Transferring to CERGE-EI PhD Program

Application to CERGE-EI PhD Program

Transferring to the CERGE-EI PhD Program

Students who wish to continue in the CERGE-EI PhD program are required to go through the regular CERGE-EI application procedure, typically during the second year of their Master's studies.

The application deadline for the CERGE-EI PhD program is April 30.

Visiting Master’s students who complete all three core sequences (Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and Statistics & Econometrics) and pass all three Core General exams are admitted directly to the 2nd year of the CERGE-EI PhD program. Those Visiting Master’s students who complete one or two sequences (for example, only Microeconomics) may be admitted to the PhD program on an individual study plan.

Admission to the PhD Program at CERGE-EI is conditional on having a Master's degree or its equivalent that can be nostrified in the Czech Republic. The IES Master's degree fulfills this legal requirement.

Extra Options

In the event that you do not pass a CERGE-EI course, you have the following options to complete the Master’s program in Economic Theory:

  1. Pass the course later.
  2. Opt out back to the IES equivalent course(s). If you fulfill the  criteria for the IES courses (signed up to the course, the course requirements are fulfilled), you may even try to pass the course in the same semester. If not, enroll on the course the following year. Please note that you can only sign up for a single course at IES only twice.

Using the opt-out option does not eliminate the option to go through the regular CERGE-EI PhD admission procedure in the future.




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