JEM123 - Development Economics

Credit: 6
Status: CSF - elective
EEI and EP - elective
Ekonomie veřejného sektoru a zdravotnictví - mandatory
ET - elective
F,FM and B - elective
Masters - all
MEF - elective
Semester - winter
Course supervisors: doc. PhDr. Michal Bauer Ph.D.
Course homepage: JEM123
Literature: Primer text is Ray Debraj (1998): Development economics. Princeton University Press.
This textbook will be supplemented by a packet of recent articles and book chapters. You can download them via the intranet (Moodles, or they are in the library in the folder for this course.
Description: THE COURSE WILL NOT BE OPENED IN Winter/Spring 2019/20.

The course covers major approaches in development economics. It focuses mainly on the least developed countries and it discusses concepts that are important for understanding causes of under-development and poverty. After introducing traditional growth models, particular attention is devoted to the role of technological complementarities, population growth, human capital, institutions and financial market imperfections.




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