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Year: 2015

Variance structure of the Bitcoin currency
Bc. Martin Pátek

A Competition on Market with Protection
Bc. Jakub Koubele

A Panel Data Analysis of Sub-Saharan Africa´s Economic Growth
Bc. Jakub Hostačný

Agent-Based Model of the Software Market
Bc. Michal Bureš

Agent-based modeling of dual currency economy
Bc. Bořivoj Vlk

An Economic Analysis of the Cross-Border Insolvency Proceedings within the context of the Changes of the Council Regulation (EC) No 1346/2000
Mgr. Bc. Juraj Juhás

Analysis of decision making of the Czech Office for the Protection of Competition in public procurement cases
Bc. Tomáš Ducháček

Analysis of wind speed distribution and applications in energy economics
Bc. Václav Brož

Applicability of online sentiment analysis for stock market prediction
Bc. Petr Rýgr

Are the more popular stocks also the more risky ones?: Google and Wikipedia searches in portfolio optimization
Bc. Kristýna Brunová

Arrow-Debreu Model of General Equilibrium
Bc. Filip Juřena

Barriers to entry in public procurement: Evidence from the Czech Republic
Bc. Pavel Prucek

Bid Protests in Public Procurement: Czech Case
Bc. Adam Nedvěd

Bidding patterns in public procurement auctions
Bc. Jakub Kožíšek

Bitcoin as a leader of crypto-currencies: A predictability study
Bc. Jakub Čížek

Comparison of progress in information processing after a term of studies of mathematical and non-mathematical programs
Bc. Edita Ďurovčíková

Costs and Usage of Medical Devices in the Czech Republic
Bc. František Kaláb

Czech Health Care in the International Context
Bc. Jakub Cieslar

Defence Expenditures in Western Countries: Panel Data Analysis
Bc. Jan Sosnovec

Demand and investment for jewellery at the time of economic crisis
Valeria Efimenko

Determination of firm boundaries: Influence of regulations and rule of law on firm size
Bc. Ondřej Dočkal

Do crypto-currencies form a new asset class?
Bc. Samuel Mayr

Do Determinants of Happiness Vary across Demographic Groups?
Bc. Peter Marčiš

Does Daylight Saving Time Save Energy?: A Meta-Analysis
Bc. Dominik Herman

Does Money Guarantee Success in Football?
Bc. Martin Milenovský

Does the choice of method of forecast of index stock returns and the choice of investment strategy depend on index´s industry affiliation?
Bc. Victoria Dobryashkina

Does the Shale Gas Revolution Mean the End of Biofuels?
Bc. Jakub Kouřílek

Econometric Analysis of Bitcoin and its 2013 Bubbles
Bc. Pavel Fišer

Economic Rationale for Damage Functions Entering the Social Cost of Carbon
Bc. Lukáš Hochmann

Efficiency, predictability and liquidity in the commodity futures markets
Bc. Vojtěch Čermák

Electricity market: Analysis and prediction of volatility
Bc. Vladimír Kunc

Empirical Analysis of Prague Flat Market
Bc. Tereza Sklenářová

Evolution of Real Wealth of the Czech republic
Bc. Jan Havelka

Financial Stability Issues and Stress Testing of the Insurance Sector
Bc. Nadzeya Hauryliuk

Forecasting stock market returns and volatility in different time horizons using Neural Networks
Bc. Martin Hronec

Forecasting Tobacco Consumption in the Czech Republic
Bc. Martin Štrobl

Generalized Nash Equilibrium Problems in Economics
Bc. Maxim Kratochvíl

Global Changes in Income Distribution: Causes and Impacts
Bc. Pavel Jančovič

Global Imbalances Reflected in the Eurozone's Accounting
Bc. Petr Pleticha

Global systemically important banks: Assessment methodology and the additional loss absorbency requirement
Bc. Dušan Tanasković

How do the efficient portfolios at various investment horizons differ?
Bc. Pavel Růžek

Impact of Information Technologies on Unemployment: Spatial Analysis
Bc. Josef Záhlava

Impact of Rent Deregulation on Prices of Flats in Prague
Bc. Jiří Kolísko

Impact of sovereign debt crisis in Greece on its neighboring countries
Bc. Radan Papoušek

Impact of Structural Funds on municipalities: Empirical study on wastewater treatment and collection
Bc. Magda Pumprlová

Impact of the CNB's interventions on the economz and comparison with other countries
Bc. Matej Pjontek

Impact of VAT on income distribution in the Czech Republic
Bc. Josef Pokorný

Informal Economy: A micro-level analysis
Bc. Cuong Vu Duc

Interest rate pass-through in the euro area: The effect of financial crisis
Bc. Jakub Rybák

Is it worth investing in Czech mutual funds?
Bc. Adam Sedlačík

Mandatory disclosure
Bc. Martin Hrycej

Measuring Market Power: The Czech Market of Mobile Operators
Bc. Barbora Kolomazníková

Measuring the Index of Constructive External Engagement: ICEE for the Czech Republic
Bc. Lucie Svitáková

Millennium Development Goal on Education: An empirical analysis of the determinants of primary school enrolment
Bc. Michal Topinka

oes the Foreign News Matter? Název v anglickém jazyce: Switzerland as a Safe Haven: Does the Foreign News Matter?
Bc. David Kühnl

On the Nature of Gender Differences in Attitudes to Risk
Bc. Zdeněk Sýkora

Overeducation in the Czech Labour Market
Bc. Ľubica Laslopová

Panel Data Research on Corruption. Russia's perspective
Bc. Ksenia Pogodina

Pay-to-Play Lobbying
Bc. Michal Prause

Portfolio selection based on hierarchical structure of its components
Bc. Robert Ševinský

Predictability of stock returns using financial ratios in Prague Stock Exchange
Bc. Jiří Brada

Prospect Theory and Inertia in a Heterogeneous Agent Model
Bc. Jan Polách

Regional disparities in price levels across the European Union
Bc. Dominika Kolcunová

Rent deregulation in the Central and Eastern Europe
Bc. Anna Malecká

Scrutinizing Parametric Value-at-Risk Measure under Real-World Assumptions
Bc. Zuzana Rusá

Tax Expenditures: The Extent of Corporate Tax Breaks in the Czech Republic
Bc. Anastasia Pankina

The Effect of Distance on International Trade: A Meta-Analysis
Bc. Anna Tlustá

The Impact of Judicial Verdicts Regarding Patent Litigation on Stock Prices
Bc. Kateřina Vlčková

The Impact of Renewable Energy on the EU Electricity Prices and CO2 Emissions
Bc. Marek Čech

The Nelson-Siegel Model: Present Application and Alternative Lambda Determination
Bc. Jan Marek

The Role of the Interest Rate in Causing the Great Depression
Bc. Bano Ali

The VAT lottery as a charitable lottery
Bc. Veronika Horváthová

Transaction costs of public procurement related to software solutions
Bc. Tereza Májková

Unemployment in the Czech Republic and Job Search on the Internet
Bc. Ondřej Zacha

Value of Accounts at Free Social Networks and the Endowment Effect
Bc. Martina Čepová

Varieties of capitalism: Impact of the financial crisis on the emergent varieties of capitalism in Estonia, Hungary and Slovenia
Bc. Daniel Burda

Willingness to pay for online content in the Czech Republic
Bc. Michal Vala

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