Program Outline

First Year: Core Courses at CERGE-EI

The organization of the academic year at CERGE-EI and your home university may differ. CERGE-EI PhD in Economics Program runs in a three-semester system: Fall, Spring, and Summer. In the 1st year, students follow a common curriculum designed to provide a strong foundation in the following areas:

  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Statistics & Econometrics
  • Writing for Economics

Equivalent Courses 

Microeconomics I JEM003 Advanced Microeconomics 6
  JEM113 Mathematical Methods 6
Macroeconomics I JEM004 Advanced Macroeconomics 9
Statistics JEM005 Advanced Econometrics 6
Microeconomics II JEM013 Game Theory 6
  JEM131 Antitrust Economics 5
Macroeconomics II JEM111 International Macroeconomics 6
Econometrics I JEM019 Advanced Mathematical Statistics 6
  JEM007 Applied Microeconometrics 6
Microeconomics III JEM113 Microeconomics of Banking 6
Macroeconomics III JEM173 Topics in Macroeconomics 6
Econometrics II JEM116 Applied Econometrics 6
Academic Writing I Elective 6

Visiting Master’s students from IES may earn up to 80 credits (20 core credits, 30 track-obligatory credits, 30 elective credits).

In order to receive credits for CERGE-EI PhD courses, IES students should contact the Master's Program Director (Prof. Oldřich Dědek) with the list of courses they wish to have recognized as equivalents. Arrange the meeting by the end of each examination period at IES (the end of January for the winter semester, the beginning of September for the Summer Semester) at the latest.

Students who do not pass a CERGE-EI course may opt for the IES equivalent course(s). Students who fulfil the criteria for the IES course –  i.e., registered for the course and fulfilled the course requirements – may try to pass the course in the same semester. If not, they may enroll on the course the following year.

The CERGE-EI 1st year curriculum also includes the Academic Writing I course, and IES Visiting Master’s students have the option of enrolling on this course as well; it will be recognized as an elective by IES. If you do not take the Academic Writing I course as part of your visiting Master’s stay and later decide to continue in the CERGE-EI PhD program, your individual study plan will specify a minimum Academic Writing curriculum (based on the decision of the Academic Skills Center).

General Examinations 

Visiting Master’s students are required to take final exams at the end of each semester as well as General exams at the end of the academic year. Although passing the General exams is not required to obtain a Master's degree from IES, it is required for continued study in the PhD program at CERGE-EI. One make-up (i.e., re-take) is allowed for each exam. See the CERGE-EI PhD program outline for more details.

Second year: Elective Courses and/or Erasmus+ Exchange at IES 

Students take courses at their home university in order to fulfill the requirements of their Master’s degree.  Details for IES students are available on the IES website.




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