Doctoral Program in Economics and Finance

Doctoral program in Economics and Finance

  • covers the modelling and analysis in economics and finance
  • facilitates advanced training in microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics and finance
  • the program trains experts for academia, industry, financial sector, and international organizations
  • the program gives a plenty of mobility options, especially to partner institutions within the GEOCEP
  • duties primarily consists of research activities, where research papers form the dissertation
  • students are expected to serve as teaching assistants
  • students are also expected to actively devote themselves to research through grant proposals and participation at conferences and seminars
  • a selected number of Ph.D. candidates can participate in the organization of the doctoral program as members of the Center for Doctoral Studies (CDS) and thus become junior researchers with additional financial support
  • research articles as well as dissertations written by Ph.D. students regularly receive prestigious local as well as international awards (Global Development Network Award, Olga Radzyner Award, Ministry of Education Award, Česká hlava, Award of the Czech Economic Society and others, see the Graduates section)
  • Ph.D. candidates from our program regularly publish in highly ranked journals (European Economic Review, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Journal of Financial Stability, Journal of International Economics, Journal of International Money and Finance, Review of World Economics, World Bank Economic Review); recently, we even had Ph.D. candidates who published in the American Economic Review

Placement examples


  • Michal Baueralumni 2009
    Job upon graduation: Assistant Professor, CERGE-EI and IES FSV UK
    Current job: Associate Professor, CERGE-EI and IES FSV UK
  • Martina Jašováalumni 2017
    Job upon graduation: Assistant Professor, Barnard College, Columbia University 

Central banks

  • Adam Geršlalumni 2006
    Job upon graduation: Expert, European Central Bank
    Current job: Senior Economist, Joint Vienna Institute and IES FSV UK
  • Tomáš Holubalumni 2001
    Job upon graduation: Advisor to Vice-Governor, Czech National Bank
    Current job: Czech National Bank Board member
  • Michal Slavíkalumni 2007
    Job upon graduation: Principal Economist, Directorate General Economics, European Central Bank
    Current job: Senior Economist, Directorate General Economics, European Central Bank
  • Vladimír Tomšíkalumni 2001
    Job upon graduation: Economist, Newton Holding
    Current job: Vice-governor, Czech National Bank


  • Krenar Avdulajalumni 2016
    Job upon graduation: Assistant Director – Economist, Moody´s Analytics
    Current job: Software Developer, Deutsche Börse
  • Vít Bubákalumni 2010,co-tutorial with Université Panthéon Sorbonne
    Job upon graduation: Associate Director, Global Product R&D, Fitch Solutions, New York
    Current job: Research Economist and Graduate Program Coordinator, Instituto Desarrollo, Paraguay
  • Petr Gapkoalumni 2014
    Job upon graduation: Risk Manager and Chief Economist, Moneta Money Bank
    Current job: Senior Risk Manager and Chief Economist, Moneta Money Bank
  • Petr Kadeřábek, alumni 2009
    Job upon graduation: Scoring Analyst, Česká spořitelna
    Current job: Manager of EG Credit Risk Models, Česká spořitelna
  • Jakub Seidler, alumni 2012
    Job upon graduation: Head of Macroprudential Policy Unit, Financial Stability Department, Czech National Bank
    Current job: Chief Economist, ING Bank

International organizations

  • Petr Jakubíkalumni 2012
    Job upon graduation: International Economist, European Central Bank
    Current job: Financial Stability Team Leader, European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority
  • Martina von Terzialumni 2011
    Job upon graduation: Economist, European Commission, DG-ECFIN
    Current job: Economist, UniCredit 
  • Diana Žigraiováalumni 2018
    Job upon graduation: Postdoctoral Trainee at Economic and Market Analysis Division, ESM - European Stability Mechanism


  • Patrik Baueralumni 2004
    Job upon graduation: Senior Associate, The Boston Consulting Group
    Current job: New Ways of Working Program Manager, innogy Czech Republic
  • Tomáš Křehlíkalumni 2017
    Job upon graduation: Senior Data Scientist, SpaceKnow, Inc.
  • David Marekalumni 2007
    Job upon graduation: Chief Economist, Patria Finance
    Current job: Chief Economist and Director, Deloitte
  • Jan Průšaalumni 2013
    Job upon graduation: Analyst, Raiffeisen Investment
    Current job: Business Development, Jablotron Alarms a.s.
  • Goran Serdarevicalumni 2017
    Job upon graduation: Manager, Frontier Economics, London

Complete list of PhD alumni

  • A list of PhD alumni placement here


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