Rigorosis Diploma Theses

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Year: 2011

Active Labour Market Policy and Its Regional Effects in the Czech Republic
Mgr. Kalíšková Klára

Audit Quality in the CR
Mgr. Pěkná Martina

Can Bayesian econometric methods outperform traditional econometrics in inflation forecasting?
Mgr. Stráský Josef

Consumption over the Life Cycle: Evidence from the Czech Republic
Mgr. Cahlíková Jana

Debts Contracts and Stochastic Default Barrier
Mgr. Dózsa Martin

Deposit Insurance in the European Union
Mgr. Holá Veronika

Do Information Cascades Arise Easier Under Time Pressure? Experimental Approach.
Mgr. Cingl Lubomír

Efficiency of Hospitals in the Czech Republic - DEA & SFA Applications
Mgr. Procházková Jana

EU’s Competition Policy v. USA’s Antitrust. Antitrust in Payoff Matrix.
Mgr. Luňáčková Petra

Fiscal Rules in the European Union
Mgr. Výprachtická Terezie

Foreign Bank Participation in Transition: The Effects on Access to Credit.
Mgr. Krafková Anna

Information complexity of strategic voting
Mgr. Palguta Ján

Loan Book Credit Risk Stress Testing . Survey on Practice in the Czech Republic
Mgr. Argayová Šárka

Predictive Accuracy of Competing Value-at Risk Specifications during Crisis: An Application to CEE Financial Markets
Mgr. Kroutil Tomáš

Profitability of Technical Analysis on Central and Eastern European Stock Markets
Mgr. Hrušová Ivova

Supervision of the Integrated European Banking Market. Time to Rethink the Institutional Framework?
Mgr. Trpčevski Ivan

Three Essays on Joseph Stiglitz and Information Asymmetry
Mgr. Pospíšil Martin

Transmise Úrokových Sazeb: Mění se za Finanční Tísně? Zkušenost České Republiky
Mgr. Kazaziová Gledis

Two essays on inflation targeting
Mgr. Matějů Jakub

January 2022




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