Study rules

Doctoral studies are regulated by the Act 111/1998 Coll. on University Education as amended, by the Study Rules of the Faculty of Social Sciences and by the Dean's Provision no. 27/2017 - Organization of Doctoral Studies at FSV UK. Rules which hereby follow have been approved by the Council for Doctoral Studies in Economics and Finance at the IES (henceforth Doctoral Council). Karolinka study plan is available here.


Comprehensive information about the Ph.D. program is available in the Handbook for Doctoral Students.  Presentation for PhD students from the beginning of the semester is available for download here.


The address of the  public calendar for IES phd students (IES Ph.D.  Calendar) containing the defence terms and other relevant events can be found here.

Defense and predefense participation

State Doctoral Exam Terms:

For further information regarding the terms of SDE, please contact Lenka Šlegerová, email: The deadline for application is always one month prior to the SDE terms window specified in the Academic Calendar of the respective academic year.





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