Tomáš Jandík (August 2018)


Tomáš Jandík comes from Prague and finished his studies at the IES in 2002 with a bachelor's degree. He then continued with further studies at Humboldt University in Berlin and later in Reading, UK at the College of Estate Management, where he gained Master's degree in 2010.

Tomáš started his working experience at trainee positions from 2002, e.g. in Kooperativa or Otis Elevators. Since 2005, he has been an assistant auditor at Ernst & Young, and then has worked for DTZ in valuations and asset management. From 2010, he became the head of Capital Market Division of CBRE Prague Branch, and at the same time he also began to teach Real Estate Investment at the IES in cooperation with Pavel Streblov. Tomáš is also a CFA charter holder since 2014, member of the Czech CFA Society and a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS). In May 2016 Tomáš joined the management of REICO IS ČS as a member of the Board of Directors.

In his spare time, he focus mainly on his family, enjoys mountain hiking or skiing.



Tomáš, besides the IES you studied in Berlin, and then Reading in UK. Which university influenced you the most? 

Each stage of academic and professional life should be shaping experience. The IES was definitely the most demanding as it gives one a strong basis for critical analytical thinking. The Humboldt-Universitaet in Berlin was interesting from the perspective of applied theory and bilingualism. The College of Estate Management in British Reading represented specialization in the real estate sector with main emphasis on essay writing. This experience one appreciates, for example, when writing various reports.

Even though you spent relatively a large share of your studies abroad, you live here in the Czech Republic now. Weren’t you attracted by the possibility to stay in a foreign country?

I have seriously considered the possibility of working abroad, but in 2005 the labor market for foreigners in Germany was much more difficult than nowadays. I felt that I was able to get a better job in Prague and then move on further faster. Besides, there were other, quite private, reasons. Looking back, I believe that working abroad would be the best right after university.

You worked more than 5 years in the real estate in CBRE company. What is the difference between this company and the asset management companies, where you are working now or where you had worked before? Is it possible to say, that there is any difference?

Prior to joining REICO, I worked mainly on advisory positions. At CBRE, I advised investors where to invest or how to divest and led them through the commercial side of the deal. Before that, I represented a foreign investor in managing a retail portfolio of shopping centers and hypermarkets. Besides that, I conducted valuations mainly for the purpose of bank financing and started my career in business assurance services. Whilst in advisory position one quickly gains a wide range of experience, you are not the owner of investment decisions at the end. At my current position, on the other hand, it is crucial to rely on the right professionals and to be able to decide quickly and correctly with all the consequences this may have.

And what are your hobbies?

Mountains, skiing, family.







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