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Year: 2023

Cluster-based asset allocation strategies during market stress periods
Mgr. Beáta Zacharová

Diet after retirement: Does working after retirement matter?
Mgr. Barbora Hrušková

Gender gap in math score: does teacher gender matter?
Mgr. Šimon Scharf

Global corporate tax reforms and how they might reduce profit shifting of multinational corporations
Mgr. Matúš Pravda

Globalization, Rule of Law and Wealth Inequality
Mgr. Anežka Svěchotová

Green purchasing: Case of Bottled Water Consumption in the Czech Republic
Mgr. Klára Hanusová

Immigration and Labour Productivity
Mgr. Vít Mikušek

Military expenditure and economic growth: A meta-analysis
Mgr. Josef Simpartl

Modal Split in Major Czech Cities: Thorough Analysis and Proposal of Policies Leading to Less Car-Dependent Urban Mobility
Mgr. Vojtěch Bystřický

Natural Catastrophes and Financial Development
Mgr. Pavla Mikulíková

Public investment and municipalities: who receives EU and government subsidies and why?
Mgr. Ekaterina Tolstoguzova

The Belt and Road – Is China moving towards the centre of international trade? Assessment of impact on Balkans and Central Europe using network and gravity analysis
Mgr. Jakub Reinštein

The Causal Effect of Parents' Schooling on Children's Schooling: A Meta-Analysis
Mgr. Anastasia Pokorná

The Effect of Financial Incentives on Vaccination Rates: Quasi-experimental Evidence from Slovakia
Mgr. Peter Kravec

The impact of the coronavirus crisis on zombie companies in Slovakia
Mgr. Diana Bosáková

The impacts of battery electric vehicles production on material use
Mgr. Markéta Pěnkavová

Uncertainty and House Prices: Empirical Evidence
Mgr. Jiří Kos

Who bears the costs of Brexit? A regional perspective
Mgr. Jakub Stuchlík


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