Rigorosis Diploma Theses

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Year: 2009

Application of Premiums and Discounts to the Company Valuation
Mgr. Sokol Jakub

Collateralized Debt Obligation: Valuation and Sensitivity Analysis
Mgr. Benešová Petra

Cost of Equity Estimation Techniques Used by Valuation Experts
Mgr. Kolouchová Petra

Efficiency of EU Merger Control
Mgr. Serdarevič Goran

Emission Trading – Evaluation of the European Experience
Mgr. Řízková Markéta

Equity Home Bias in the Czech Republic
Mgr. Karel Báťa

Four Essays in political economy
Mgr. Roháč Dalibor

Fractality of Stock Markets
Mgr.Krištoufek Ladislav

Impact Assessment case study: EU ETS and investment decision-making of power generators
Mgr. Chvalkovská Jana

Impact of Institutions on Cross.- Border Price Dispersion
Mgr. Schwarz Jiří

Implied Market Loss Given Defalult
Mgr. Seidler Jakub

Inflation Differentials in the European Union: Panel Data Analysis of the Driving Factors for Inflation Differentials in the New Member States
Mgr. Koprnická Kamila

Inflation of Virtual Currencies
Mgr. Skuhrovec Jiří

Informative value of the cost efficiency concept in banking
Mgr. Marková Katarína

Insurance as one of operational risk management tool
Mgr. Suchánková Lucie

Labor Costs in Industrialized Countries
Mgr. Kopecký Martin

Measuring Bank Efficiency
Mgr. Iršová Zuzana

Operational Risk - Scenario Analysis
Mgr. Rippel Milan

Optimal Tax Modeling - The Case of Alcohol
Mgr. Mikolášek Jakub

Option embedded in natural gas sales‘ contracts
Mgr. Zlámal David

Subsidy Competition for Spillovers from Inward Foreign Direct Investment
Mgr. Havránek Tomáš


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