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29/02/2012 - Public finance - lecture cancelled

Thursday's lecture of Public finance is cancelled due to illness.

01/10/2009 - Timetable 1.10.2009

New version of timetable (changes in Econometrics, Economics I and Macroeconomics A.

17/09/2009 - TIMETABLE 15.9.2009

Preliminary version of timetable.


From 9.3. 2009: on Monday morning German language is taught in room no. 314, Microeconomics A II and Public choice are taught in room no. 206. (see attached timetable)

10/10/2008 - ALUMNI BANQUET

IES and Alumni invite all professors and alumnus to the traditional Alumni Banquet that will be held at Great Hall of CNB on 30 October 2008 from 18:30 pm.

07/10/2008 - Master´s Thesis Seminar

First Master´s Thesis Seminar will be next week on Tuesday 18:30-19:50 (room no. 105).

02/10/2008 - Seminars Mathematics III and Microeconomics II

Division into seminars S1, S2 and S3 is available HERE.

22/09/2008 - Mathematics I and Economics I: Allocation of students to seminars

See link.

04/09/2008 - E-go

E-go: ice-breaking for new IES students.


Opportunity for students - discover Magnus - database containing economic informations about Czech firms, capital market and other economic ranks. The database covers all economic subjects (legal entities) registrated in CR. There is offered a wide database of financial statements, informations about property structure and staff of each firm.

17/01/2008 - European Student Barometer

European Student Barometer allow students to express their opinion on their future career and education, including potential employers and career and educational possibilities. Answers will be completely anonymous and data will be protected. The survey is simple to fill out and will take only 10 minutes.

26/11/2007 - Globalised Labour & Capital Markets, National Resources and Shifts in Economic Power

PRAGUE 22nd - 25th May 2008: 7th Annual Meeting of the EEFS International Conference in PRAGUE will focus on changes in the global economy and the European Integration process. Abstracts of papers and/or session proposals should be submitted electronically by January 15th , 2008. After the conference, participants will have the opportunity to submit their papers to several established journals that will publish peer-reviewed special issues of EEFS conference submissions.

26/11/2007 - Joint European Master in Comparative Local Development

The University of Trento offer 18 months of training for a post-graduate Master’s course degree. The focus of the programme is local development, with the following characteristics: public, private and non governmental actors are the fundamental agents; social stability and economic prosperity are pursued, in conformity with the acquis communautaire and European standards and best practice. The general approach is comparative and interdisciplinary.


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