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Year: 2015

A Gravity Approach to Modelling German Exports: The Role of Institutions
Mgr. Petra Hadrová

A Meta-Analysis of the Effect of Minimum Wage Increases on Prices
Mgr. Jana Vavřičková

Analysis of the effect of lowest price criterion in the selection process of public procurement
Mgr. Alexandra Blahová

Analysis of the renewable energy support schemes in the EU: Can be an ECOlogical also an ECOnomical?
Mgr. Senta Andoková

Application of band spectrum regression in economic problems
Mgr. Andrej Zubaľ

Application of quantile autoregressive models in minimum Value at Risk and Conditional Value at Risk hedging
Mgr. Michal Svatoň

Asset Prices in a DSGE Model with Financial Frictions
Mgr. Ing. Adam Kučera

Bank Efficiency, Risk, and Capital in the Visegrad Group Countries
Mgr. Filip Fraňo

Caps on Loan-to-Value ratio: Can they reduce housing bubble and credit growth?
Mgr. Dominika Šubáková

Central Banks' Financial Strength and Monetary Policy
Mgr. Jan Kadlec

Chinese Stock Markets: Underperformance and its Determinants
Bc. Roman Kováč

Comparison between the National Bank of Georgia and the European Central Bank
Mgr. Nino Nakani

Comparison of double auction bidding strategies for automated trading agents
Mgr. Daniel Vach

Competition and Innovation: Revisiting the Relationship Using Alternative Measures of Rivalry
Mgr. Anton Astakhov, BA

Cost Analysis of Health Care of Outpatient Providers Employing Risk-adjustment
Mgr. Pavlína Jandová

Credit Valuation Adjustment Modelling in Theory and Practice
Mgr. Lenka Markvartová

Creditors payout from debtors operating income – Economic analysis
Mgr. Jakub Zdeněk

Deflation and Its Implications for Macroeconomic Stability in Europe
Mgr. Marina Gorobetchi

Determinants of generic drug substitution in the Czech Republic
Mgr. Pavlína Žílová

Determinants of Residential Development Prices in Prague
Mgr. David Mazáček

Distributional Effects of Inflation in the Czech Republic
Mgr. Petra Linhartová

Does solar energy have a future in Central Europe?
Mgr. Ladislav Tůma

Does the Role of the Rating Prior to the Announcement Explain Different Influence of Credit Rating Downgrades and Upgrades on Stock Prices?
Mgr. Jan Sedlář

Drivers of Knowledge Base Adoption, Analysis of Czech Corporate Environment
Mgr. Zuzana Rakovská

Education and Crime: A Panel Data Analysis of the Czech Republic
Mgr. Hsin-I Lin

Effect of the Flat Tax Reform on Labour Supply Elasticity at the Intensive and Extensive Margins: Evidence from the Czech Republic
Mgr. Ján Tomo

Effects of human capital in developing countries
Mgr. Jan Mouček

Efficiency and private financing in public higher education sector of the Czech Republic
Mgr. Vojtěch Fidler

Estimating the Euro effect with Synthetic Control Method for Eastern Europe
Mgr. Martin Janota

Ethics as a Way to Sustainability in Banking?
Mgr. Radek Halamka

European Stock Markets Integration
Mgr. Tereza Vildová

Evaluation of Monetary Policy in Ethiopia: An Empirical Study
Mgr. Alemayehu Demissew Taye, BA

Exchange Rate Forecasting: An Application with Model Averaging Techniques
Mgr. Jaroslav Mida

Executive Compensation in Firms Producing Addictive Goods
Mgr. Michael Janský

Factors Determining Czech Export on Different Aggregations with Focus on Electrical Engineering: Gravity Model Approach
Mgr. Tereza Tachovská

Family House Market in Europe during the Recent Crisis
Mgr. Adam Béreš

Fiscal Gains from Extra Investment into Roma Education in the Czech Republic
Mgr. Marie Kubíková

Food vs. Fuel: The Role of Bioenergy
Mgr. Ondřej Filip

Forecasting in futures markets: Front, back and rolling contracts
Mgr. Martina Badáňová

Forecasting Term Structure of Crude Oil Markets Using Neural Networks
Mgr. Barbora Malinská

Foreign Direct Investment in Emerging Markets: Evidence from Russia since 2000s
Mgr. Mahir Suleymanov, M.Pol.Sc.

Global Spillover Effects from Unconventional Monetary Policy During the Crisis
Mgr. Brenda Solís González

Hedge Effectiveness in Copper Futures Market: Case study for "Erdenet" Mining Co.Ltd in Mongolia
Mgr. Baigali Khurelbaatar

Impact of pension reform to implicit pension debt: Evidence of pension reforms in EU in 1993-2013
Mgr. Josef Obořil

Impact of Stress Testing on Bank Risk
Mgr. Martin Dítě

Impacts of European Bailout Programs on SMEs Distress rate
Mgr. Simona Tóthová

Impacts of the Euro Adoption in the Czech Republic
Mgr. David Svačina

Influence of Culture on Macroeconomic Stability
Mgr. Jitka Jopová

Influence of German Bundestag Elections on the Stock Market Performance in Visegrad Group Countries
Bc. Jakub Skála

Internet and mobile phone diffusion and its determinants
Mgr. Veronika Kračmerová

Local Development and Policies of Protectionism
Mgr. Aleš Bělohradský

Manipulating Verifiable Evidence
Mgr. Jan Šedek

Measurement of Mutual Harmonisation of National Accounting Standards - the Case of Selected European Countries
Mgr. Mária Mišuráková

Measuring Extremes: Empirical Application on European Markets
Durmuş Öztürk

Measuring systemic risk in time-frequency domain
Mgr. Ivana Muzikářová

Migration and Economic Voting Outcomes: Theory and Empirics from Moldova
Mgr. Ludmila Pascanean

Modeling Liquidity Adjusted Value at Risk Using Quantile Regression Analysis
Mgr. Dung Nguyen Quang

Modelling and comperative analysis of volatility spillover between US, Czech Republic and Serbian stock markets
Mgr. Jelena Marković

Modelling Conditional Quantiles of CEE Stock Market Returns
Bc. Daniel Tóth

Modelling of Financial Stress Index in the Czech Republic using Vector Autoregression Analysis
Mgr. Ján Malega

Monte Carlo simulation of Counterparty Credit Risk
Mgr. Robert Havelka

Natural Gas Consumption and Economic Growth in European Union
Mgr. Sergey Balitskiy

On the Link between Spot and Forward Power Prices: A Comparative Analysis of German and Hungarian Power Market Efficiency
Mgr. Pavel Harnych

Potential Output, Output Gap and Great Recession in the Eurozone
Mgr. Ladislav Habiňák

Practical usage of optimal portfolio diversification using maximum entropy principle
Mgr. Ostap Chopyk

Predictability of security returns using Twitter sentiment
Mgr. Marek Fremunt

Principles of Information Economy and Impact of IT on Company’s Value-Added: A Cross-Industry Analysis
Mgr. Adam Láníček

Procyclicality of Bank Lending and Provisioning Behavior
Mgr. Jan Svoboda

Public procurement of mobile network operators services
Mgr. Zdeněk Polák

Return and volatility spillovers across financial markets in Central Europe
Mgr. Jaroslav Ketzer

Revenue price model and binary demand function with application to software pricing
Mgr. Michal Lipták

Risk model for real estate assets: Analysis and development
Mgr. Klára Koubková

Sophistication of European Union’s Exports
Mgr. Šárka Benešová

Terrorism and market risk assessment
Mgr. Jean Lacroix

Tha Pharmacy-based Cost Group Model: Application in the Czech Health Care System
Mgr. Tereza Hajíčková

The Determinants of Inflation Differentials across Central and Eastern European Countries
Mgr. Mihaela Gurbulea

The determinants of reform: The case of transition countries
Mariam Davladze

The Determinants of Trust in the European Central Bank
Mgr. Dominika Katuščáková

The Effects of Foreign Exchange Interventions in a Small Open Economy: The Case of the Czech Republic in a World Context
Mgr. Jan Timko

The Environmental Kuznets Curve Framework: Europe 2020 Greenhouse Gases Target in the EU-15 states
Mgr. Pavel Korba

The globalisation of the Chinese financial sector
Mgr. Ahemaitijiang Reyisha

The Impact of a Prolonged Period of Low Interest Rates Environment on Solvency And Profitability of Insurance Companies
Mgr. Cristina Dorofti

The Impact of Oil Prices on Macroeconomic Indicators in Azerbaijan and Georgia
Mgr. Farhad Karimov, BMS

The Impact of the Macroeconomic Environment on Insurance Companies
Mgr. Lenka Čepeláková

The Impact of the U.S. and Mexican Monetary Policy on Mexican GDP and Prices
Mgr. Lorenzo Rodríguez Hernández

The Impact of Unconventional Monetary Policy of ECB to Central and Eastern European Countries: A Panel VAR Analysis
Mgr. Klára Hálová

The importance of tax system structure for economic growth in OECD countries - Extreme Bounds Analysis
Mgr. Petr Choutka

The Inflation-Output Variability Relationship in the CEE countries: A Bivariate GARCH Model
Mgr. Jozef Kubovič

The Interest Rate Pass Through during the Crisis: Evidence from Slovakia
Mgr. Marián Ševcech

The Relationship between Unemployment Components and Economic Growth: the Czech Republic Case
Mgr. Vědunka Kopečná

The Strengths and Limitations of Input-Output Analysis in Evaluating Fiscal Policy
Mgr. Lenka Líšková

Time-frequency analysis of technology IPOs
Mgr. Martin Kuš

Transition Periods and Long Memory Property
Mgr. Jan März

Ukrainian labour migration and remittances in the European Union
Mgr. Lenka Šperková

Various Estimation Techniques of the Gravity Model of Trade
Mgr. Lucie Davidová

Wavelet portfolio optimization: Investment horizons, stability in time and rebalancing
Mgr. Tomáš Kvasnička

What Are the Main Determinants of Banks‘ Ratings Across CEE Countries?
Mgr. Kryštof Wolf

What drives consumer confidence?
Mgr. Miroslava Mičáková

Willingness to pay for green electricity
Mgr. Jan Novák


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