Rigorosis Diploma Theses

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Year: 2008

Competition and Patents in Pharmaceutical industry
Polanská Eva

Czech accounting framework vs. International Financial Reporting Standards: Interhotel Olympik
PhDr. Murko Ivan

European Bank Mergers and Acquisitions: Do They Create Value for Shareholders?
Mgr. Stárová Hana

European Cohesion Policy: Did It Succeed in Lowering of Regional Disparities?
PhDr. Svrčková Lucie

Executive Compensation in Theory and Czech Practice
PhDr. Gešev Jordan

External Rating Validation
PhDr. Lapešová Michaela

Four essays in political economy
Dalibor Roháč, M.A.

Fulfillment of the elementary disclosure rules by Czech companies
PhDr. Tomis Adam

How to be Successful in Innovation Policy: Case of Nokia
PhDr. Lněnička Marek

Impact of inflation differentials on the dynamics of the GDP
Mgr. Strecker Ondřej

Initial Public Offerings on Central European stock
Mgr. Roženský Vojtěch

Is the Concept of the Laffer Curve Valid ?
Mgr. Herbst Karel

Mergers and Acquisitions: Do They Create Value?
PhDr. Hanzlík Viktor

Microfinance: Fighting poverty vs.Sustainable banking
Mgr. Tesař Martin

New Collective Investment Possibilities in the Czech Republic
Vostrovská Diana

Possible incidence of Turkish EU accession: development of migration flows
PhDr. Glazar Ondřej

Prediction of Stock Returns Using Financial Statement Analysis
Hájková Petra

Rationality of Human Action and Preferences: A Criticism of Subjectivist-Teleological Principals of Economics and an Outline of a Remedy
Horák Vít

Securing a worthwhile retirement despite the state’s social system
PhDr. Drozd Zdeněk


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