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08/01/2008 - Office has moved

As of January 2008, I have moved to the USA. Until the summer of 2009 I can be reached via the email only (address does not change). As I remain an academic at the IES, you can still choose my topics for bachelor and master theses, if you accept email supervision only. Courses used to teach will be taught by prof. Mejstřík (Corporate Governance), Martin Gregor (Public Finance A), Radka Štiková (Public Finance), Kateřina Šmídková (European Economic Policies) and Lucie Bryndová (Economics of Ageing - TBC). I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and if there is anything I can do for the IES members from here, let me know

12/11/2007 - Presentation with McKinsey consultants at the Faculty of Social Science, Charles University

We would like to invite all students with interest in management consulting, to participate in our presentation and consequent discussion with our consultants at Institute of Economic Studies, Opletalova 26, Praha 1 Tuesday, November 13, 2007 – 6:30 p. m. – Room 314 The presentation will briefly introduce McKinsey, explain how we work and describe the career opportunities we offer for students – Internship and graduates – Business Analyst program. Informal discussion with our consultants will follow right after the presentation, where you can meet our consultants and learn about their own experience and discuss why they think joining McKinsey makes an interesting and challenging career choice. Learn more about McKinsey’s upcoming European events in Kitzbühel, where you can meet students from 20 European countries. During the 2007 Corporate Finance Summit or EuroAcademy 2008, you can get to know McKinsey consultants and how they work with clients to solve top management issues. We hope that we have captured your attention and that you will give us a chance to meet you in person. In the mean time, should you have any questions regarding McKinsey & Company, please feel free to contact us at We will be happy to provide you with more information. We very much hope to see you there.

17/10/2007 - McKinsey European Corporate Finance Summit 2007

McKinsey invites all students passionate about finance to take part in European Corporate Finance Summit 2007 How to apply: The deadline for applying is November 12, 2007. Your application should include a cover letter, your CV, and copies of all relevant certificates. More info and application at the click above and at: With any questions about this event, please contact

02/02/2007 - McKinsey Workshop

McKinsey and Company will hold an Interview Skills Workshop on Friday, March 9, 2007. During the workshop you can: Learn how to prepare for a job interview and how to successfully solve a business case. Practice mock business case interviews in a risk-free environment with McKinsey consultants. Meet McKinsey consultants and have a chance to ask about career in management consulting. Application deadline: February 26, 2007, for more details follow the click above.

02/02/2007 - Joint Conference of the Czech Association of European Studies and the Israeli Association for the Study of European Integration

Conference “Integrating with the European Union: Accession, Association and Neighborhood Policy” will take place at the IES on September 2-3, 2007. For more details click above.

26/01/2007 - IES web page

All your comments on the IES web page are welcome. Everything is possible!

23/01/2007 - Student essay competition

GENERALI announced its Top Talent comeptition for the best student essay on pension reform in the Czech Republic. The competition is sponseored and the top prize will be CZK 100.000.


only in czech

08/12/2006 - Patria Finance corporate presentation at the IES

Presentation takes place on December 12 at 5PM in room 314. Patria Finance's top management will be available for your questions: Jan Klenor, CEO Patria Finance Tomáš Klápště, managing director Patria Finance CF David Marek, chief feconomist Patria Finance Martin Kodýdek, managing director Patria Online

29/11/2006 - Deadline for students' grants has been postponed

Graduate students can submit an application form to GAUK 2007 until Nov 30, 2006 12PM.

28/11/2006 - McKinsey presentation at the IES: 28 November, 6:30PM

All students with interest in management consulting are invited to the presentation and consequent discussion with our consultants at Institute of Economic Studies, FSV, Opletalova 26, Praha 1 Tuesday, November 28, 2006, at 6:30 p.m., room 314 The presentation will briefly introduce McKinsey, explain how we work and describe the career opportunities we offer for students – Internship and graduates – Business Analyst program. Informal discussion with our consultants will follow right after the presentation, where you can meet our consultants and learn about their own experience and discuss why they think joining McKinsey makes an interesting and challenging career choice. In the mean time, should you have any questions regarding McKinsey & Company, please feel free to contact Katerina Grebenova, our Recruiting Administrator, at We will be happy to provide you with more information. We very much hope to see you there.

24/11/2006 - Workshop of the grant "Integration of the Czech economy into the EU"

Our major and long-term project "Integration of the Czech economy into the EU" hodls its second annual workshop. The workshop takes palce on November 24, from 1PM and the full agenda is available at the grant web page (see the link above). All interested students/researchers are welcome.

13/09/2006 - Help wanted

ratele, IES FSV je spoluporadatelem vyrocni konference EALE September 22-23, 2006. Vice na strankach Behem konference bude budova IES zcela obsazena v patek 22 i sobotu 23. zari. Ve vsech mistnostech budou probihat sessions konference. Pro hladky prubeh bychom potrebovali spolupraci studentu IES. Jde hlavne o nasledujici: 1-2 studenti na kazdou mistnost (zajisteni a hlidani techniky proti zcizeni, vyveseni programu sekce, reseni ad hoc problemu na miste) - tj. 5-10 studentu. plus 2-3 studenti na obecnou info-sluzbu v budove, k vylepeni pripadnych smerovniku po budove a nahaneni lidi na a z cofee-breaku. Jeden ze studentu by mel byt koordinaotor IES asistentu, ktereho budeme informovat na schuzce nekdy v 1.polovine zari.. Pro studenty-asistenty budou k dispozici vyrazne oznacena tricka, nejaky honorar a stravovani v CERGE-EI klubu. Asistenti na IES by meli byt k dispozici rano 22. a 23. (Pa a So) a to hned po skonceni rannich plenarnich sessions, kdy zacnou sekce az do jejich skonceni ~19:00. Pripravu (smerovky po budove atd) je mozna dobre pripravit jiz odpoledne 21. (ctvrtek) Prosim, pokud mate zajem, ohlaste se mi emailem, cim drive tim lepe.Konference by mela byt zajimava i sama o sobe, je to jedna z nejvetsich ekonomickych akci v Evrope, prijede sem cca 200 ekonomu z celeho sveta. Diky!!


5 short-term fellowships for 3, 6, or 9 months of Research training at CERGE-EI (joint workplace of Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education of Charles University (CERGE), Prague, Economics Institute, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (EI), Prague are available, 3 fellowships are at CERGE UK and two at EI AS CR . Full details about Ph.D. program are available at

17/07/2006 - IES graduate earns Distinction at the LSE

Jan Zápal, an IES gradute from 2005 and winner of the Englis prize in 2005, has graduated from London School of Economics this summer and he earned the "Distinction" which enables him to enroll in the highly prestigious PhD. programme at the PSE. Congratulations!

17/07/2006 - Take a look at mocking Columbia's dean Glenn Hubbard by the CBS students

Glenn Hubbard, Dean of the Columbia Business School (CBS), lost out for the position of Chairman of the Federal Reserve to Ben Bernanke. Students at Columbia put together this video.

17/05/2006 - Seminar invitation

Institute of Economic Studies, in cooperation with the E-club, invites you to a seminar "POVERTY AND WOMEN’S LABOUR MARKET ACTIVITY: THE ROLE OF GENDER WAGE DISCRIMINATION IN THE EU" delivered by professor Carlos Gradin of University of Vigo in Spain. The seminar takes place on Thursday, May 18 at 5PM in lecture room 206 in the IES building, Opletalova 26, Prague 1.

31/03/2006 - CEEL program in Adaptive Economic Dynamics

The Seventh Summer School Intensive course in Agent-Based Computational Economics that will be held in Trento (Italy) from 3 to 21 July 2006. Further information about the school are available at :

23/03/2006 - Human rights and freedom of speech in the era of fight against terrorism

ASSOCIATION FOR INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS in cooperation with CZECH EURO-ATLANTIC COUNCIL takes great pleasure in inviting you to a panel public discussion on HUMAN RIGHTS AND FREEDOM OF SPEECH IN THE ERA OF FIGHT AGAINST TERRORISM Wednesday March 29, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Loretanske nam. 5, Prague 1

22/03/2006 - IES and CSE invite you to a seminar Role of the market and state by professor Pelikan

You can dowload the whole paper in English at the page The seminar will take place on April 27 at 5PM, parge lecture hall (number 109) in the IES building, Opletalova 26.

24/02/2006 - Summer seminars of classical liberal economics

Institute of Human Studies, a US based think tank offers following seminars in 2006: 1) Advanced Studies in Freedom. Participants will spend a week thinking critically and intensively about libertarian philosophy. Its perfect for students who are already well read and conversant in the ideas of liberty. 2) Liberty & Society seminars, Ideas & Entrepreneurs and Markets, Law, and Freedom, are great for students who self-identify as free-market or libertarian. Ideas & Entrepreneurs looks at entrepreneurial efforts. 3) The Exploring Liberty seminars are perfect for undergraduates new to the world of politics and ideas. These seminars offer students unfamiliar with the foundations of freedom an opportunity to consider classical liberal ideas and the concept of liberty through the lenses of history, literature, philosophy, economics and more. 4) Solutions to Current Challenges -- For those passionate about changing the state of the environment, personal freedoms, or even the world, we have seminars on globalization, the environment, and civil liberties. The cost of participation -- housing, food, and books -- is covered for all accepted students. The deadline to apply for our seminars is March 31. Applications and additional information is available at:

09/02/2006 - Petra Orogvanyiová wins the fiscal essay competition!

We proudly announce that the IES "defended" the best essay award announced annualy by the Institute de Recherches Economiques at Fiscales. Dalibor Roháč won last year, Petra Orogvanyiová this year with her essay "Taxation and Justice : A classical Liberal Perspective". Details available on the IREF web site. Footnote: Petra scored "lowly" 85/100 for this essay in the Advanced Public Finance class. The essay was too long... What a tough professor!

09/02/2006 - IMF Presentation at the IES

Robin Broadway, the Europe recruiter for the IMF will come and talk to our students about their potential carreer at the IMF. The presenttion takes place on Thursday, February 16, at 9:30, room 314. If you are interested in applying to the Economist Program at the IMF, send the CV to Mr.Broadway (RBroadway@IMF.ORG), so he may interview you while in Prague.

29/12/2005 - Call for papers: Welfare State Institutions and Outcomes

ESPAnet (The Network for European Social Policy Analysis) together with SOFI (Swedish Institute for Social Research) and the Swedish Institute for Futures Studies invites doctoral candidates to participate in a Doctoral Researcher workshop on the theme ‘Welfare State Institutions and Outcomes’, to be held in Stockholm, May 5-6, 2006. Applicants should submit an abstract in English (about 300 words) by no later than Sunday 30th January 2006. Abstracts should be sent as e-mail attachments to or Link to further information:

29/12/2005 - International Prize Competition for the Best Essay in Economic Philosophy

The Institute for Civilization and Culture (Slovenia) announces the launching of an international essay contest in two categories: one on economic theory and the other on economic philosophy. Deadline for the essay contest on economic theory is February 22nd, 2006. For the essay contest on economic philosophy, contest ends on March 21st, 2006. Additional information about the Economic Theory essay contest can be found at the following link:

19/12/2005 - Reminder - all IES researchers must addt heir 2005 publications to the RIV database

Follow the click to the online data collection at the library page.

13/12/2005 - Announcing The Second Economic History Panel: Past, Present, And Policy

The Second Economic History Panel: Past, Present, And Policy, 23 - 24 November 2006. Hosted by the Bank of England, London, United Kingdom On behalf of the organisers, Forrest Capie (Bank of England and Cass Business School) and Marc Flandreau (Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris and CEPR) and following the glowing success of the first PPP Economic History Panel in Vienna last Fall, I am writing to invite you to submit a paper for, or express your interest in attending, the second PPP Economic History Panel, to be held at and sponsored by the Bank of England, London, on 23 and 24 November 2006. The topic of the second meeting will be "The Evolution Central Banks: Lessons for the Future". Its goal is to provide a systematic picture of the link between the emergence of central banks and central bank policies throughout the world. Topics may include, but are not limited to: the emergence of lending of last resort, the relations between asset price bubbles and monetary policy, the provision of liquidity and the financial market, profitability and foreign exchange intervention, ownership and governance, etc. While there are no geographical restrictions, priority will be given to young European scholars and topics with special relevance to Europe. Submission of new material and especially new data is especially encouraged.

02/12/2005 - Vienna Graduate School of Finance Scholarships

Like last year, the VGSF offers scholarships to students who want to do a PhD in finance. Please find the attached a pdf (Vienna_application.pdf) file that contains further information.

21/11/2005 - Institute research workshop will be held this Friday 12:30, room 314

WORKSHOP Czech Economy Integration to the EU IES FSV UK Opletalova 26 Room 314 and 109 25. November 2005 12:30 INTRO: Michal Mejstřík 12:45-14:15 MACROECONOMICS: Oldřich Dědek: Rizika a výzvy měnové strategie k převzetí eura Tomáš Cahlík: Konvergence důchodů v EU Luděk Urban: Koordinace politik v EU Ondřej Schneider: EU Budget Karel Janda: The Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of the Budget Cost of the Czech Supporting and Guarantee Agricultural and Forestry Fund 14:30-16:00 MICROECONOMICS AND FINANCIAL MARKETS: Miloslav Vošvrda/Filip Žikeš: Empirical analysis of Dependence Structures on the Central European Stock Markets Jiří Hlaváček: Racionalita pojištěnce a poptávková funkce pro pojištění Petr Švarc: Modeling Migration Using Neural Networks Natálie Reichlová: Models of Migration Baxa: Individual Behaviour and Institutional Change 16:30-18:00 INSTITUTIONAL ASPECTS Lubomír Mlčoch: Ekonomie a štěstí Karel Kouba: Nová institucionální ekonomie v mezinárodní ekonomické obci Martin Gregor: Committed to deficits Karel Půlpán: Teoreticko-metodologické problémy sociálního státu Petr Hedbávný: Hidden deficits Roman Pazderník: Věda o pouhých faktech

14/11/2005 - Vít Bubák, our PhD. student wins the Czech Head award!

Congratulations to Vít who has won truly interdisciplinary contest and has achieved a great success for him and for the IES as well. Vítek Bubák web page:

09/11/2005 - Seminar on public budgets in the Czech Republic (in Czech only)

Seminar on public budget policy is taking place on Thursday, November 10 at the Liberalni institut, Spálená 51, Prague 1. The seminar will be conducted in Czech.

03/11/2005 - Lecture by professor Mihalyi, Central European University in Budapest: The Hungarian Road to the Euro Accession

Institute of Economic Studies and the Czech Economic Association invite youi to a lecture by professor Mihalyi from the Central European University in Budapest: "The Hungarian Road to the Euro Accession". The lecture will take place on Monday 21. November at 3:30PM in room 314, IES building at Opletalova 26.

27/10/2005 - Diploma thesis: Health Economics issues

Suggestions for your diploma thesis (graduate or undergraduate): Two relvenat topics from health economics. Regulation of insurance system. Risk adjustment mechanism. In both cases the thesis would operate with microeconomic analysis. There is wealth of literature and topics are highly relevant, so apply by an email!

24/10/2005 - Prague's Seminars on Social Sciences: Think Globally, Act Locally. Or not?

Lecture and discussion on globalization and its various social and economic aspects will take place at the French institute Cefres, Rytirska 31, Prague 1 on Tuesday, October 25. Speakers: Robert Boyer (Directeur d'études à l'EHESS) : "La réception différenciée de la mondialisation économique". Ondrej Schneider: "Economic globalisation". The lecture is in French/Czech only. Sorry...

20/10/2005 - Professor Nicholas Barr gives a lecture Options for Reforming Pension Systems, IES has got several seats!

Anglo-American College in Prague celebrates its 15th anniversary and has invited Professor Nicholas Barr to present his new book published by the World Bank "Labor Markets and Social Policy in Central and Eastern Europe: The Accession and Beyond". Professor Barr, one of the leading experts in public economics (those of you studying Public Economics or Economics of Pensions are supposed to read several of his papers and we use his textbook "Welfare Economics"). He will give a lecture on "Options for Reforming Pension Systems" and the lecture will be followed by a discussion with the Czech experts involved in the preparation of the pension reform in the Czech Republic The seminar will take place in the historical building of The New Anglo-American College in Prague, Lázeňská 4, Prague 1 – Malá Strana, Room No. 001 – Mural Room. Date: November, 9, 2005 Time: 3:30 - 5:00pm IES has several seats reserved at the lecture, but you have to register by email sent to me. The sooner the better!

17/10/2005 - Diploma thesis supported by the RWE Transgas

1.Competitiveness of natural gas within the household sector: Application of market value concept and its forecasting Description: - Theoretical derivation of natural gas price within household segment with the help of market value concept. This requires identification of capital, operating and fuel costs for natural gas and alternative fuels competing directly with natural gas. - Forecasting of the theoretical price for the near future and its comparison with natural gas prices at domestic and international market. 2. Analysis of various transport capacity booking regimes and tariff and balancing systems, their impacts of different market players (transmission system operators, new shippers, incumbent shippers)

03/10/2005 - Seminar on educational policy in the Czech Republic

Ve středu 19. října v čase 10-12 proběhne v Rytířském sále Senátu ČR seminář o projektu "Na cestě ke znalostní společnosti", ve kterém tým ISEA (Petr Matějů, Jana Straková, dále například Jiří Zlatuška či Ondřej Hausenblas) představá Bílou knihu vzdělávání v ČR. Na seminář je třeba registrovat se do pátku 14. října emailem na adrese nebo telefonicky na telefonu 220 612 342.

03/10/2005 - EM015 - Theory of Regulation and Regulation of Industries has been shifted

The graduate class EM015 - Theory of Regulation and Regulation of Industries originally scheduled to the winter semester has been moved to the spring semester (February-June 2006) due to prof. Hruby's commitments. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

29/09/2005 - Help wanted!

We are looking for a PhD. student with some experience with web page construction that would help us to get the IES's working papers compatible with the requirements of the Research Papers in Economics database, the biggest collection of research papers on the internet. The task is to adjust the current web page so it satisfies the R|EP|EC requirements and does work within the Faculty's web. A small honorarium will be paid. Send me an email if you are interested.

29/09/2005 - Semester begins, some seminars are postponed

As new semester is to begin, I would like to inform students of several irregularities. There will be no seminar in the first week for the Public Finance Advanced class. We start on Tuesday at 9:30 with a lecture. There will be no seminar foir Corporate Governance class on Thursday, October 6, as the day is reserved for the dean's election campaign. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.




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