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24/02/2005 - E2109 New Institutional Economics

Graduate course E2109 New Institutional Economics (Thursday 12:30-15:30, room 601) will be taught in English and is open for both domestic and foreign students. The course deals with transaction cost theory, contract theory, property rights theory and application of these theories on corporate governance, economic transition, privatization, corruption, and bankruptcy legislation. The course is perfectly suited for those who intended to join E2099 Theory of Organization which was initially wrongly reported in the schedule as a summer semester course. For more info about the course see

17/01/2005 - Exam - E 2099 Theory of Organization

Written exam will take place on Wednesday 19 January, 2:00-3:30 PM, room 206, IES building. It will be a closed-book exam.

30/12/2004 - E2099 Theory of Organization - Homework no. 3

Reminder: the homework no. 3 is on the web page of the course (click on the title of this message)

31/05/2004 - Oslava jubilea profesora Mlčocha na IES - fotogalerie

13. května proběhl na IES slavnostní vědecký seminář na počest šedesátých narozenin profesora Lubomíra Mlčocha. Oslavencovo zamyšlení na téma "Ekonomie a úděl člověka" uvedli ředitel IES Prof. Mejstřík, prezident ČSE Doc. Mertlík a děkan FSV UK Doc. Víšek a svými koreferáty doplnili Prof. Trojan a Prof. Kouba. Fotogalerii ze semináře naleznete na stránkách Centra pro nové institucionální směry při FSV UK (

31/05/2004 - E 2109 New Institutional Trends II. - final exam

Final exam from the course E 2109 will take place on June 9, 14:00, in room 601 at IES, Opletalova 26. The written, closed-book exam will last 90 minutes and will represent 50% of the overal grade. Those students who have chosen to write a term paper instead, should contact the lecturer.

12/03/2004 - E 2099 New Institutional Economics

The lecture on Thursday 18 March will be cancelled. We will decide upon the substitution for it at the next lecture which will take place on Thursday 25 March. Assigned papers for that lecture are Williamson (1985) and Bolton-Scharfstein (1998) - see the web page of the course.

23/02/2004 - E 2109 Nové institucionální směry II.

How does economic performance depend on ownership structures of firms and banks? How does the American-type capitalism differ from that of Italy or Japan? How do institutions matter? The neo-classical economics cannot answer these questions but the NEW INSTITUTIONAL ECONOMICS can. Graduate students are welcome to visit the course on Thursday 12:30, room 601. This course connects economic theory to reality, is full of students discussions and is open to everybody. Just come and see on Thursday.


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