Rigorosis Diploma Theses

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Year: 2007

Calculation of capital requirements for secured loans according to the rules of the new basel capital accord
PhDr. Kališová Lucia

Construction of a Public sector Comparator as a part of the evaluation process used to determine preferability a Public Private Partnerships in Public infrastructure projects
PhDr. Marie Rysová (roz. Kubešová)

Credit Risk in the Czech Economy
PhDr. Jakubík Petr

Development of mergers and acquisitions in the Czech Republic
PhDr. Zuzana Drlíková

Economic Integration in North America: Theory and Reality of Rules of Origin
PhDr. Dotřelová Anna

Effect of the degree of competition on the real equlibrium exchange rate - evidence from a panel of exporting companies
PhDr. Raková Marie

Electronic toll: New trend in road infrastructure financing
PhDr. Targová Iva

Estimation of the Capital Asset Pricing Model by means of Kalman filter
PhDr. Pařenicová Petra

European Social Models and their Efficiency Consequences
PhDr. Eva Karamanová

Financial Intermediaries
PhDr. Ladislav Frühauf

Impact of Euro Adoption on Czech Investors
PhDr. Tomáš Honěk

Inter-industry wage differentials in the Czech Republic
PhDr. Kateřina Pavloková (roz. Jelínková)

Interest rate derivatives offered by Czech banks (types, usage and pricing)
PhDr. Nevrkla Ladislav

International tax-return
PhDr. Svodoba Ondřej

Investing in Environmental Markets
PhDr. Zuzana Tothová

Investing into guaranteed and secured funds offered by czech banks
PhDr. Jiří Outrata

Measuring Credit Risk for Portfolios with heavy tailed Risk Factors
PhDr. Petr Jablonský

Multinational Corporations - determinants of their impact on the national economy on the example of spillars efects
PhDr. Ondřej Kareš

Outward Foreign Direct Investment, Comparative Study of the Development in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
PhDr. Jánošíková Katarína

Philosophy of Science and Its Moments in Comparison of Schools of Economic Thought
PhDr. Lukáš Kovanda

Pricing of Interest Rate Derivatives and Calibration Issues in a Multi-Factor LIBOR Market Model Framework
PhDr. Doubrava Jan

Regulation of Bank Capital and behavior of Banks:assessing the US and the EU - 15 Region Banks in the 2000-2005 Period
PhDr. Milan Matejašák

Remittances: the service provider perspective
PhDr. Jan Zika

The applicability of Merton´s Credit Risk Model in the Czech Republic
PhDr. Peška Martin


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