC. Besides the IES studies Tomáš graduated from the University of Economics in Prague. He also passed a study stay at the City University of Hong Kong. Tomáš represented Charles University in an international round of the CFA Research Challenge competition and his team won the competition SolveIt organized by McKinsey. In his free time, Tomáš is interested in photography and visiting exotic places like Mexico, Egypt or India. He visited all these mentioned thanks to his volunteer activity for the student organization AISEC.


 February 2018 (cohort of February 2017)

Valeri Covalenco currently works at UPS. Valeriu comes from Moldova, where he completed his Bachelor’s studies. Then he continued his studies at the IES. Right after the graduation at the IES Valeri started to work at Atlas Copco as an Accountant, however from this January (2018) he moved to UPS to the position of Financial Analyst. During his studies, he gained experience at CSC as an Accounting Professional, did an Internship at AISEC in Milan, Italy, and at EVM Consulting as a Finance department coordinator in Chisinau, Moldova. In his free time, Valeri enjoys volleyball and board games.

Michal Palas continues with his studies one year after finishing the IES. He is a PhD student at the Vienna Graduate School of Economics, which is part of the University of Vienna. At the same university, Michal is employed as pre-Doc. In his research, Michal focuses on macroeconomic theory, business cycle, and mainly on the role of uncertainty and confidence. Michal spends his leisure time mainly doing sports. While studying at IES he worked as a volleyball coach.


Karel Pfeffer works as a Corporate Sales Finance Manager for the Central Europe at Procter & Gamble, the world's largest fast-moving consumer company. He is responsible for the process of approving investments and introducing automatisation and development of business intelligence solutions. He joined P&G during his studies as Sales Finance trainee. Previously, he worked as a Junior researcher in Millward Brown or in the non-profit organization People in Need as Finance Desk Officer for Syria and Iraq. Karel passed a study stay at the Ludwig Maximillians University in Munich. He also had the opportunity to travel to India where he conducted his research focusing on behavioral economics. In his free time, he does the triathlon and trains with the Etriatlon racing team.

Petr Pařízek works one year after graduating from the IES at the Boston Consulting Group as an Associate. He joined the company after the end of his studies and he focuses mainly on the area of technologies and digitalizatios. In BCG, he also passed an internship as a Visiting Associate. Besides he works at his own company – software start-up in the area of HR management and shift scheduling. During his IES studies, Petr also passed a study stay at the London Metropolitan University in the UK.
Petr travels a lot, both related and not-related to his work (in the last year he visited 12 countries) and he enjoys his free time by playing the guitar and doing sports – skiing, kayak, tennis, gym and swimming.


Jana Urbankova works one year after graduating from IES at the Czech National Bank, where she works as a portfolio manager in the Foreign Reserve Management Division. During her studies she worked as a macroeconomic analyst at Česká spořitelna and also completed a six-month internship at the European Central Bank. As a trainee she also worked for Eduard Kozušník, Member of the European Parliament. In addition to IES, he also earned a Master's degree in Financial Econometrics at the University of Amsterdam and also completed an Erasmus study stay at the university of Belgian Leuven. In her spare time, Jan likes hiking, yoga or jogging in nature.


Septembert 2017 (cohort of September 2016)

Jan Hubík works one year after graduating from the IES as a freelance Blockchain Expert and Data Scientist. He focuses on potential use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies for financial and insurance sectors. Another area of his interest is the use of neural networks for artificial inteligence. Jan has devoted himself to these topics early during his studies. He is a Supervisory Board member of the non-profit organization Paralelní Polis, where he currently represents the Institute of Cryptoanarchy. As a technological enthusiast, he is one of the first people in the Czech Republic to have an implanted chip under his skin. Jan also participated for 3 years in a research as a Physicist at the Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics at CTU. Jan graduated from his bachelor studies at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, and in addition to the IES, he also finished MBA at City University of Seattle. In his free time he likes travelling, photography, swimming and skiing.

A year after finishing his studies at IES, Nicholas Tyack is beginning his second year of Ph.D. studies in Development Economics at the Graduate Institute in Geneva, Switzerland. Nicholas grew up in Massachusetts in the U.S., and graduated in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Pomona College (in California) prior to his Masters in Prague. After graduating from Pomona, Nicholas became a researcher with the Global Crop Diversity Trust in Rome, Italy for a year through the Fulbright program. After his return to the USA in 2012, Nicholas worked as a Research Analyst at Industrial Economics, a Boston-area environmental consulting firm, which helped to determine the direction of his further education. Two years later, in 2014, Nicholas began his studies at Charles University, at the IES, where he successfully finished and defended his Master’s thesis research on the economic value of Czech crop diversity last year under the guidance of Mgr. Milan Ščasný PhD., and smoothly continued to his doctoral studies in Geneva. In his free time Nicholas likes to hike and canoe.


Jana Tůmová currently works at Deloitte as an Associate in the team of valuation and financial modeling, where, besides the valuation of "classical" companies, she concentrates on property valuation and start-ups. Jana joined Deloitte in October 2016. Before that, she worked for a short time in Corporate Finance at Česká spořitelna and previously for more than 3 years at RSJ Investments. Thanks to the Erasmus program, she spent half a year in Denmark at the University of Aarhus. She also participated in the Smart deal competition in the Real Estate section of Penta. In her spare time, she enjoys sports. She does the jogging several times a week, likes swimming and surfing. When studying, she was also doing the ultimate frisbee, but unfortunately there is no time left for this activity the last two years.

One year after graduation, Marek Hauzr works at Wood & Company as an Equity Research Analyst. It means that he discovers what is happening on the stock exchange and suggests algorithms that are then automatically traded. He also continues his IES studies as a PhD student, wherehe focuses on Predictions by neural networks in finance and energy markets. Marek gained experience already during his studies, passed an internship in CzechTraduate, worked as a freelancer as a PHP tester or as an Analyst of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic and as an Analyst at Czech Post in its ICT Services branch. In his spare time, Marek does everything he does not do because of workload. He likes drinking beer with his friends, cooking (sometimes beer), procrastinating, reading papers, going to pub quizzes, reconstructing his house, or wandering around the forest.


Vít Macháček is currently working as a Macroeconomic Analyst at Česká spořitelna. He worked there already when studying, as an EU office Analyst focusing on enterprise environment in individual countries of European Union, later as a Junior Structured Finance Analyst, he provided Salesmen's support for calculating different kinds of financial derivatives. Since2015, he has been also a Junior Researcher of a think–tank at CERGE-EI. He is engaged in an in-depth analysis of the Czech innovation environment. Vít graduated with Bachelor´s degree from VŠE, continued at the IES with his master's studies and currently he is starting his doktoral studies at CERGE-EI. In his free time he enjoys music, social life or hiking.


June 2017 (cohort of June 2016)

Kryštof Černý

Kryštof Černý works at Barclays in the local Prague's office. Nevertheles, he started to work in the banking sector earlier. While working on his master's thesis Kryštof started working in Česká spořitelna in market risk management department where he worked on developing models for Value at Risk as well as risk management for the investment company of Česká spořitelna. Later on he became responsible for development of interest rate risk models for the bank and Stavebni sporitelna due to new regulatory demands. He also participated in adopting a new model for capital charges calculation for Erste Group. In October 2017 Kryštof started a new job in Barclays in the local Prague's office as a business analyst focusing on development of an internal software providing market and static data for market risk calculations. Thanks to the Erasmus program he had a great time studying at the Jönköping University in Sweden for one semester. In his free time he likes to go out and have fun, travel and has a passion for brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Jiří Dopita

Jiří Dopita works as an investment analyst at Verdi Capital, which manages its clients’portfolios at financial markets. He joined this company immediately after the final exams at the IES. He previously worked as an investment analyst at AKKON Capital or as a consultant at 180 Degrees Consulting, non-profit student-driven consultancy. He also participated in organization of activities of Investor‘s Club (Klub investorů). During his studies Jiří spent a semester abroad, in Finland at Hanken Svenska handelshögskolan and passed the level 1 of CFA program.
He spends much of his spare time doing some sport, he is still a registered player at the national level, playing tennis in a Northern Moravian division, for Olomouc. He enjoys reading good books or going to the cinema. As a former member of Investor‘s Club, he also participates in various events organized by the Club.

Mimi Hoxha

A year after finishing her studies at the IES Mimi Hoxha works in Chicago (USA) as an Accountant at AVANT COMMUNICATIONS – a leader company in channel sales enablement of next generation IT technologies. Mimi comes from Albania, where she started her academic career. She gained her bachelor degree in Economics and a double major in Banking and Finance at Epoka University in Tirana, Albania. After that she continued her master studies at IES as a Czech Government Scholarship winner, where she reached her Master of Science title in June 2016. During her master studies she also started to work as an Accounting Specialist at Computer Science Corporation Prague. Prior to that, she completed a one-month Internship at Bank Asya in Istanbul as well as engaged herself in several youth volunteering activities. She dedicates her free time mainly to outdoor activities, particularly to hiking and bicycling. She also likes reading, tasting new food, discovering new exotic places and experiencing them as a local. Her favorite quote is: “In a world where you can be anything, be kind (Rumi)”

Tomáš Klepetko

Tomáš Klepetko started to work full time shortly after completing the IES at Komerční banka as a Custody specialist. In this department, he worked part –time during his last year of his studies and learned how capital enforcement is being executed on securities and, in general, what the bank must do to manage securities. However, the work was too monotonous and automatic, so in September, he joined ČSOB ans started to work at the credit risk management department, where he remains until now and he is very satisfied. His main task is to report risk indicators of the portfolio of small and medium-sized companies and recently he started also with the stress-testing of the mortgage portfolio.  In his free time, he likes to play street hockey in Kladno district league and to go hiking or simply walking in some beautiful countryside with his girlfriend Veronika.

Michal Šoltés

After completing his studies at the IES, Michal returned to CERGE-EI, where he studied in the Visiting Master’s Scheme and is currently pursuing his PhD. At CERGE-EI, he has assisted in a project aimed at introducing applied economics to talented high school students and has led a research project as a tutor. He also actively participates in the platform, which deals with current economic issues. With a number of former IES classmates, Michal set up the project, which helps disseminate interesting economic ideas among the wider public. At the end of last year, Michal successfully participated in economic competitions New Economic Talent and Young Economist of the Year, where he took the second and the third place, respectively. At the moment, he is also the Chief Economist at the Roklen Financial Group. Together with colleagues from the academic environment and with a contribution from the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic, Michal is preparing a project that analyses penalties imposed by the Czech justice system. During his studies at IES, Michal undertook a number of study stays abroad. He spent a semester at the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics thanks to the Erasmus program, later another one at Peking University HSBC Business School in Shenzhen, and finally one semester in Spain at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. In his spare time Michal likes to read, sport and enjoy good food.

February 2017 (cohort of February 2016)

Marija Alferovičová

Marija Alferovičová currently works at Ipsos Czech Republic at the position of Research Executive. In this position, Marija implements various marketing researches; she is in charge of the preparation and processing of researches including subsequent analysis and prepares the final presentation to the client. Marija gained work experience during her studies. She did an internship at the creative company Loosers, worked in an administrative position in one of the leading law companies in the Czech Republic, White & Case, and also repeatedly participated in organization of music festivals “Dvorakova Praha” and “Struny podzimu”. Thanks to the Erasmus program Marija spent a semester abroad at EM Strasbourg Business School in France. Marija also volunteered for AISEC and that conducted her to Taiwan, where she has worked for two months as a teacher of English in Shuang Wen Junior High School. In her spare time she likes to go to gym, works out or dances reggaeton, and she also studies the basics of Chinese.

Petr Horák

A year after the graduation at the IES Petr Horak works at the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic. He focuses on the evaluation of the impact of public interventions in the field of research, development and innovation. Petr cooperates with CERGE-EI and pursues his doctoral studies at the Faculty of Science at the Department of Social Geography. He is also involved in other evaluation projects for public sector, e.g. for the Ministry of Regional Development – National Coordination Authority, the Ministry of Education, or the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. During his studies he was an active member in a number of student clubs, such as Club 307, Prague Banking Club and Rethinking economics. Although these activities were not determining for his career, thanks to this he revealed a wide range of economic topics and their application in practice. His hobbies are history, philosophy of science and the potential impact of new technologies on the social structure of society. A month after graduation, Petr’s first son was born, and a year after he and his wife are expecting another baby to be born. This is the reason why Petr spends most of his free time with his family.

Tran Quang Tuan

Already during his studies at IES Tuan worked as Credit Risk Portfolio Analyst at Komercni banka, where he was responsible for statistical monitoring and backtesting of PD model. Right before the end of the school his agenda at KB increased also by the validation of PD models for the Small Business segment and he was also responsible for this segment. Since September 2016 Tuan works in Moneta Money Bank at a position of Risk Scoring Analyst, where he oversees the development of statistical PD, LGD and Cure Rate models and is also responsible for the implementation of his models into the business. While studying at IES Tuan also passed a study stay at the University of Konstanz, and for almost three years he also worked as a financial analyst at BIC Plzen. In his free time he mainly reads, cooks or he likes travelling. He used to engage in clubs supporting the Vietnamese-Czech relations, however recent workload does not allow him to get involve as much as he would wish. Nevertheless tThis year he is planning a trip to Vietnam and Laos. 

September 2016 (cohort of September 2015)

Anton Astakhov

Anton Astakhov works a year after graduation from the IES at Deloitte Central Europe at Financial Advisory Services department as an Associate in Valuation and Financial Modelling team. He has worked here since this summer. Also he continues to study, doing doctoral studies at the IES. He began to work full time a month before the end of his Master´s at ExxonMobil Business Support Center Czechia as a Quality Assurance Analyst at Accounts Payable department. Before that he spent one semester at the University of Zurich thanks to Erasmus program. Anton was actively involved in various student competitions such as BCG Strategy Cup, CFA Research Challenge, KPMG International Case Competition or Credit Suisse HOLT Valuation Challenge, the last-mentioned competition he received an awards for good performance. He did his Bachelor studies at Donbas State Technical Engineering Academy. In his free time Anton likes reading science fiction, nonfiction and classical literature, attending jazz and classical music concerts, doing some "light hiking", going to swimming pool, and traveling for historical sights across Europe.

Aleš Bělohradský

Aleš Bělohradský currently works at the Ministry of Finance. Aleš finished another master degree at the same time as the IES, he gained MSc at Universiteit Utrecht, in the field of Globalisation and Development. Aleš started to participate on research when studying his Master, he worked as the research assistant. He continues with the research in his doctoral studies at the Faculty of Science, CU. In his research he combines the Geography and Economics. He is working as an Analyst at the Ministry of Finance in the Economic modeling unit. Aleš spends his free time in the mountains as much as possible. Here, he does hiking, climbing or cross country-skiing. Besides that he is an active member of Czech Scout, he participates on the training of scoutmasters or he prepares some events for young members.

Filip Fraňo

Filip Fraňo started to work at EY even before the end of his studies and a year after that he remains in the company. As a senior consultant in the Financial Advisory Services he works predominantly with clients from the banking sector and he helps them in the areas of financial risk management, valuation of derivatives and fixed income instruments, asset and liability management (ALM) or regulation of the banking sector. Prior to joining EY, Filip did an internship at KPMG in the Audit department. He also worked for a few months at Atradius Credit Insurance as the Credit Underwriting Support. During his Master's degree at IES Filip spent a semester at the University of Aarhus. In his free time, Filip enjoys traveling, running and playing beach volleyball, but he also likes books and movies. 

Tomáš Kvasnička

A year after the graduation at the IES Tomáš Kvasnička works in Switzerland at UBS as the Risk Modeling and Analytics Specialist. In addition to the Master´s at the IES, he is about to finish another Master's degree at the ETH university in Zurich and that determinated his career. During his studies, he joined UBS in Zurich as a Stress Methodology Intern. From there he proceeded smoothly to the current position. He gained some experience even during his studies at the IES, a few months he worked at IBM as a Junior Fraud Management Consultant or at UPS as an Assistant Accountant. He also studied one semester at the London Metropolitan University, and he attended summer school at the University of Copenhagen. In his spare time, he mostly sports, he enjoys running, this year he ran a mountain marathon in Davos. He used to play golf, but now there's not much time.

Ladislav Tůma

A year after his graduation at the IES Ladislav Tůma lives in Luxemburg, where he works as the OTC Derivatives Specialist at State Street. He started to work there right after finishing his studies. Before that Ladislav also spent five months on an internship in Luxemburg at the European Investment Banking. He also passed a study stay at the Università di Bologna.He gained some of his working experience even before, as the Valuation and Business Modelling Intern at EY and even before that as a Student Analyst at Deloitte Czech Republic. When doing his Bachelor degree, he worked at NET4GAS as an HR Assistant. Ladislav did not study just IES even during this time. At the same time, he finished the Bachelor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University. In his free time, Ladislav likes to do sport and he studies foreign languages. He improves his knowledge of French, German and Italian.

June 2016 (cohort of June 2015)

Vědunka Kopečná

A year after finishing her studies at the IES Vědunka Kopečná works at RWE Energie as an Analyst. She is responsible for the Portfolio Management of Gas Slovakia. Besides her job, she is working on her PhD. at the IES and she is a Member of the Center for Doctoral Studies IES FSV UK, where she serves as a Dissertation defense coordinator. At the time of finishing her master studies, Vědunka was working for more then one year at the Fund of Further Education as a Specialist – Evaluator/Statistician. She left this position in February 2016. Even during her master studies she spent several months at the Ministry of Finance as a Data Analyst and before that as an Audit and Data analyst intern at the same Ministry/place. She finished her bachelor studies at the University of Economics in Prague and she gained there the Bachelor’s degree in Finance. In case Vědunka has some free time, she likes to go hiking, running or cycling.

Josef Obořil

A year after the graduation at the IES, Josef Obořil works at the company Siemens as a Specialist RDC. He is responsible for reporting and controlling activities for Siemens Mobility division in Germany, for creating regular as well as ad-hoc reports and analyses, and other activities. He works here now for almost 6 months. Right after the graduation, Josef became a Junior Manager at Škoda Transportation. Until that time, for almost four years, Josef was working as a Research Analyst at McKinsey & Company. Even before that, during his Bachelor studies, Josef spent two years as an Insurance Department Officer at ČSOB Leasing. In his free time Josef sports very often. He likes jogging, cycling, or roller skating. He enjoys also travelling and spending time with his girlfriend.

Marina Gorobețchi

Marina Gorobețchi currently works in Lithuania as a Research Analyst in Euromonitor International. She is responsible for updating and developing sections of new and existing data sets and reports for the FMCG industries covered. In this position, she has been only for couple of months. After finishing her studies at the IES in June 2015, Marina started to work for European Operational Center of Western Union, as a KYC AML Compliance Analyst. She was planning and coordinating the operational activities of the organization to guarantee compliance with governmental regulations and ordinances. In the last months of her master studies, Marina served as a Project Manager at IC Energy in Prague. Before the IES studies, Marina gained her Bachelor Degree in World Economy and International Economic Relations at the Moldovan State Institute of International Relations. Even during this time she experienced an internship at National Anticorruption Center of Moldova. In her free time Marina does lots of sports, cooking different cuisine dishes and traveling all around the world.

February 2016 (cohort of February 2015)

Lenka Líšková 

Lenka Líšková is currently living in London, working at Deloitte as a Senior Associate in Tax. She graduated from her Masters at IES in February 2015 and even at that time she was working at Deloitte, Czech Republic. Lenka was in fact working in the Prague office as a Tax Consultant during most of her Masters studies at IES. Before starting her studies at IES, Lenka spent few months studying at the IÉSEG School of Management in Paris. Lenka completed her Bachelor studies at Masaryk University in Brno, where she majored in Finance and Law. In her free time, Lenka likes to explore the streets of London and travelling. She is a ‘foodie’, who loves to discover new places, as well as cooking herself. Lenka also enjoys running and other sports.

Zdeněk Polák

A year after finishing his studies at the IES, Zdeněk Polák works in the real estate advisory company CBRE as an Investment Analyst. He started to work at CBRE even during his studies thanks to the participation in the final round of competition Property Challenge His future steps were also formed by the Real Estate Investment course taught at the IES.. He gained some experience at the department of forensic services at PwC and at the department of Research & Information at McKinsey & Company. As an exchange student he spent one semester in Budapest. Zděněk spends most of his free time doing some sport mostly ultimate frisbee, squash or cycling.

Barbora Malinská

Barbora Malinská works currently in the company RSJ Private Equity at the position of an Investment Analyst. Meanwhile, she still studies the PhD program at the IES. In winter 2015 she also participated at the Energy Economics Contest. Together with the co-autor Josef Baruník, Barbora won the competition with the paper, Forecasting the term structure of crude oil futures prices with neural network. Already during her master studies Barbora was working as an Advisory Intern at the PwC. In her free time, if there is some left, Barbora likes traveling, skiing and swimming.

September 2015 (cohort of September 2014)

Petra Kučová

Petra Kučová started to work right after finishing the IES as a Junior Analyst at the company Advance Healthcare Management Consulting. She has stayed there until now. At the IES Petra graduated from the program European Economic Integration and Economic Policy. Petra was interested in the health economics and that is why she focused on it in her master thesis as well. She worked during her studies at GfK Czech, where she mainly did the administrative support. She also had a study stay thanks to the exchange program within the Erasmus framework. She spent a semester in Spain at Universidad de Vigo. Petra likes to spend her free time by doing sport, mainly volleyball and cycling. Also she likes to relax with cultural activities, particularly going to the theatre and playing board games.

Pavel Moraru

Pavel Moraru comes from Moldova. After finishing his studies at the IES, he came back to his home, Chisinau, where he had previously co-founded a company called Spark Research Labs. The company focuses on business consultancy and development of software solutions. Pavel can therefore apply the knowledge gained at the IES(mainly econometrics, data mining and statistical analysis) on a daily basis now. Before studying at Charles University, Pavel obtained his bachelor degree at the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova in Chisinau, and he got several certificates, one of them e.g. at the Czech Life Science University of Prague. Pavel gained professional experience during various internships. He volunteered for AIESEC, worked as a Project Coordinator at Business Arena-Student Management Championship or as an Insurance Consultant at Omnis Insurance Broker. During his studies in Prague, Pavel worked partially as a Consultant at the company ProEra in Modova. In 2013 he co-founded the company Spark Research Labs, where he has worked up tp now. In his free time, he likes astronomy, rally sports, and social sciences.

Ondřej Sezemský

Ondřej Sezemský finished his studies at the IES in 2014. The following year he moved to Singapore where he works and lives for a local importer of Volkswagen vehicles - Volkswagen Group Singapore - as a Parts and Accessories Planning Executive. He was born in Prague and up to now he has devoted almost all his career path to the automotive industry. He started his work experience during his Bachelor studies as a Financial Specialist at ING. Then he started the Program for Undergraduates in Production Area in Skoda Auto and after successfully finishing his Bachelors, he continued as an Intern at the Technical Change Management Department. When Ondřej passed his final master exams, he was offered a position in Trainee program of Skoda Auto. However, he did not take this opportunity and moved to Singapore, where he found his current job. He gained experience abroad during a one-semester study stay at ICHEC Brussels Management School in Belgium. The Transfer abroad was therefore a natural decision for Ondřej. He likes to spend his free time with his girlfriend, going to the gym, swimming and he enjoys travelling to various countries in Asia.

June 2015 (graduates of June 2014)

Jan Mareš

Jan Mareš, who comes from Nový Bor, currently works at the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic at the Economic Modeling Unit. Moreover, he plans to continue his studies at the IES as a doctoral student. During his studies, he systematically started to gain the work experience. In 2011 he spent a few months as a trainee in CSOB and two years later he worked at the Czech Aeroholding as the Data Analyst during the summer. Thanks to the Erasmus program, he studied in Sweden and later was able to study one semester in New Zealand as a result of another scholarship. In 2013, he passed a half-year Internship at OECD, where he was one of the contributors to the document Economic review of India. After finishing his studies at the IES he started to work at the MF CR where he is responsible e.g. for constructing models for estimation of potential product and output gap. He is also a representative of the Czech Republic at Output Gap Working Group of the Economic Policy Committee of the European Commission. Honza spends his free time reading and doing sports like hiking, cycling and orienteering.

Mariana Celac

A year after finishing her studies at the IES Mariana Celac works in Belgium for MasterCard, as an Associate Analyst in Key Management Services department. Mariana comes from Moldova, where she started her academic career. She gained her bachelor degree at the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova. She decided to complete one more bachelor degree, which she obtained at the Université d'Auvergne in Clermont-Ferrand, France. After that she continued at the IES, where she reached her Master title in June 2014. Even during her studies at Moldova she worked in several companies. She gathered experience at Easy Credit LLC as Customers Coordinator, at Moldovian Association of Private ICT Companies as ICT Career Assistant or at the Competitiveness Enhancement and Enterprise Development II (CEED II) project as a Short Term Consultant. After finishing her Masters degree in Prague, Mariana has moved to Brussels, where she began her Internship at the non profit organization EuropeanIssuers, as a Research Assistant. From January 2015 she is an Associate Analyst at Mastercard. Mariana dedicates her free time mainly to sport, particularly to BodyPump and running. She also likes tasting new food, and exploring exotic restaurants in Brussels.

Štefan Michlian

Štefan Michlian comes from Pardubice and now, a year after finishing his studies at IES, he works at the Tipsport – the sport betting company – as a risk analyst. He has been working here since September 2014 and his duty is to propose and test algorithms which control risks emanating from the bets taken. Even though his work does not have much in common with economics, Štefan makes use of his profound knowledge of mathematics, statistics and econometrics gained at the IES. Besides that Štefan had studied one year at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics before entering the IES. The mathematics still remains one of his hobbies, he is also interested in the Game theory. Štefan relaxes with sport, either as a spectator, or actively, when he plays football, tennis, badminton and goes cycling. He is also a registered chess player.

January 2015 (graduates of January 2014)

Alžběta Mošnová

A year after finishing her studies at IES, Alžběta Mošnová is at Česká spořitelna as a Risk Management Specialist. Alžběta began her career at KPMG, where she started to work in September 2013. The internship at KPMG lasted one year and during that time, Alžběta became a part of the audit financial services division. However, when she finished the internship, she decided to quit and left for Česká spořitelna, where she currently operates in the team which manages liquid and market risks with a specialization in hedge accounting. During her studies Alžběta worked as a tennis instructor and she also passed a ski instructor course. No wonder that sports, particularly tennis, skiing, squash or biking are ,together with travelling, her favorite hobbies.

Michaela Dovicová

Michaela Dovicová was born at Košice in Slovakia. She started to work already during her studies at the IES. In 2008, she began her career at the BlueLink International CZ, where she worked initially as a back office coordinator, later as a front office coordinator. Her experience there lasted almost 4 years. Michaela has also spent one semester in Montpellier as an exchange student and later on another semester in Paris before successfully completing her studies at the IES. She finished her degree in Finance, Financial Markets and Banking and she chose banking as the field of her interest. She has started to work at Sberbank CZ, at the department of Financial Controlling and Reporting. Her free time is mainly dedicatef to sport, particularly machine pilates. In her words, this is the best way to completely take her mind off things. She also likes cycling. Besides that she loves travelling and exploring new places.

Tomáš Matyska

Tomáš Matyska was born in Jindřichův Hradec and now, year after finishing his studies at the IES, he works at KBC in Belgium (the mother company of ČSOB). Tomáš started to work in his second year of studies at the university at the company Scio. He was a tutor of the preparation courses for the National Comparative Exams, concretely for the Test of General Academic Prerequisites. During his master studies Tomáš took the opportunity to combine studies at the IES and at the CERGE-EI and furthermore in 2012 he started to work at ČSOB bank, in the Customer Insight department as the Data Analyst. Among his duties were the support of the retail branches and the development of tools for analyzing the portfolio of its clients. After finishinghis studies, Tomáš continued at this position until the end of the year 2014. From that time he works in the KBC in Leuven at the position of the Data Scientist. Tomáš spends most of his free time by sport.He likes cycling, jogging and swimming and during his vacancies he goes trekking with his friends. He also likes beer (like many other Czechs) and that is why he really appreciates the wide variety of special beers in Belgium. Therefore his favorite bar in Leuven has become “The Capital” where you can find more than 2000 types of beer.

September 2014 (graduates of September 2013)

Adelina Hajzeraj

Adelina was born in Pristina - Kosovo. She always liked Mathematics and language courses and dreamed of studying in a foreign country. Adelina earned her bachelor degree in Banking, Finance and Accounting at the University of Pristina. During her bachelor studies she did an internship at Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo and after the graduation she worked in a private company (Albi Commerce) in Pristina for almost two years. When Adelina won the Scholarship from the Czech Government for the Master Programme, she did not hesitate to quit her job to pursue her dream – study abroad. She spent two years at the IES doing her masters and after the graduation returned back home. Then Adelina started an internship at KPMG and after completing it she was offered a Junior Assistant position in the Audit Department, where has started working in September 2014. During the summer of 2014, Adelina had a working gap, travelled abroad and went on hiking trips.

Ladislav Sobotka 

A year after finishing his studies at the IES, Ladislav works for the company Ezpada as an electricity trader at the European power exchange markets. He has obtained the proposal to work in the world of these commodities in the first year of his master studies, after winning the competition held by the platform ( His team prepared a case study in the field of energy economics for Ernst & Young. In the last year of Master he has already worked part time in Ezpada and after finishing the university, he started to trade on the full time basis. In his free time, Ladislav teaches at the VSE at the Department of the Environmental Economics, practices endurance running, and enjoys Asian food.

Josef Boček

Josef started his career a long time before the end of his studies. He had a number of brief work experiences when he begun to work at the back office at Europe Easy Energy. He spent there one year and then he started to work part time at Česká spořitelna in the Investor Relations Department. It lasted two years. When he finished his studies, he continues in full time position at the same place. In addition, in June 2014, he was nominated for the talent program of Erste - International Talent Pool. Among his duties are the relations with the owners of the shares of the mother company Erste, the monitoring and the analysis of the financial results of competitors etc. Josef’s scope of work covers almost all of the banking departments. He studied Econometrics at the IES and even though he operates within different fields, he is happy that he has the foundation which enables him to understand the working duties of the other departments. In his free time, Josef likes jogging and traveling in the Czech Republic and abroad. 

June 2014 (cohort of June 2013)

Waheed Brown

Waheed Brown is a Canadian expatriate who decided to enroll in the IES MEF program while working in Prague. Having a background in software engineering and project management, Waheed appreciates both the business and computer lab aspects of the MEF program, specifically Human Resource Management (JEM200) and Financial Modeling Using Excel (JEM128). His best advice is to combine your MEF education with your desired career to help understand the business motivations behind day-to-day corporate operations. Currently Waheed works as a software engineer in Silicon Valley where he enjoys swimming, self-publishing novels on Amazon, recreational investing (using his IES knowledge) and driving muscle cars on American highways.

Kateřina Kortová

A year after the graduation at the IES, Kateřina finished another Master degree in Netherland in Tilburg. Her major in Prague was European Economic Integration, and while in Tilburg she studied Finance. Her work experience started during her studies in Prague. She passed an internship at PricewaterhouseCoopers at the Business Recovery Services, an internship at Komerční banka, and she worked as an assistant at Turnaround Management Association Czech Republic which is a non-profit organisation for practitioners in corporate renewal and turnaround management. In her free time, Kateřina does sport, especially tennis and golf, and she likes cooking and making beaded jewelry. 

Daniela Toušková

Daniela started her career path at RWE a year before her graduation at the IES. She participated in the competition “It's Green for Women in RWE” at first. This competition has been held at the partner universities across the Czech Republic, and the IES was one of them. The trial was focused on finding young talented women – students in the 4th and the 5th years of their Masters, and Daniela was one of the best ten students. She passed an internship at RWE, then she started to work part-time at Portfolio Management RWE as an Analyst. When she finished her studies, she started to work full-time at Portfolio Management Gas which covers Slovakia.


Česká Spořitelna


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