Seminar "The EU pre-crisis and now. Any learnings taken?"

Do the EU economies converge or diverge? Can we expect any changes in steering the EU economies? What are the eurozone perspectives? Has the EU taken any learnings from the crisis? Eight experts attempted to answer these questions at the seminar "The European Union pre-crisis and now. Any learnings taken?" that took place at the premises of the IES with kind support of the Representation of the European Commission to the Czech Republic on 23 May 2013.


Session 1: Conversion and diversion in the EU and eurozone

Jarko Fidrmuc, professor, Zeppelin University, Friedrichshafen (Germany)

Petr Král, the Czech National Bank

Session 2: Changes in economic governance

Zdeněk Čech, the Representation of the EC to the Czech Republic

Jakub Mazur, the Ministry of Finance

Session 3: Perspectives for further deepening and englarging of the EU and eurozone

Vojtěch Belling, Government of the Czech Republic

Petr Procházka, the Czech National Bank

Session 4: The Eurozone as part of the global economy

Jan Bureš, Poštovní spořitelna ERA

Petr Teplý, the IES, Charles University

Host: Oldřich Dědek, professor at the IES and national coordinator for implementation of euro to the Czech Republic


Press releases with seminar findings (in Czech) are availabe here.

The seminar was covered by the following media: E15Euractiv and ČTK.


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