Alumni Chair

Since 2008, the Alumni Chair is a grant program of the Alumni Association that replaced the Publishing Support Program that started in 2001. The Alumni Chair award focuses on targeted support for young teachers who work at the IES FSV UK. The intention is to encourage new researchers who are also dedicated to teaching in their work and thus help in further development of the IES FSV UK..

Alumni Chair holders

Students honored by the Publishing Support Program

 Vít Bubák, Tomáš Cvrček, Martin Gregor, Roman Horvath, Michal Ježek and Zdeněk Kudrna

 Alumni Chair candidate criteria

  • the candidate works at least part-time at IES FSV UK  
  • the candidate does not hold any other chair position  
  • the candidate has excellent results in research, publication and teaching activities  
  • the candidate has expressed an interest in continuing to work at IES FSV UK 

Alumni Chair award mechanism

Candidates for the position of Alumni Chair are nominated by the IES FSV UK. Prospective candidates are then invited to an interview with representatives of the Alumni Association, where they will present their plans for further research and teaching work, their interest in the Alumni Chair and willingness to cooperate with the Alumni Association. Alumni Chair holder must at all times continue to comply with the above criteria, otherwise a new candidate will be selected. Alumni Chair is awarded for the entire year and the selection of candidates is performed at the beginning of each calendar year. The amount of financial support is announced before the selection process and depends on the available resources of the Alumni Association.


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