Bachelors Theses

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Year: 2023

Analysing Factors of Physical Activity Across Different European Countries
Bc. Iveta Tučková

Application of a Financial Agent-Based Model to the Cryptocurrency Market
Bc. Tatiana Bielaková
Nomination Deloitte Outstanding Thesis Award.

Can Bitcoin serve as an inflation hedge in the USA, Euro area, and Czech markets?
Bc. Aleksandr Volkov

Decomposition and time development of expenditure, investment and other public sector indicators in the Czech Republic
Bc. Jaroslav Louda

Deferred tax as a measurement of earnings management
Bc. Matěj Mišoň

Discrimination of Ukrainian Citizens in the Czech Labor Market: A Field Experiment
Bc. Viktorija Pasichnyk
Nomination Deloitte Outstanding Thesis Award.

Does growing up surrounded by books improve our cognitive skills as seniors?
Bc. Julie Kovácsová

Examining the Interaction between the Cryptocurrency Market Development and Activity on Leading Social Networks
Bc. Jakub Doškář

Is there a direct link between global value chain participation and economic growth? Analysis of EU member countries
Bc. Tomáš Obšil

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs): A hype or hope? Analysis of random NFT portfolios
Bc. Ana Iordosopol

Origin of Current High Inflation in the Czech Economy (2022)
Bc. Natálie Dvořáková
Nomination Deloitte Outstanding Thesis Award.

PPI and CPI: What is the relationship?
Bc. David Červený

The Commercial Real Estate Analysis for CEECs region
Bc. Thanh Huong Nguyen

The Effect of the Metro Extension on Real Estate Prices in Prague
Bc. Anna Hakenová

The Impact of European Funding on Learning Outcomes of Pupils in Slovakia
Bc. Miriama Sokoláková
Nomination Deloitte Outstanding Thesis Award

The Impact of Natural Disasters on Access to Finance
Bc. Markéta Pavlovská
Nomination Deloitte Outstanding Thesis Award.

Transition from GBP LIBOR to SONIA: Correlation and Volatility Analysis
Bc. Matěj Sainer


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