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Year: 2018

Discrimination of Slovak people in the Prague rental housing market – A field experiment
Bc. Jana Holková

The salary level of teachers in the Czech Republic and its impacts
Bc. Kateřina Kinzlová

Analysis and Aspects of Art as an Alternative Investment and its Price Determinants
Bc. Alica Mozolikova

Does money laundering determine the direction of FDI?
Bc. Rubi Gjika

Revenue Management around Seasoned Equity Offerings
Bc. Jan Habětínek

The Effect of Litigation Risk on Earnings Management in the Proximity to Debt Covenant Violation
Bc. Andrey Britskiy

Togo in ECOWAS and Slovakia in the EU: Comparison of Economic Development
Bc. Veronika Mihaldová

Accounting-based credit scoring models – The Altman Z-score
Bc. Michael Dibon

Alternative Investment in Fine Wine
Bc. Eduard Tisoň

Analysis of Chinese foreign direct investment to Europe
Bc. Lukáš Bystřický

Analysis of costs of patients with diabetes 2 in the Czech statutory health insurance system
Bc. Magdalena Škodová

Analysis of Weather Effect on Sales in the Czech FMCG Market
Bc. Michal Kubišta

Are Cryptocurrencies Gambling Asset?
Bc. Filip Novotný

Bias and Accuracy in Equity Research: The Case of CFA Challenge
Bc. Pavel Hloušek

Commodity Connectedness: Short-run Versus Long-run
Bc. Vojtěch Jurka

Comparative Analysis of Indian States
Bc. Alexander Mačejovský

Credit Risk of P2P Lending on the Czech Market
Bc. Jolana Čermáková

Cross-Country Analysis of Life Satisfaction
Bc. Zuzana Stehlíková

Debt Relief and Growth: A Study of the HIPC Initiative
Bc. Jan Kutman

Determinants of Life Satisfaction in the Czech Republic and their Development over Time
Bc. Anna Pavlovová

Determinants of Web-Based CSR Disclosure in the Retail Sector of the Czech Republic
Bc. Viktória Mjartanová

Distraint in the Czech Republic
Bc. Daniel Košťál

Does donating to political parties pay off? Evidence from the Czech Republic
Bc. Alice Navrátilová

Econometric Analysis of Inequality
Bc. Pavel Munduch

Economic and Ethical Impacts of Immigration
Bc. Ondřej Charvát

Efektivní Daňové Sazby a Přesouvání Zisku: Globální Pohled
Bc. Jan Kraváček

Effects of sanctions on Russian Federation: // analysis of effects on Russian companies
Bc. Esenbek Karymshakov

Efficiency in general medical practice in the Czech Republic
Bc. Filip Vajskebr

Efficiency of Prague Stock Exchange Market using Markov Chains
Bc. Jonáš Kratochvíl

Electronic Records of Sales and Their Implementation in the Czech Republic
Bc. Petr Mach

Extending Hotelling’s location model into Agent-based domain
Bc. Jan Vainer
B.A. with distinction from the Director of IES FSV UK for an extraordinarily good bachelors diploma thesis. Deloitte Outstanding Thesis Award

Fama-French Model: Multiscale Portfolio Analysis
Bc. Radek Spousta

Fine Watches as an Investment: Index Creation and Portfolio Selection
Bc. Evžen Harant

Gender gap index and happiness
Bc. Vendula Procházková

Home Ownership vs. Renting: Comparison of Costs in the Czech Republic
Bc. Andrea Tláskalová

How Can the Czech National Bank Eliminate the Zero Lower Bound on Interest Rates? A Case Study
Bc. Alexandra Katinová

How do people perceive income inequality? A Czech case
Bc. Kateřina Havelková

Impact of Size and Other Factors on SMEs Performance: Evidence from the Czech Republic
Bc. Eva Parlásková

Introduction of Paternity Leave: Expected Costs and Benefits in the Czech Republic
Bc. Petra Jirůtková,

Lifestyle-related behaviour: an analysis of gender differences in the Czech Republic
Bc. Monika Neufussová

Misalignment of Profits and Economic Activity by Multinational Enterprises
Bc. Dominika Cimpová

Monte Carlo Simulation of Swiss Franc LIBOR Using The Vasicek Model
Bc. Karel Kozmík

Neural networks and tree-based credit scoring models
Bc. Tomáš Turlík

Neural Networks for Machine Learning in Algorithmic Trading
Bc. David Koubek

Optimization of oil production by OPEC countries
Bc. Markéta Pilátová

Pension Systems Sustainability in the European Union
Bc. Ondřej Bronec

Predicting Czech Economic Activity Using Toll Data
Bc. Jana Učňová

Price Determinants of Flats Purchased for the First Time in Prague
Bc. Daniel Pelnář

Psychological barriers in finance: Do they matter?
Bc. Klára Brabcová

Relationship between consumption of cigarettes and alcohol in the Czech Republic
c. Vojtěch Kania

Repealing NAFTA: The impact on international trade with focus on Mexico
Bc. Daniel Kolář

School bullying and its effect on children’s academic performance in the Czech Republic
Bc. Tereza Kalendová

Social housing problems
Bc. Erik Müller

The Economic Impact of Climate Change
Bc. Noor Abdul Zaher

The Effect of Unconventional Monetary Policy of ECB on Housing Prices
Bc. Vojtěch Górecki

The Effect of University Education on Employment in the Visegrad Group
Bc. Richard Karolík

The Facility Location Problem for an Alternative Delivery Service
Bc. Petr Vaněk

The hot hand fallacy
Bc. Michael Augustin

The impact of electric vehicles on the automobile industry
Bc. Adéla Pavelková

The Impact of Just-in-Time Inventory Management on Business Cycle Severity
Bc. Karolína Chalupová
B.A. with distinction from the Director of IES FSV UK for an extraordinarily good bachelors diploma thesis. Deloitte Outstanding Thesis Award

The Impact of the Weather and Other Factors on Museum Visits
Bc. Andrea Hrtková

The Influence of Foreign Bank Ownership on the Banking System in the Czech Republic
Bc. Jakub Čermák

The Truth Behind the Lies: The Experiment
Bc. Mikayel Harutyunyan
B.A. with distinction from the Director of IES FSV UK for an extraordinarily good bachelors diploma thesis. Deloitte Outstanding Thesis Award

Top Stocks: A Broad Analysis of Its Performance and Search for Hidden Relationships
Bc. Barbora Veselá

US Collegiate Football Analysis: Team’s Success as an Indicator of Academic Performance
Bc. Jakub Linhart

Web search as an indicator of consumer confidence in the Visegrad Group
Bc. Josef Matyáš

What are the determinants of youth happiness?
Bc. Jungin Yoon

What Are the Elements with Strongest Impact on Life Expectancy?: A Study Focused on the United Mexican States During Recent Years
Bc. Vojtěch Nedvěd

Willingness to pay for e-books in the Czech Republic
Bc. Lenka Tomášková


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