Alina Cazachevici


Position: Ph.D. Candidate
Field of interest: International Economics, Economic Impacts of Globalization, Remittances
Membership: European Economic Integration and Economic Policy, PhD Candidates


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PhD study

Tutor: prof. Roman Horváth Ph.D.

Studying from: 2016
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Dissertation defence:

Current work:
Remittances and economic growth. Meta-analysis

Dissertation topic:
The impact of remittances on transition economies.

Disertation abstract:
The remittances are playing an increasingly important role in the countries with transition economies. Besides being a source of financial relief for families of workers who left abroad, they also have several positive impact on remittances-receiving economies: remittances stimulate the usage of banking services, thus promoting the access to banking products for wide population; they serve as alternative micro-financing sources for small private business; remittances also contribute to increase in demand for different goods and services, thus stimulating economic growth.
On the other hand, studies suggest several side effects of the flows of remittances to transition economies: rise of domestic price level due to increase in consumption; shift in consumption towards luxurious goods; adverse effect on the exchange rates; contribution to inequality of wealth distribution; and impact on the labor market: the recipients of remittances have the incentive to withdraw from the labor market or to postpone the search of a job.
The aim of the proposed thesis is to deepen the knowledge of the effects that remittances have on transition economies, which would help to design policies that would allow transition economies to benefit from the monetary flows coming from abroad, while diminishing or controlling for the side effects.

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Organisation Memberships

Teaching Assistant for Company Valuation, Financial Management and Corporate Governance


2011-2013: Master in Economics and Finance, Charles University in Prague
2010-2008: Master in Investments and Capital Markets, Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova
2004-2008: Bachelor in Real Estate Management and Valuation, Technical University of

Job history

2016 +: Senior Hospitality Valuer, Cushman & Wakefield, Prague, Czech Republic
2015-2016: Strategic Pricing analyst, Medtronic, Prague, Czech Republic
2013-2015: Business Analyst Western Europe, Valeant Pharmaceuticals, Prague, Czech Republic
2008-2013: Head of valuation department, Estimator-VM, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Extra activities

2013 +: Founder of Club of Intellectual Games for Moldavian Diaspora in Prague
2006 +: Member of the Club of Intellectual Games of Moldova

Awards and prizes

2013: Distinction from the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences for an extraordinarily good final state exam performance

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